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Chapter 11

I awoke with a start, pain shot through me when I attempted to move. I could sense there were other people in the room but due to the soft and slow breaths I could hear, I guess they are all asleep. I could also tell that I was on some kind of bed, although it wasn’t very comfortable. Bored, I decided to stare at the plain white ceiling, well I say decided, but there wasn’t anything else I could do without causing myself to endure the agony that accompanied movement. They should paint the ceiling, like in those really old, fancy houses where there are huge paintings of naked people and angels on the ceiling, I’m sure that would make me less bored whilst lying here. I wonder why I am lying here…

Is it normal to not remember why you are in severe pain?

“Chris?” a voice whisper shouted from somewhere to my far right.

“Who is it? I’m in here” I whisper shouted back, trying to move as little as possible. Thinking about it, I probably shouldn’t have replied to that random person as I have no way of protecting myself right now.

From my right I heard a door open and close. Then quiet footsteps approached me. Not knowing who it was set me on edge, until their face appeared above mine, in my line of sight. He looked overjoyed.

“I have been looking for you for hours. I went to your house… have you seen it? There’s blood everywhere, I thought you might have died!” Luci was still whispering, probably trying not to wake up the people in the room, “Then I tried a spell to teleport to you but it clearly wasn’t very accurate. Stupid witch gave me a bad spell. I ended up in a room a few doors down the corridor. I thought that you were actually dead, then. My world nearly ended when I thought that my favourite little pet was gone!” his voice was getting louder and I shushed him.

“Who’s in this room right now?” I asked quietly, trying to get a better understanding of where I was

He disappeared from my line of sight and I heard his steps moving around the room, “umm… your dad, a woman, I think her name is Katherine but I can’t remember, then there’s the dog you brought home that one time, uh James I think? Next to him is a girl who I’ve never met before, and then oh I think that’s your brother.”

“Okay, what kind of room are we in?” I asked

“A hospital room I think,” he said as he was making his way back over to me. There was a loud crash and the sound of metal hitting against metal echoed around the room. I cringed hoping no one heard that. Luck clearly isn’t on my side today though as they all jumped. They were all suddenly awake, their heart beats frantic. Someone turned on the light and I had to squeeze my eyes shut so I wasn’t blinded.

“Hades?” my dad and a woman asked in unison.

“Um, yeah, hi” Luci replied,

“Hades?” I voiced my confusion at his reply to their question and received a very awkward ‘well…’ from Luci. I growled at him wanting him to tell me.

“Chris, It’s a long story, I’ll tell you later, if you’re good.” He brushed me off and came back into my line of sight.

“You better” I muttered.

“It’s not that important,” he whined “What is important though is why you haven’t moved since I got here” he stated “Care to explain?”

“Not really” I replied seeming unfazed although I myself was wondering why it hurt so damn much to move.

“It’s-” dad was about to explain but I cut him off.

“Honestly, Luci, someone might think you actually care” I stated dryly, just because I wanted to know what happened doesn’t mean I want him to know. Especially not if it was because of something stupid that I had done

“Oh very funny, but you know I can’t lose you. Until you have children anyway.”

“Oh, Yay I knew that you cared about me!” I exclaimed sarcastically. He laughed. If I could, I would hit him. I would hit him really hard. I wanted to be able to move but I was stuck staring at the ceiling.

“Can you paint the ceiling or help me move or something. I’m bored.” I stated desperate to see my surroundings. Someone scoffed at what I said. Unfortunately, I am unable to see who it is, so I can’t hit them. “Don’t scoff at me you’re not the one who is immobilised on a hospital bed for reasons they are unaware of.” I was trying to make it sound like I knew who I was talking to.

“I’ll go get a nurse,” a timid female voice said in the silence that followed, and I heard quick and quiet footsteps heading off to my right before hearing the door open and close.

Silence ensued for a few minutes before someone asked, “Do you really not know how you ended up here?” They were definitely a male and it wasn’t Luci; his voice is smooth and heavenly usually.

I wanted to shrug but realised that I couldn’t. “Not really, I have a sort of vague recollection of thinking of ways to get out of my old pack without them coming after me but I don’t really remember much after the conversation dad and I had yesterday” I replied.

“It was two days ago.” Said a serious voice, I’m guessing that was my dad, it wasn’t the same person who had asked me the question at the very least.

“Oh.” I replied and silence ensued again. So I had been unconscious for a whole day. Damn what did I do. The door opened once more and two sets of footsteps approached me. One walked past me where I couldn’t see, but the other person came right up to me and her middle-aged face popped into my line of sight.

“Hello, Christiana, how are you today?” she asked happily.

“Well I can’t move without being in intense pain and the ceiling is boring as fu-” I tried to match her happy tone before I was cut off.

“Watch your language!” a stern female voice gasped from my left.

“I don’t know who you are but you cannot tell me what to do” I replied to her wanting to cross my arms over my chest and maybe even slap her for saying something like that to me.

“Okay I’m going to give you some very strong pain killers and hopefully you will be able to move a little bit, but try to stay in bed and rest, you aren’t fully healed yet.” The woman above me said ignoring my spat with the stern female voice. Just then I felt a sharp pain in my right arm. I growled at her slightly and she flinched a little.

“I’m surprised she even healed at all, I thought she was human” a quiet voice whispered.

Growling at the person I said “I’m not fucking human”

They whimpered and didn’t say anything more.

“So, what did Chris actually do to wind up in this state?” Luci asked as I heard footsteps approaching me again. Luci appeared above me and helped the nurse sit me up. It hurt a lot, but not as much as before.

Once upright, I looked around the room. Jack was stood against the wall opposite me, his arms crossed over his chest, he looked tense. James was sat in a chair on my left, he too looked tense. Next to James was a girl, she had long brown hair that was slightly curly, and her cheeks were slightly chubby, but cute. She had her sleeves pulled down over her hands and she looked nervous. She sat on a chair next to James leaning towards him but they weren’t touching in anyway. I almost felt like I recognised her. My Dad and another woman were sat on my right, I noticed that both her arms were wrapped around one of his and she was leaning on his shoulder. I narrowed my eyes at her, but she ignored me. She looked to be about thirty. Though to be honest that could mean she was anywhere between thirty and sixty-five. One of the advantages of being a werewolf, I suppose.

“Well essentially, she joined this pack.” My dad stated, in reply to Luci’s question.

A/N- So she's with her family now what could go wrong? She does seem to have a little bit of amnesia though...

Hope you enjoy the little bit of banter between Chris and Luci. We have a couple new characters too!

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