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Chapter 15

~Kayla’s POV~

I ran from the building, leaving Leah to deal with the idiots from Alexander’s pack.

Having no idea where I was going I followed the flow of people evacuating the building into the woods, eventually coming upon an encampment. There were people—wolves—milling around everywhere. Tents set up here and there—probably for the wounded—people coming in and out.

I wandered around the camp in a fog. I didn’t recognize anyone. I had to find Lex—make sure he’s okay—then I need to find my brother. For all I know the people that took us killed him. My stomach sank at the thought of losing my only family that cared about me and my son.


Where was my little boy? Was he okay? Is whoever took him keeping him warm? So many unanswered questions flowing though my mind in a never ending stream.

First things first, find someone I know.

Just then Evan came into view.

If I’m with him, then I won’t have to worry about some of these wolves taking my presence the wrong way.

“Evan!” I yelled.

His head whipped in my direction, a sheepish smile on his lips. I wasn’t falling for his innocent act. The only times he tries to look like a sweet little boy is when he’s done something he shouldn’t have.

Sighing in resignation as he headed my way, I asked, “What did you do Evan?”

If anything, his whole demeanor became more sheepish—uh oh, what did he do?

Stopping before me—head ducked, hands behind his back, right shoe scuffing the dirt—he looked like a little boy caught stealing cookies from his grandmother’s kitchen. “Evan?” I stressed. He looked at me through his eyelashes. “What did you do?”

A blush stained his cheeks, “Well, um, you see…”

“Spit it out Evan.”

His blush deepened, “I found my mate.”

I was stunned for a moment. Why would he be acting this way if he found his mate? I figured he’d be ecstatic, not embarrassed. “That’s great Ev! Where is she? Can I meet her?” I enthused.

“Well, you see, um, that’s just it.”

“What’s it?”

“Um, well, my mate isn’t a ‘she.’ My mate is a ‘he.’”

“Oh. Okay. Do I get to meet him then?”

His head ducked down again, and he seemed to shrink in on himself—appearing smaller than his normal six foot frame.

“What did you do Ev?”

“Uh, um,” he cleared his throat. “I may have—accidentally—marked him without his consent.”

“What!?” I smacked him on the back of his down-turned head. “Are you an idiot!? Where is he? I need to do some major damage control so he doesn’t try to rip your precious jewels from your body.”

Evan blanched, grabbing his privates, at the thought of his mate possibly removing what makes him a man.

He opened his mouth to answer me, nothing came out as he was distracted by something behind me. I didn’t think it was possible, but his face went sheet white.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw my brother heading our way with a thunderous expression on his face. Whipping my head back towards Evan I saw him take a hesitant step back.

“Don’t even think about it,” Cameron practically growled stopping next to me.

No way! I thought to myself.

The humor of the situation took over as I could barely contain my laughter. The looks on their faces was priceless. Evan looked like he was going to pass out, while Cameron’s face showed he wanted to pull Evan over his knee and spank him. Although come to think of it…Evan may enjoy that just a little too much.

Not able to hold my laughter back anymore, I bent at the waist slapping my knees in my mirth, tears streaming down my face. Oh, God, this was awesome. I would have fallen and rolled on the ground laughing had Cameron not grabbed me by my hips to keep me somewhat upright.

Evan growled at the sight of my brother’s hands on me, causing my subsiding laughter to start all over again.

“Are you about done Kay?” my brother asked, exasperated.

Hiccuping, I tried to catch my breath. A few giggles escaping every once in a while. Having myself—reasonably—under control, I straightened in Cameron’s arms. One look at the pout on Evan’s face and I had to hold my breath to keep from laughing out loud again. I could only nod my head, answering my brother’s question.

“Good,” he said letting me go.

He stalked his way to Evan who stood hesitantly a few feet from us. Without any warning, Cameron got down on one knee, dragging Evan over the upraised knee, and started spanking him. Hard.

It was too much. Falling to the ground, I was laughing so hard I started to snort and had to try not to pee myself. This was too hilarious.

The whole situation was so ridiculous that others stopped to see what was going on. There was guffaws and spontaneous applause as others cheered Cameron on in spanking his mate.

My laughter subsided after a few minutes, leaving me gasping for breath on the ground, tears still streaming down my face into my hair.

Cameron stood over me with Evan in his arms. “You Okay there, Kay?” he asked with a bewildered look on his face.

I shook my head as my tears from mirth turned to heartbreak. “They took him, Cam,” I chocked out between sobs as I curled into a fetal position. A failed attempt to keep the hurt inside. “They took Quinn.”

Cameron released Evan gathering me in his arms tears running down his own cheeks as he shared in my grief.

“Shh. It’s Okay. We’ll get him back. Don’t cry. Shh,” he whispered reassurances in my ear. But no matter what he said, the tears would not stop falling.

The stress of the past several hours caught up with me as exhaustion threatened to pull me under. My brother had picked me up and carried me somewhere. I didn’t care. I was too numb to think. I felt a hard surface under me and tingles ran along my arm.


