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Chapter 13

I awoke in the same hospital room I had been in earlier, only I felt a lot less pain than before. A small amount of light was beginning to stream in through the small window. I stretched my arms out in front of me. Looking down at them I saw they were covered in scars and marks. I let out a small startled scream. Covering my mouth, I hoped no one heard me. I listened for a few minutes but there was no one in or near the room. That was lucky.

I put my arms in front of me again, inspecting the scars. I hated them but they were also important to me. They were all different shapes and sizes, some lighter than others but all of them serving as painful reminders of things I had done, things I should never forget. I pulled the covers down to check the rest of my body to see if it was visible all over. When I looked at my legs I saw similar scars, leaving no doubt that they would be visible on the rest of my body as well. I hoped they were not visible earlier when my family were in here though I imagine I'm not quite that lucky.

Abscondereimperfecta mea, mea vulnera, iterum fac me pulchram.” My skin rippled like water before the scars began to disappear as I recited the spell and my body went back to looking almost the way I liked it. I felt normal again, minus the few cuts that still hadn’t healed fully. I still couldn’t remember the exact events that had led to me being in hospital but I could remember more than when I had first woken up.

I slowly got off the bed, thankful that I could move easily again, and crept towards the door. It opened into a long white hallway. The walls lined with doors similar to the one I was about to leave from. I had one problem though, which way do I go? Left or right?

I chose left, deciding that if it doesn’t lead anywhere I can easily head back as the corridor didn’t seem to make any turns. After what felt like an age of walking down this one very plain corridor, I reached the set of doors at the end. I went through them and ended up in what looked like a waiting room. Luckily it was empty so, I sneaked out the main doors and found myself outside.

I took in deep breaths of the fresh air. I desperately needed to shift. I made my way slowly towards the forest surrounding, what I’m guessing is, the pack hospital. Once there I carefully removed my contacts, locket, and hospital gown before shifting into my wolf. The second my paws hit the ground I ran off, speeding through the forest letting myself relax. It felt wonderful. I felt free, for the first time since my mother had passed. I felt like I was finally in the place I belonged. As I felt myself getting tired I made my way towards my house, just beyond the pack’s territory.

As I got closer, I smelt something familiar. I hid my scent completely whilst hiding my body in the low bushes as I slowly approached my small house. Someone was crouched down in front of the door with their back to me. From their scent at this distance I could just about tell that they were from my old pack. A couple of seconds later the door opened, I realised they had been picking the lock when I arrived. They looked around to make sure no one had seen and I caught a glimpse of who it was.

Ugh that absolute bastard. It was Don, aka: king of all arseholes. He was the most disgusting, and irritating male in my old pack, and here he was about to go through all my stuff. Oh shit. Realisation hit me - he could go through my stuff. No, no, no, no, no. Shit. What if he finds my contacts or smells the presence of Blood Dynasty wolves, he will report it back to father and he will more than certainly know that I have been lying about my identity. He may even figure out that I am still alive; after all there is no body in my house to prove that I’m dead. All I really know is that there was a lot of blood. Oh this is so not going to end well. I should have known that father wouldn’t have just accepted that I had died.

I need to think of something, and fast.

At the moment, I could think of a few options, but none of them were perfect.

Option 1: I could charge in through the open door in my wolf form and kill him. Although there are too many unknown variables, for example Don could have an open mind link with father or someone else, and it is best if they don’t know that my type of wolf still exists, plus if he has found my contacts they will probably be able to put two and two together and realise that I’m still alive and kicking. Also there could be a few humans nearby and it probably wouldn’t be good if they found out that wolves that looked like me existed and went around killing other ‘humans’. It could make them go crazy. Most of them have fragile minds, it’s usually best not to mess with them too much. Another thing I don’t know is where exactly he is in my house, he could be right by the door and attack me when I run in, or he could be in one of the other rooms. Unless I get closer I won’t be able to sense his position.

Option 2: I could call dad with my mind link and get him to send some warriors over here, to kill Don. The problem with that though is that my house isn’t technically on their territory, so killing one of father’s men on unclaimed territory without good reason could start a war between the two packs. Plus, unless they are close by, Don will most likely have left or found out private things about me and shared them with father, by the time they get here.

Option 3: I could call in Luci. However, if father and Don are communicating via mind link when Luci enters to kill Don, father will probably realise I’m alive. He knows Luci is my friend so if Luci kills Don and father sees then he may suspect that Luci is trying to hide things for me. Again he may guess that I’m still alive from this. Luci also can’t send in one of his minions either, because they stink to high heaven and Don would smell them from a mile away. Which would result in father making the same conclusion as before: Luci is hiding something for me, and I’m probably alive. If possible, I would like to avoid him knowing I’m alive, for obvious reasons.

Option 4: I could wait until Don leaves and attack him on his way back to his pack. However by that time he may have found some evidence that I’m still alive. It is almost certain that if he does find anything that might even suggest that I’m still alive he will tell father instantly. Everyone in that pack will do anything to stay on father’s good side, as his punishments were… creative, I should know I’ve suffered through many.

Honestly, none of these ideas were good. They could all lead to father finding out the truth, but I don’t have much choice here, I have to do something to stop father from finding out anything. But which option was best?

Screw it I’ll go with option one, it’s the easiest for me to carry out quickly. I’ll just try to be quiet.

Making sure to keep my scent covered and my belly near the floor, I began sneaking towards my house. When I was almost at the door a large black wolf pounced on me sending both of us rolling down the slight hill I had been sneaking down.

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