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Chapter 14

~Ron’s POV~

Sitting in my office going over paperwork, all I could think about was Jax and the ‘package’ he was supposed to deliver to me.

Everyone on the Council knew about Jax. We never did anything about him as he was extremely useful to us. He may not have liked working for Werewolves but he loved the money more. The man was a mercenary through and through.

A knock on my office door brought me out of my thoughts of how I could use the ‘package’ to take over the Council. The idiots had the nerve to laugh off my proposals. They won’t be laughing for long.

The knock sounded again. “Come in,” I yelled.

One of the dancers peeked around the door. “Hey Ron can I take off? The club’s dead and I only have another half-hour left of my shift.”

Every time one of these skanks called me by my name, I wanted to rip their throats out. But I had an image I needed to maintain. At least until I had my secret weapon. When ‘it’ was in my hands, no one was going to disrespect me ever again. They would all bow to me. I was born to rule over these peasants. They will call me King and grovel at my feet.

“So can I?” What’s-her-name interrupted my mental rant.

Plastering a smile on my face, I answered, “Sure. Enjoy the rest of your night.”

“Thanks,” she beamed and closed the door, walking away.

The smile dropped from my face. I looked at the clock on my desk. Just a few more hours and all the years of cow-towing to the idiots of the Council will be worth it.

~Jax’s POV~

I had the ‘package’ in the back of my SUV.

Every once in a while I would catch of glimpse of ‘it’ in my rearview mirror. I still had no idea why my client wanted ‘it’. The client was expecting me shortly, but he was going to be disappointed. I wasn’t going to hand over this ‘package’ until I knew for sure why he needed ‘it’.

The man I took ‘it’ from didn’t seem to want to let it go, the way he clung to ‘it’. I had to sedate him in order to even enter the room.

A whimper echoed in the silent vehicle.

Without glancing back I said, “Don’t worry, kid, we’ll be stopping soon.”

Another whimper was my only answer. Once I got to a secure location, this kid was going to answer some questions. When I had my answers I would make a decision as to what I will do with him.

Until then…

~Leah’s POV~

Someone I had never met before had freed me from the room I had been locked in. I nodded to them as a sign of my gratitude. After seeing I could walk on my own, the person walked away to free others that had been held captive for far too long.

Ignoring the metallic scent overpowering my senses, I walked out of the depressing room, into an even more depressing sight.

Bodies littered the ground, something pooling around them—the source of the acrid scent. ‘Blood,’ my wolf told me.

I had become used to the smell of blood from my years of being held prisoner by the man who called himself my father. I had never seen it before, and the sight turned my stomach slightly.

Steeling myself, I walked around the pools of blood and bodies. My instincts were guiding me, and I did not think twice about following them.

I came upon a scene that would have had me growling out loud if I had been able to.

Little Quinn’s mother was hopping on one foot yelling and screaming. Then she started searching through the bodies at her feet. There were wolves standing around not doing anything to help her. I noticed Jack standing there, and it seemed like he was going to take care of the situation. That was until the wolves tried to go around him.

However, they spotted me. I sifted through their thoughts—my anger grew. The things they were thinking about the woman mated to my new-found brother, the mother of the child who claimed a piece of my heart, were unacceptable. My wolf took control and I let her.

These pups did not deserve the title of Werewolves. My wolf invaded their minds and took control of their actions. She made them open the doors along the hall. It did not matter the doors were coated in Silver that burned our skin with a single touch. They were being punished for their thoughts and actions.

Jack sent me look over his shoulder. I only sent him a small smile in return. I know I would have to explain everything when we were safe and away from here. For now, I had other things to take care of.

Kayla walked towards us with a look on her face. After a while I realized it was a smug look. Then her face fell and she looked ready to cry.

She was about to walk past me, when I placed a hand on her arm. Her head turned towards me, and I could see tears pooling in her eyes.

Looking away she said, “They took Quinn. He’s not here. They still have my son.”

Then she ran from the building, the tears that had threatened streaming down her face.


“Yes Luna?” Despite myself my lips lifted in a small smile.

“Make sure these pups get everyone out. Then meet me outside. We have plans to make. There is a special pup that needs to be found.”

“Sure,” he answered aloud. Before I walked away, he stopped me with a question. “Does Devin know you are still here?”

Facing Jack I answered, “He has been unconscious for most of our stay here. I have checked on him, but his thoughts are hard to understand. He is fine, but unaware of what is going on around him.”

Jack nodded his head, and went back to the task I had given him.

Unable to be away from Devin any longer, I left the building we had been taken to. Searching out my mate’s scent, I followed it to his side. He was still asleep, and would not be awake for some time yet.

Sighing, I settled in for a long wait.

~Emily’s POV~

The sound of our room door smashing open jolted me from a fitful sleep. I could not feel Kayla in bed with me, so I sat with the thin blanket pulled to my chin.