My brother had laid me next to my mate in an attempt to calm me down. Little did he know that even my mate’s touch could not stop the pain of losing my son.

Finally succumbing to the threatening darkness, I fell into a fitful and nightmare filled sleep.

~Alexander’s POV~

My head was killing me. A dull throb on the back of my head beat in time with the migraine threatening to split my skull open.

I tried to reach the source of the throbbing but my arm was restricted by something heavy. Cracking my eyes open, I blearily took in a mass of blonde hair.

What the Hell happened? Did I go drinking with Evan last night?

No. That can’t be right.

Slowly, the events before unconsciousness consumed me rose to the forefront of my mind. Quinn being taken, Kayla freeing me, my pack members dragging me from the building, a man brining his arm down on the back of my head. Well that explains the throbbing, but why is there someone lying on me?

The person next to me shifted slightly, revealing it to be Kayla lying in my arms. Mindful of my sore head, I shifted to face her fully. There was a frown marring her perfect features. The brows above her closed lids pulled together forming a line down her forehead.

Lifting my free hand, I attempted to smooth the wrinkle. Judging by her mumbling, shifting, and the dark look on her face I could only assume she was having a bad dream.

Gently, I shook her. I didn’t like her having bad dreams. She was too precious. She should only have wonderful dreams to keep her company in sleep.

Guilt hit me, as I thought about how it took getting abducted with my son to realize how much of an ass I had been to her. If I had only listened to her all those years ago. Maybe none of this would have happened.

Who knows, maybe we could even have had another pup running around to play with Quinn. Instead, I left her to raise our child on her own. Now, here we are with him gone and neither of us knowing where to look for him.

My gentle shoves on her shoulder had not woken Kay from her fitful sleep, so I pushed some stray hair from her face saying her name.

“Kay, wake up,” I said. “You’re having a bad dream Tink. Please wake up.” She didn’t stir from her torturous slumber. So I shook her harder—saying her name louder—in hopes of waking her.

Eventually, she jerked awake her elbow coming up to make contact just below my left eye. I fell back with a groan, the pain from the impact adding to my already pounding headache.

“Oh, shit! Lex, you all right?”

A moan was my only response. Carefully cracking my eyes open, I saw Kayla hovering above me. Once she saw I was going to be fine she reared her hand back bringing it forward to make contact with my chest.

“Ow! Dammit woman! What the Hell?” I exclaimed.

She just kept hitting me. I brought my hands up to protect my face as her hands didn’t seem to want to stop.

“Kay! Stop it! What the fuck!? Why are you hitting me?”

“You. Idiot. Piece. Of. Shit. Crappy. Mate. You. Lost. My. Son. You. Lost. Quinn.” She yelled between each hit. As soon as she said Quinn’s name she collapsed on top of my chest in tears—soaking my shirt in seconds.

All I could do was hold her as her body wracked with sobs. There was nothing I could say back as everything she stated was true. I was a crappy mate who lost our son. The guilt threatened to overwhelm me as I held Kayla close, letting her pour her grief out in my arms.

The sound of fabric moving alerted me to the fact that we were no longer alone. It was only then I realized we were on a cot in an oversized tent. Turning my head to the right, I saw Kayla’s brother holding open the tent flap for someone else. Evan walked through completely shocking me when he leaned up to give Cameron a kiss on the cheek.

What the Hell happened while I was unconscious?

They walked hand-in-hand towards where Kayla and I lay. “Oh, good, you’re awake,” Evan exclaimed.

I raised an eyebrow, looking between Evan and his hand held in Cameron’s and back. He only blushed mumbling something about a long story.

Cameron smirked, dragged a camp chair next to the bed, and pulled Evan into his lap. My eyebrow raised higher at the sight of my Beta sitting in another man’s lap. I can only conclude they are mates. Which is a shock to me, seeing as Evan always dated women. Never in all the years I have known him, have I ever got the feeling he liked the same sex. Goes to show, you don’t really know those around you.

A slight sting on my chest brought my attention back to my own mate. Kayla had hit me again. What was with her and physically abusing me?

“Don’t look at me like that,” she demanded. “I think it’s cute they are mates. You acting stupid about it is not going to help us find our son. So get over it and come up with a plan to get our boy back.”

Evan and Cameron were snickering at the dumbfounded look on my face. She said ‘our son,’ ‘our boy.’ She’s letting me in—even if she’s unaware of the fact.

Quickly, I rolled with her in my arms until she was under me. “What the Hell Lex!” she smacked my chest again. We are going to have a talk about her tendency to hit. “Get off of me you great oaf! We don’t have time for this. We need to find our son. So get your fat ass off of me!”

I didn’t stop my wolf this time. Leaning down, not giving her a chance to turn away, I kissed her. I only meant the kiss to be chaste, but it quickly escalated. What was supposed to be a small token of gratitude turned into something deeper, darker. She wrapped her arms around me, moaning in approval, as I devoured her mouth.

The sting on the back of my head had me growling at whoever decided it would be a good idea to interrupt me with my mate. This kiss had been a long time coming and I didn’t want it to end.

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