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Chapter 17

“They definitely know I’m alive, according to Solus the cameras have only been active for two days, meaning we can expect an attack soon, he doesn’t like to wait for things, I am unable to specify the size of this attack though. It may be a small team with specific targets, or he may enlist help from other Alphas in the area, goddess knows many of them don’t like you very much.” I state leaning over the map laid out on the table. Jack, James, dad, some pack elders and I were all stood in dad’s office discussing our plans. We would have to be on the defensive side since we don’t know when or how Alpha Knight was going to attack.

Jack nodded, agreeing with me. “The best way to prepare ourselves is to up the border control, but we need to make it look like we haven’t done anything, I’m thinking continue with a few round the clock patrols, but also have some men hiding at specific locations further into our territory to minimise the possibility of anyone crossing our borders.” He stated gesturing to a few of the more at-risk areas on the map. It wasn’t a bad idea actually, Especially since they had virtually no border patrols a few weeks ago.

“That’s a good idea, but we also need to train the pack properly, they need to be able to fight if need be” I state looking at everyone.

Jack growled at me “What do you mean ‘properly’? They are trained by the best.”

“No. The men are trained by your best.” I corrected. “The women of your pack have little to no combat ability and with the way myself and the rest of my old pack were trained, even your men wouldn’t last five minutes. Everyone in the pack needs correct training to be able to match any enemies they may come across at any time.”

“The women aren’t supposed to know how to fight; it’s their mate’s job to protect them.” One of the elders spoke. Misogynistic asshat doesn’t realise how much he’s endangering his own pack.

“You do realise that by limiting your army to only the male gender it is only half the size it could be. If you want to be able to take on any threat to the pack the females must train like the men, the size of your army will more than double and it means that your fighters aren’t worried for their mate’s safety 24/7” I reply truthfully, in this pack there was a larger proportion of women, training them would help us greatly. It might even make girls like Solus more confident even though she had only recently joined the pack.

They thought about it and discussed it more before realising that my argument was completely logical and truthful. They went about setting up more training sessions for the men as well as some for the women. “As you clearly have such great knowledge of combat I’m guessing you want to be the one to teach my warriors” Jack said sarcastically.

“They’re not yours yet brother, remember? Plus, it’s not like there’s anything for me to do around here so I might as well just train everyone properly.” I reply. Why is it that I am the only one around here who is thinking logically? Dad agreed that I could train the warriors to show them what I knew. They moved on to discuss funding and other boring things so I tuned them out.

“Are you seriously so arrogant as to think that the way you have been taught to fight is that much better than the way I have?” Jack angrily asks me after the meeting has concluded and the others, except my dad, had left.

“It’s not arrogance, Jack. I’m not saying I know everything, and I’m perfectly open to you teaching me things that I don’t know, but from what I’ve seen of your pack’s training these past few days, most of them wouldn’t be able to even strike their opponent before they die. Especially if it’s against someone from Blue moon pack. The pack is small, yes, but that only makes Alpha Knight train them harder. He is a power-hungry asshole, and if you don’t accept my help the pack will fall. I’m not saying I’m the best, I’m just saying that my training is better than yours.” I tell him honestly.

“Want to test that?” he growled storming out the door of dad’s office.

I followed behind him, curious as he made his way out the back door and into the middle of the field out back. Taking off his shoes, he turned to me. “Well? Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fight me?”

I rolled my eyes and slipped my shoes off. Standing in front of him I took in the height difference. He was a few inches taller than me, but I knew I had the upper hand due to my experience.

I watched him intently, my eyes locked on his chest which allowed me to see his entire body in my periphery. His left foot moved slightly, before he lunged at me. Dodging his attack I countered with a light punch to the side of his face. Spinning around to face me, I noticed his eyes turned a slightly darker colour. As our fight continued I noticed more and more that he was letting his emotions take control, every time I dodged or blocked one of his attacks he grew more and more frustrated and angry, and he grew closer to shifting into his wolf. Whereas I remained calm, looking for his tells. Unfortunately for him, he had a lot of tells, making it easy to predict and avoid his attacks. After about 20 minutes I could tell he was worn out and his vision was clouded by his feelings. Taking the opportunity, I kicked my leg out, sweeping him off his feet. I dropped to one knee beside him and placed my hand over his throat.

“If this was a real fight, you would certainly be dead by now” I whispered into his ear.

He relaxed his entire body and let out a tired huff of air. “Fine, you can train them all.” He conceded.

I smiled and stood up offering him my hand to help him up. Surprisingly he took my hand this time and I helped to hoist him up. He looked exhausted so I pulled his arm over my shoulder and helped him walk back to his room so he could sleep. On the way we received many curious glances from the pack members we passed, I guess they weren’t used to their future Alpha looking so beat-up.

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