Suddenly, arms wrapped around me. At first I stiffened, but the tingles let me know that it was my Jack. He let me go long enough to kiss my stomach after the baby kicked. Not wanting to be left out of this reunion.

My emotions overwhelmed me to the point I could no longer control the tears spilling from my eyes. Jack lifted me into his arms. I curled into him, enjoying the electricity coursing through me and needing more.

Too soon, I felt wind on my face, and I was being handed off to someone else. I didn’t want to be away from Jack again. My father’s voice distracted me enough, that Jack’s presence disappeared.

I was carried a little longer, until I was set on what felt like a camp chair.

A big rough hand tried to wipe away the tears that would not stop falling. I flinched, but relaxed as the familiar feeling of safety seeped into me. It was my father.

I was safe. Jack had come for me.


I pushed the hand away, sitting up as best I could in the uncomfortable chair. “Where’s Jack?” I rushed out. He saved me. Why wasn’t he here? What was going on?

“Shhh, sweetheart,” my father tried to sooth. Nothing was going to calm me except the touch of my mate. I needed him here, and he was gone again.

“Where is he?” I asked again. The desperation must have shown on my face as my father finally answered.

“He went back to make sure that everyone was out. He was also going to make sure the explosives were set.”

My panic rose, “Explosives!!”

I struggled to rise from the stupid chair they stuck me in. Whoever designed this piece of crap did not take into consideration a pregnant woman may want to actually get out of the damn thing.

Hands landed on my shoulders, pushing me back into the chair. I only struggled harder. I needed to get Jack out of there. What was he thinking? Setting explosives. The idiot was going to get himself hurt. Then what were we going to do?

“Relax, honey, Jack will be back any minute now. Just sit here and calm down.” My father tried to reason.

I growled at his words. It wasn’t a real growl as I didn’t have my wolf yet, but my dad’s hands stopped trying to confine me to this idiotic chair. “Relax! Calm down! I just get my mate back only to find out he’s out playing with things that could blow him up! And you want me to calm down?!”

His hesitation was palpable as my anger grew. I was almost out of the god-forsaken chair when an explosion ripped through the air. The force of the shock wave knocked me back into my seat.

I was stunned for a moment before I was able to gain my voice.

“Jack!” His name was ripped from my throat. All I could think about was him lying in a pile of rubble—unable to move.

Hands were back on me, as my struggles intensified. There was a pinch on my arm, my limbs felt heavy, and it was hard to concentrate.

There was something I needed to do.

What did I need to do?

Faint tingles worked their way up my arm from my unresponsive fingers.

The feeling of peace pulled me under as my thoughts dissolved into nothingness.

~Jack’s POV~

The last door was opened and a man stepped out. It looked like he had been drug through a quarry and then dropped from a cliff. His head had been shaved completely bald, scars dotting his skull. The blue hospital scrubs—mandatory outfit for those held here—hung off his emaciated frame.

Rushing to his side, I caught him before he was able to hit the ground.

“Thanks,” he whispered roughly.

I looked him over as pity welled in my chest. “How long have you been here?”

Before he could answer, one of the warriors that helped with the rescue interrupted. “Sorry Beta, but the corridors are clear. Everyone has been evacuated. The detonators have been placed and we are only waiting for your command to hit the switch.”

Nodding, I threw the man’s arm over my shoulder to help him to his feet.

“He said the halls and rooms were cleared,” came the man’s raspy voice.

“Yeah,” I grunted.

He stopped putting one foot in font of the other. “Did they check the basement?”

I was stunned. “Basement?”

“Yeah,” he coughed out. “It’s where they did most of their experiments on me and others.”

Shit! Why didn’t we know about a damn basement.

I searched for the wolf that told me the explosives were in place, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Closing my eyes, I concentrated, “Leah?”

“Yes Jack?”

“There’s a damn basement to this place! Tell the others not to do anything until it’s cleared! I have an injured man with me, and it may take me a few minutes to find the damn entrance and get anyone out if there are people down there.”

“What’s a basement?” was her reply.

I would have laughed if I wasn’t dragging a half-dead man around looking for an entrance to a place we didn’t even know existed.

“I’ll explain later. Just please tell them not to set off the explosives.”

“Alright. Hurry Jack.”

“I will little Luna,” I couldn’t help teasing her a little, even with the situation being so dire.

Addressing the man being supported in my arms, I asked, “So, any idea where this basement is?”

“Yeah. Turn here, and go into the office at the end on the right. There is a hidden door behind the bookcase,” ending his directions in a fit of coughing.

“You okay man?”

“Just need some water,” he choked out.

“Sorry man. That’s gonna have to wait until we get the Hell out of here.”

We were now in the office, and I went to the bookcase at the back of the room. I place the man in the chair behind the desk before looking for a way to access the hidden door.

Finding a small indent along the side of the shelves, I pushed it, and a false wall swung inward. Going back to the man, I pulled him up and we both went down the stairs that had been revealed when the wall was pushed further in.

