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Chapter 15

“Why did you lie about it in the first place?” Jack asked sounding confused. I had told him what I really was once we were safely shut inside dad's office.

“Are you stupid? Do you have any idea what could happen to me if the wrong people found out that my kind of wolf still existed? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the same thing that happened to mum” I told him with slight animosity towards his ignorance. I’m almost envious of it, the way he was so innocent. He seemed like the kind of person who believes everyone is nice, probably because he’s never experienced anything traumatic. I almost wish I could view the world as he does, rather than how it actually is.

Both Jack and dad growled at me, although I’m guessing for different reasons. “Why do you keep insulting me? I’m not even that much younger than you plus I’m the one inheriting the title, you should respect me.” He was clearly angry but to be honest it was rather amusing. Jack was definitely more entertaining than Luci when I annoyed him. Although I have always found it funny to watch other people wind Luci up, especially when they don’t realise who they are dealing with.

But I digress. I shrugged in reply to Jack’s question, deciding to ignore what he had said after it. He had done nothing to earn my respect and I would not see him as my alpha until he did. The room lapsed into a slightly awkward silence before the phone on dad’s desk began to ring. He answered it almost immediately. “Alpha Irilek speaking,” he said into the phone, his face looked serious.

“This is Alpha Knight of the Blue moon pack. I was just wondering if you were trying to start a bloody war with me?!” the person on the other end of the line shouted, oh god, please tell me I miss-heard that.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Alpha Knight, I don’t recall doing anything to merit this reaction from you.” Dad said, his tone scaring me slightly. It was a calm but angry tone, the only thing that was more terrifying than someone yelling at you, was when they used this tone of voice.

“Oh, really? Then why have I lost two of my pack members at the edge of your territory in the span of a few days.” Oh shit! I was right; he did in fact say blue moon pack, my old pack.

“I’m not sure this has anything to do with me, but I will have to investigate this further for you,” dad shot Jack an angry glare and I realised this was probably all my fault. “May I ask, though, what these pack members of your was doing when they were supposedly killed by mine as you seem to be accusing?” dad asked angrily.

“I had sent Don to follow up a lead on my daughter, she ran off a few weeks ago after I told her that she was adopted. I managed to trace her to a small house outside of your territory. A few days ago I felt her death. A few hours ago I felt a second death in my pack. I sent a small group of my pack members to the same place only to find Don lying on the floor with his throat ripped out, and the scent of one of your wolves was everywhere.” Father growled out.

Dad growled slightly in return before telling father that he would call him back.

As soon as he hung up dad set his fiery gaze on Jack. “What the hell is this? Were you not thinking? If they’re not on our territory don’t attack them, not everyone out there is a rouge.” Deciding to be kind I stepped in. I wasn't sure how dad knew it was Jack, maybe he has a tendency for wondering off pack lands.

“Actually dad I was the one who killed him.” They both looked at me with confusion. “That was my old Alpha, Don was from my old pack and he was snooping around in my house, trying to find proof that I was dead. But as I hadn’t cleared it out, it was possible that he might have found proof of what I am-”

“Wait,” Jack interrupted, “You didn’t tell your old Alpha that you’re a hell hound?”

“No, I told you before if the wrong people know, bad things will happen, my old Alpha is the wrong ‘people’. Anyway, before I was able to enter and kill him, Jack over here attacked me-”

“You attacked your sister?!” I was interrupted yet again, only this time it was dad not Jack. I sighed slightly frustrated.

“Yes, but I was in wolf form so he didn’t know it was me, but, as I was saying, after that we had a quick discussion and he chose to assist me in killing Don. However, I was the one to tear his throat out and rip his body apart.” I continued slightly annoyed now.

Dad sat back in his chair looking like he was thinking. After a few minutes dad picked up the phone and rang someone. “Hello, Alpha Knight, wasn’t it? This is Alpha Irilek, I have discovered what happened to your pack members. I also regret to inform you that they were most likely killed by rouges and I offer you my deepest condolences.” Dad stated solemnly.

“What?!” Father screamed down the phone.

“Yes, your daughter moved here about a week ago, and attended the school, she also visited the pack house once, but after that she seemed to just drop off the face of the earth, so I sent some of my people to investigate her house. But when they got there, there was blood everywhere and the disgusting scent of rouges, we didn’t find her body, but with the amount of blood in the house I doubt she survived since she wasn't a full wolf.

“Which leads me to why you discovered my pack’s scent at the house: I sent my son to check that there were no more rouges hanging around the area, but when he got to the house he found yet another body. If I had known it was one of your pack members I would have contacted you immediately but there were apparently lots of different scents in the house and my son believed the person was a rouge so he did nothing with the body, I am very sorry for your loss and if there’s anything else I can do for you I would be happy to help.” Dad lied. This was risky, I’m glad this conversation isn’t face to face, if it were I’m almost certain that father would be able to tell he was lying about all the events he was describing.

Instead of replying to my dad, father hung up. I prayed to the goddess that he hadn't picked up on the lies.

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