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Chapter 14

Once the world stopped spinning, I stood, coming face to face with the large black wolf, his fur not quite as dark as mine. His dull red eyes stared me down almost challenging me. He actually almost looked like a hell hound but without the distinctive red markings that ran through my fur. I took in his scent and realised it was my brother. But what was he doing this far from the pack house?

“Jack stop!” I screamed into our mind link, he was going to draw attention to us.

Go away Ana. I’m in the middle of something important” he replied sternly beginning to circle me, growling slightly.

No. Stop. It’s me. I’m the wolf in front of you.” I was desperately trying to end this quickly.

His steps faltered. “What?” he asked in disbelief.

I’ll explain later, but right now there’s someone from my old pack snooping around in my house, I can’t let them know that I’m alive. So, quit drawing attention to us and either help me kill the bastard or leave.” I stated, turning away from him slightly, so I was facing more towards my house.

He growled at me before walking up to the door of the house. “You better explain everything when we get back to the pack house.” He growled through the link before entering through the still open door of my house.

I followed close behind him following my senses which led me to the kitchen. I poked my muzzle through the door ever so slightly to see what he was doing and was shocked by what I saw. Don was sat at the counter with his back to me, eating a sandwich. Trust this dickhead to eat my food without asking. Well I doubt he’s in contact with father, if he were, he wouldn’t be relaxing.

I need to find the quickest way of killing him so he doesn’t have the chance to contact father. Also I need to do it whilst he’s got that sandwich; otherwise he might notice Jack’s scent. I sneaked into the room noticing Jack mimicking my actions as he entered behind me.

On three,” Jack said in my head. What? What does that mean? “One.” he said. Oh shit, what do I do when he gets to three?! “Two.” I looked at Jack and noticed he was leaning back slightly. Was he gonna pounce on Don? Possibly. It wasn’t exactly a bad idea. I prepared to do the same and when he noticed he shouted “Three!” into my head. We both jumped. My Jaw latched onto Don’s right shoulder whilst Jack had grabbed his left arm. We pulled him backwards off the stool. I quickly released my hold on him, re-positioning my mouth to his throat. I pulled my head back violently, the flesh of his neck coming away from the rest of his body as warm liquid splattered both Jack and me.

I dropped the flesh that was in my mouth on the floor and stared down at him. His face expressed his shock and I knew that he had no idea what had happened to cause his death, maybe it would give him some peace in the afterlife not knowing that I had killed him. But I didn't want him to be at peace. I hated him more than anyone from my old pack and I needed them to get the message to stop looking for me. My claws ripped through his chest and leg as mangled his corpse to make his death look far more painful and brutal. Jack watched me, shock plastered all over his wolf's face. When I was satisfied, I padded towards my bedroom completely ignoring Jack.

I shifted back into my human form and threw on some clothes. After, I headed to my bathroom. Gasping slightly at the reflection I saw. My face and arms were covered in dark red liquid, I had slightly more hollow cheeks than normal and my red eyes were burning bright. I quickly washed my face attempting to remove the blood. It sort of worked and I could lick some of it from around my mouth to clean up a bit more.

Exiting my room I noticed James was no longer here. After putting my locket back on and inserting another set of contacts, I packed a small bag containing anything that might suggest I wasn’t who I said I was. I needed to make sure there was nothing to suggest what I really am. On top of that I packed some clothes, though not many since I didn’t want it to look like I had packed up and left. Heading outside I strapped the bag to the back of my bike and sped off towards the pack house.


“You can’t not know. She’s your daughter!” I heard Jack screaming from inside the pack house as I arrived. I noticed everyone around was listening, they weren't even trying to be discreet. I rushed into the house to find them and stop them from discussing me in hearing distance of others.

“I’m not entirely sure what you want me to tell you son.” My dad’s voice calm although I could sense he was slightly annoyed at Jack. I headed to the main living room where they were.

“She's a monster! I can’t believe you never told me! What else didn’t you tell me?” Jack was clearly upset “Do I have any other siblings like her that I don’t know about? Why didn’t you tell me what she was?” Okay this conversation needs to stop right now before he actually says it out loud.

“What do you mean?” dad asked still keeping up his calm façade.

“I mean why didn’t you tell me she’s a-” my hand clamped over his mouth as I jumped on him trying to stop him from telling the world what I was. We fell to the ground. He was either incredibly weak or I simply caught him off guard. I hoped it was the latter otherwise I would have to feel embarrassed for him.

“You might want to close your mouth little brother.” I whispered in his ear as I held him to the floor. “I told you I would explain everything to you when I got back, so why not wait for me? Do you not trust me or something?” he was struggling against my hold, but I just tightened my grip. “Let’s take this conversation somewhere a little more private, you wouldn’t want me to beat your ass in front of your pack would you?” I threatened quietly. He stopped struggling and I got up offering my hand to help him up. Rejecting my offer he stood up, shot me a dark glare, and stalked off to dad’s office, the only soundproof room I knew of in the house. I sent dad an apologetic glance and we followed Jack.

A/N- Dramaaaa! So Jack knows what she is now what do you think is going to happen next? More tomorrow my dears! Leave a comment to tell me what you think and leave a like if you're liking it so far! x

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