At the bottom of the stairs, the site before me caused bile to rise in the back of my throat. Every where I looked, tables littered the room. On the tables were more emaciated bodies. Moans emitted weakly from those that were conscious. Others were silent. But they were all hooked up to machines. Beeps, rasps, and whines emitted from them as vitals were monitored—drugs pumped in, blood pumped out.

I barely noticed the man leave my support to stumble to one of the bodies laid on the medical tables. He grabbed the person’s hand and it was then I noticed the rounded stomach.

I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I turned around and vomited my disgust all over the floor. Finished, I made my way to the table closest to me. I was no medical professional, but these people needed freed from the contraptions beeping and whining away.

I had the first person free when a rumbling shook the floor. A cloud of suffocating dust flew down the stairs and into the room. The rumbling and shaking got louder.

The lights flickered and shut off. The silence was deafening.

God dammit! Leah was supposed to tell them to stop the explosion!

“Leah!” I yelled through the link.

“Jack!” her voice resonated in my mind. “I am sorry. I got to the man too late. I tried to hurry.”

I had to take a deep breath to control my frustration. “It’s fine,” I tried to reassure. “Can you find Alpha Matt and get him and others to dig us out.”


A chuckle slipped from my lips. “What’s so funny?” Someone squeaked out in the darkness.

“Sorry,” I apologized to the room at large. “I’m talking to my Luna so we can get some help digging us out of this mess.”

Silence permeated the room once again. “Yes ‘Us’. I told you before I had found an injured man. He was with me when we found the basement. Before the lights went out, I counted at least ten more people still stuck here who need medical attention.”

There was silence over the mind-link before, “I told Alpha Matt. He was upset with the pup who blew everything up. He is getting some wolves to help you and the others.”


“Hey Jack?”

“Yes Luna?”

“How many is ten people?”

I couldn’t help it. I laughed aloud.

~Alpha Matt’s POV~

I hated to do it, but she would not stop struggling. She was going to hurt herself and the baby if she didn’t calm down. Calling one of the pack doctors through the link, I had him give Emily a mild sedative.

Right now she was lying on a cot in one of the tents set up for those needing medical attention. They were in the process of setting up a third tent as the count of the injured keeps getting higher and higher.

A commotion at the tent entrance caught my attention. Leah, the lost sister to my daughter, came strolling in looking around. Spotting me, she headed in my direction.

Getting up from the chair beside Emily’s bed, I met Leah halfway.

“Did you need something Luna?” I forgot she could not talk and was startled as her voice echoed in my mind.

“Yes, I do need something. One of the wolves caused the explosion early and Jack is stuck. Can you help me dig him out?”

Stunned, I stared at her. Then the anger filled me. My daughter’s mate was buried under a pile of rubble. Pushing past her, I stormed out of the tent in search of the idiot that detonated the explosives without the ‘all clear’.

Spotting a young man in his early twenties cowering several feet away, I rushed towards him. Grabbing the idiot by his throat, I threw him into the closest tree.

Grunting, he sat up against the tree—head bowed in submission.

A gentle hand rested on my arm. A wave of calm flowed from the contact.

“Do not be too harsh on him. I was not able to get to him in time. I was to warn him about the others still inside. It took me some time to find who had the device.”

Turning slightly, I saw Leah standing to the side of me with her small hand placed on my arm.

Ignoring the pup still in a pose of submission, I gave my attention to the tiny Luna to my left. “Others?”

She tilted her head, pondering my question. “Yes, others. Jack said there were ten people with him.”

I swore under my breath. “How is that possible?”

“How is what possible?” She questioned.

“How could we miss ten people? How were they not evacuated with the rest?”

Again she seemed to be pondering my question. “Jack said something about a basement. I do not know what it is. He seemed upset by the idea of it. He said the man he was helping told him about it, and they went to find it.” My shoulders sagged from the news.

There was no basement located on the blue prints we obtained. Then again, they could have built the damn thing without anyone knowing. Whoever was in charge of this shit storm was going to die. I will personally rip their throat out.

“Alpha Matt?”

Her sweet voice flowed over the link, interrupting visions of torturing the man responsible for all that my little girl and others have suffered.

“Yes tiny Luna?” I smirked at her disgruntled face.

“Please call me Leah,” she grumped in my mind.

“I will if you call me Matt,” I replied.

“Matt then.”

“What is it you needed Leah?”

“What is a basement? And how many is ten people? Jack won’t tell me. He just keeps laughing.”

I looked at the tiny woman next to me for a moment before laughter shook my chest. Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, I pulled her to me, letting the absurdity of the questions release the tension that had held me in its grip.

She stiffened before relaxing into my embrace.

“Come little Luna, let’s get some wolves to dig out Jack and the others.”

We walked a few feet when she grumped, “Why does everyone call me little Luna? I do not like it.”

Shaking my head, chuckling, I continued guiding her towards a group of wolves standing around with seeming nothing to do. After I’m done with them, they’ll wish they had been busy instead of standing around doing nothing.

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