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Chapter 12

My brows furrowed as I considered what my dad had just said. I was free. I was now a part of my original pack again. I was with my family. “Is it supposed to hurt this much?” I asked disbelievingly. I don’t remember being immobilised when I joined father’s pack a few years ago. The woman, who I assumed to be a nurse in this hospital, shone a light in my eyes directing me to look in different directions.

“Well that part was your idea,” my dad said, the bitch next to him began slowly rubbing his arm as though she was trying to comfort him. I glared at her more. Before I got distracted by the nurse again. She was silently poking at the back of my head.

“What exactly was her idea? Going through a fucking wood-chipper?” Luci asked sounding shocked. I knew he cared about me to some extent but as long as I was alive I didn’t think he would be that bothered about what I was going through. The nurse was continuing to check me over while everyone talked around her and it was starting to get on my nerves. She was writing things down on a little clip board as she did things like check my heart rate and blood pressure.

Sensing our father’s distress Jack spoke up. “She decided it would be a good idea to get a nearby group of rouges to attack her whilst she spoke to her other dad.” He spat, “She told the rouges to make it as believable as possible so that he would think she was dead. Then my dad,” I growled a little at his emphasis of ‘my’ but he continued, “accepted her into our pack, made the blood bond and everything while she was unconscious. She lost a lot of blood and ended up in here. Surprisingly though she’s only been out for twenty-six hours. Which isn’t bad healing time… for a human.” He finished. He didn’t exactly sound happy that I had survived and I could tell he was trying to get on my nerves by saying that I was human.

I growled at him. “Watch it little brother, you wouldn’t want to get in a fight with me.” My previous caring older sister feelings had now completely vanished. He was clearly just an asshole 24/7.

He scoffed “You are not older than me”

“Oh really?” I asked him, “I believe there are at least two people in this room, other than me, who know that I am the oldest.”

He glared at me but said nothing more on the matter. Jerk.

The nurse stood at the foot of the bed I was in and my dad nodded for her to speak. “You seem to have hit your head quite hard Christiana, your memories should come back to you with time and your body seems to be healing just fine.” She stated in her cheery tone. Bowing to my dad she left the room.

“So… what happens now?” I asked breaking the silence. I have no idea where I stand in this pack, technically I would be next in line to be Alpha, but I get the feeling no one in this pack would accept me. Plus, I doubt Jack would give me the position without a fight; he comes across as the kind of person who just expects to get what he wants, and I’m sure he wants the position of Alpha. After all he’s been trained to be the Alpha since he was born, whereas I was raised to kill, run and hide. So, do I just become the pack warrior instead? That’s essentially what I was in my old pack. Then again, I doubt anyone would want me there either, most packs are run by misogynistic Alpha males, and they don’t like thinking that a girl is better than them at anything they consider to be masculine. I hoped my dad wasn’t one of those kinds of people, but you never know.

Dad shrugged “You can do what you want, Katherine here can train you to be Luna if you want, seeing as that’s your birth right. Or, you can do something else if you don’t want to be the Luna.”

I furrowed my eyebrows, “Surely my birth right is to be Alpha of the pack?”

“But you’re a girl.” Jack said incredulously, “Men, become Alphas, girls can be Lunas.”

I smiled at him “Wow. Thanks for explaining it, I totally get it now.” I said sarcastically “But, doesn’t that mean there’s no future Alpha? I mean, clearly I’m a ‘girl’ and you aren’t a man.”

James let out a loud burst of laughter, causing the girl next to him to flinch. I smiled hopefully we would still be friends even though I kicked him in his soft spot the other day.

“Stop fighting!” Dad growled out. “Let’s put it like this: I will train Christiana to be Alpha as well as Jack. Jack will inherit the position, unless he chooses to give the position to Christiana.” He stated trying to be fair to both of us. I wouldn’t exactly call it fair, but Jack seemed to be happy with the arrangement. I didn’t really care that much about it to be honest. Being Alpha seems like a lot of work, especially for a pack this size. Plus I had never expected to be an Alpha, I knew I was an Alpha’s Daughter, but I never realised I was the first-born child and I had almost expected dad and his she-bitch to have their own little alpha pups to inherit the title. It didn’t mean I didn’t want the position; I just wasn’t too fussed about it.

The girl next to James started fidgeting, she looked uncomfortable, even more so when I was looking at her. She also scooted a little closer to James when I was staring at her.

James noticed and stood up. “We are going to go somewhere… else,” He stated, gently pulling her up from her chair. “It’s good that you’re awake Ana, come talk to me later when you’re fully healed, we still have that project to finish for school.” His voice was cold towards me; I guess he was still mad about what happened a few days ago.

“Seriously,” I was shocked a little by James’ actions he was so gentle towards this girl but so cold towards me. “I can’t believe you’re talking about school, I think I might permanently remain unconscious, Richard.” He smiled at me and laughed a little as he left, dragging the girl behind him. Hopefully he would forgive me soon I was really starting to think he would be my first real werewolf friend.

“I think we should all leave you to get some rest.” Dad stated as everyone except Luci filed out of the room. He turned the light off before he left and I sensed Luci’s presence disappear. Now alone with my thoughts I replayed what I was starting to remember of the incident that led me here in my head. I prayed to all the gods and goddesses that it was believable. Before long I slipped into a fitful sleep.

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