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Chapter 10

My living room was overcrowded, due to the rouge wolves slowly advancing on me, backing me into a corner. I tried to fight them off, but they got a few critical hits on me. I decided then to force my way through father’s mental barriers.

“Help!” I screamed into his mind as I felt another bite to my left leg. I lightly hit them away, feeling the exhaustion from blood loss creeping in.

“What the HELL are you doing contacting me at this time” came father’s angry reply

“I’m sorry! It’s a kind of desperate situation.” My reply slightly quieter than my original call out to him.

He growled at me causing me to flinch and receive another bite, this one to the side of my stomach, I let the pain seep through our mental link. “What’s going on Ana?!” he questioned. I opened the link fully allowing him to see and feel what I did. I didn’t have to let him feel it but god I wanted him to hurt.

“I don’t know. They cornered me. They came out of nowhere.” Suddenly the floor was speeding towards my face and there was pain in my right ankle. “I don’t think I can fight them off. There’s too many of them.”

He growled at me again and told me to try harder. I rolled over just in time to stop one of the wolves from biting my neck. I grabbed a hold of his open jaws and slowly twisted trying to snap his neck, he fell down on top of me but, I felt too weak to push him off. I let the pain from his weight on my chest seep through the link and my arms dropped from his jaw.

Suddenly, pain shot up both my arms and I turned my head to each side to see wolves with my arms in their mouths. I screamed and shut my eyes as they began to tug. The other wolves continued to scratch and nip at me until I passed out sending father a final sorry.

~a few hours ago~

The plan was set. I had spent most of last night trying to think of something. I had contacted father again telling him I had diffused the situation and explaining it by saying James had become suspicious of my prying questions. Once I had decided what to do about the messy situation I was in, I discussed it with my dad; it still felt a bit weird calling him that. The plan was essentially to fake my death. Sounds easy right?

Wrong. As father is my Alpha he is able to sense when I leave the pack, which I would do if I joined another pack or died. He can also contact me at any time due to the pack bond we share. Unfortunately, this means that I have to somehow disconnect myself from him and the rest of the pack. On top of that I have to make sure that he thinks I’m dead and didn’t just leave, otherwise he might think that I chose to join my family.

So, it’s all very complicated and took a lot of time to plan. I just had one more thing to do before we set the plan into motion.

I held up my hand as though surrendering and entered the rouge camp slowly. Many wolves started to exit their little tents to see what I was doing. None attacked me though so I think they may agree to my proposal. They had formed a little group so it was possible that these ones wanted to join a pack.

“I would like to offer all of you a place in the Blood Dynasty pack” I shouted to all of them, they sniffed the air and burst out laughing.

Once they had mostly finished laughing at me one man stepped forwards, I guess he was the leader here, he had an amused smirk on his face as he spoke. “How do you intend to do that human” he placed emphasis on the word human as though he was reminding me what I was. Of course he didn’t realise I wasn’t human.

“The Alpha would like to make a deal with you, I am here to communicate it to you. Oh and for the record, I’m not a human.” I clarified.

His smirk grew wider at the last part and he chuckled “So, what is this deal then?”

“Anyone who wants to join the pack simply has to help with killing me” I stated loudly, looking around to make sure all of them had heard me.

“Is that all?” He asked, the distrust clear in his voice.

I nodded.

“Why would you help him with this plan if it involves your death?” He sounded unsure.

“I need to free myself from another Alpha, the only way to do that is if he thinks I’m dead.” I replied honestly, there’s no use in lying to them as long as I didn’t give away too many details yet.

“Why not just kill yourself?” he asked as though it were obvious.

Because, he may still suspect that I’m alive if I do that, however if I die because I am overrun by rogues and my Alpha knows, first-hand, that is how I died then he won’t come after me.”

“What’s there to come after if you’re dead?” he asked looking at me like I was stupid “Have you thought this through, fully?” He laughed lightly and it angered me.

“I don’t mean actually kill me, I just mean attack me and make it believable” I stated trying to clear his obvious confusion. I think he was the stupid one between us.

All of a sudden, he lunged at me, but I dodged quickly “I didn’t mean now!” I shouted at him getting even more annoyed.

He laughed “Oh, my sincerest apologies.” He said sarcastically.

I scowled “Whatever,” I turned to the rest of the group “Anyone who wants to join the Blood Dynasty pack can follow me back to a house near their borders, we will go over the details of the plan there, I promise that none of you will be killed, but a few of you may be harmed to make it believable when we carry out the plan. No one will die.” I said trying to make it sound like a good idea; I really needed these people to help.

About an hour later everyone was crowded in my living room, we had been over the plan a few times and decided now was the best time to put it into action, the sooner the better. The rouges all shifted into their wolf forms and slowly advanced on me “Remember don’t attack the Alpha when he comes in.” I reminded. They nodded their wolf heads. I nodded in return and the first one pounced on me.

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