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Chapter 16

Something was off, I could tell. I don’t know what it was, but I just had a feeling. Almost like someone was watching me, except they weren’t. I would know if there was, I would be able to sense them nearby. I haven’t felt relaxed since my dad and father- although I guess I should call him Alpha Knight now- had that conversation about Don’s murder a few days ago. I know I didn't feel guilty or anything like that, I had enjoyed killing him, but I couldn't shake this feeling.

Standing in a dense part of the forest my ears twitched slightly. Listening closely to my surroundings, I heard nothing. It was silent. Dead silent. Then I noticed it, that slight whirring noise, it blended in as background noise, and my brain had treated it as such, but now in the silence I knew why I felt watched.

Following my ears, I eventually located the device: a small camera hidden in a hole of one of the trees. I reached up, gently tugging it from its hiding place. Inspecting the device I realised I knew nothing other than that it was a camera. I have little to no knowledge regarding computers or technology other than the basics. I took the camera with me, covering the lens, and returned to the pack house. As I entered the main living room, I saw James sitting on the biggest sofa with the same shy girl I keep seeing him with.

James and I had managed to patch things up between us and he no longer thought I was a spy trying to destroy his happy life. However, things weren’t the same, he was a little less crazy and he didn’t try to flirt with me anymore. It was likely all to do with this girl. Although he refused to introduce us, he did tell me that she was one of the rouges I had enlisted and she was his mate. He claims that I will find a way of corrupting her, so I wasn’t allowed to talk to her. He also claims that I scare her. As if!

I jumped over the sofa landing next to James holding the small camera in front of his face while keeping the lens covered. The girl jumped slightly whereas James simply looked over at me with one eyebrow raised and stopped what he was saying to the girl.

“What’s that?” he asked after a few moments of silence.

“I’m not entirely sure, but as you’ve never seen it before I’m guessing it’s not our own little pack surveillance device.” I replied turning the camera over in my hands.

He looked at me confused and the girl leaned slightly closer to me and the camera, she seemed interested in it though she remained quiet.

“I found it whilst I was wondering around but I don’t know what to do with it, if it isn’t ours then there are probably more of them and they’re hidden very well, I found this one by sheer fluke. So, I was wondering if you knew of any way to find the rest of them or something else useful.” I said answering the questions dancing behind his eyes.

“Why are you asking me? I know nothing about that kind of stuff.” he stated still appearing confused.

I shrugged “I’m only asking you because I can’t be bothered to go find someone else and you were the first person I found when I walked in. But if you don’t know anything useful then can you go find someone who does know?” I asked tilting my head and fluttering my eyelashes at him. I noticed the girl next to him send a small glare my way. Oh, she was definitely his mate, but she averted her gaze when she noticed I was looking at her.

“No. Do it yourself you lazy ass.” James replied shoving me slightly.

“You do know that I could just order you to do it, but I’m trying to be nice here” I say nonchalantly, trying to act as though I am the boss.

“You can’t order me to do anything” damn, I really need to start using more truthful words to get my way.

“True,” I huffed, “but I can threaten you. I could always call Luci over, I’m sure he can think of some imaginative ways to successfully poison you this time.” I state casually whilst inspecting my nails.

The girl’s eyes widen “I-I can do it, it’s alright” she rushed out her voice slightly shaky. Both James and I looked at her with wide eyes and shocked expressions.

“Okay… what will you do and what do you need?” I asked, might as well give her a chance. Plus this may give us the chance to get to know each other a little better, after all I was starting to consider James as my best friend in this pack.

“Umm…” she suddenly looked very nervous under my stare; James rubbed her arm to calm her and asked her what she needed to be able to do stuff with the camera. It was strange seeing him act so gentle towards her, mates were crazy things. She grabbed a pen and paper off the table beside the sofa and wrote a list of everything she needed before handing it to James who quickly left and went to find it all.

I looked at the girl. She was incredibly attractive with her light caramel skin, round face, and long brown hair. “Hi, we haven’t been properly introduced,” I smiled at her brightly; now that James wasn’t here, I could begin corrupting her. I laughed to myself. “I’m Christiana, but you can call me Chris, or Ana or whatever you want”

For some reason she looked absolutely terrified of me. “I-I-I’m S-Solus” she stuttered out scooting away from me a little bit. Did I actually scare her? How did she survive as a rogue being this timid?

“Come on, I can’t be that scary. I can be nice you know like….. Umm…Hm” I was trying to think of an example of when I had been nice to someone, “Oh! Yeah, I saved James’ life once because my friend offered him poison in a snack and he was going to eat it” I laughed at the memory, her eyes widened even more.

“Ana! Seriously, I specifically told you not to talk to her,” James sounded exasperated. Before turning to Solus and smiling at her softly, “Everything’s set up in my room if you want to try whatever magic you want to try honey.”

I gasped. “You’re a witch and you didn’t tell me!” I yelled a little too loud. This was a shocking revelation. She didn’t smell like a witch, she smelt like a normal wolf, but maybe she had mastered covering her scent like I had.

Solus jumped at my exclamation and James rolled his eyes at me, before escorting Solus to his room. I followed behind them wanting to know what she was going to do. I had always wanted to meet a witch.

When we got to James’ room there were three flat screens on his desk and a new computer that wasn’t here the last time I was in his room. I handed the camera to Solus who sat at the desk and began typing away at the keyboard as things flew across the three screens. I’m no expert but that doesn’t look like magic. Bored I flopped onto James’ bed begging him to entertain me. only to be met with a slight glare from the girl.

After about an hour she stopped typing and spun around in her chair. On one screen was a map whilst on the other two there were tons of little boxes with films playing, although when I looked closer, I noticed that all the videos were of different areas of the pack grounds.

“What is this? What are we looking at exactly?” I asked.

“The camera was on a live stream, and although I’ve disabled it now, whoever is on the other end knows that you took the camera out of its hiding place. These,” she said gesturing towards the screens with all the boxes, “are all coming from other cameras around the area which all feed back to the same point: here” she said pointing to the red flashy thing on the screen with the map. She seemed more confident surrounded by these machines.

Looking at the map closely I noticed something horrifying “Shit. Get my dad and brother.” I told James who immediately did what I said no questions asked.

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