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Chapter 18

My sparring match with my brother made me realise I hadn’t trained much since getting here and I was definitely losing some of my strength already. I just felt so comfortable here until we found those cameras. I had relaxed too much around my family and it was clearly going to be detrimental if I didn’t do anything about it. After taking Jack to his room I grabbed an apple from the kitchen, biting into it as I walked back outside. I did press-ups till my arms couldn’t hold me up, crunches till my stomach ached, and squats till my legs were shaking. I pushed myself to my absolute limit hating that I couldn’t do as much as I used to. If I’d been slacking this much at my old pack I would’ve received a beating. Feeling the need to punish myself for it, since no-one around here seemed like they would, I began punching and kicking the nearest tree till my fists were bloodied and my legs bruised.

Once I felt sufficiently battered, I dropped to the ground and sat beneath the tree I had been attacking. A long sigh escaped my lips as I stared up into the canopy of the trees. All I could think about was how crazy the last week and a half had been, ever since I found out this is where I was born. It had been a roller-coaster of emotions, but I knew that I truly did belong here. Alpha or not these were my people, my family. I hadn’t known them for long but I felt safe here, until my adoptive father had to come along and ruin it all.

Why couldn’t he just accept that I was dead? Why couldn’t he just leave me here to be happy? Why did he have to come and destroy everything I had just gained? I felt tears streaming down my face as my thoughts got stuck on him.

I couldn’t let Alpha Knight destroy my pack, no matter what it cost I would protect them. I was born to protect them, as their Alpha. Even if I wouldn’t receive the title surely it was my duty, my destiny, to lead these wolves through battle to protect everything we had here. I couldn’t let myself relax; I need to push myself harder each day I needed to be the strongest wolf there ever was if I really wanted to protect them.

Looking through the trees to the darkening sky, I swore to the gods that I would not stop pushing myself or my pack. Even if it made the surrounding packs turn against us even more, I would not stop till we become the strongest pack in the world.

I howled into the empty forest releasing all the emotions I felt. Surprisingly, I heard other howls echoing in reply. It gave me such a warm feeling inside, something I had never felt before. Once the other howls stopped, I pushed myself up off the ground and wandered back to the pack house. I felt my stomach grumble as I entered so I headed to the kitchen hoping it was almost dinner time so I could eat.

Thankfully, once I reached the kitchen I found a few pack members making dinner. I made small talk with them while they cooked and made sure to grab the first plate of food they made. As I sat eating in the dining room I got lost in my thoughts once more. I could tell that many of the pack members weren’t quite comfortable with me yet, I figure that many of them simply didn’t trust me. Though it was possible that they were scared of what I might be, well of what I am. I’m sure that many of the older wolves in the pack remember my mother and what she turned out to be. Obviously, Jack’s wolf was similar to a hell hound, but they all knew he wasn’t one. None of them had seen me shift yet so I’m sure they had their suspicions. I bet the few pack members I met when I first came here and killed all those rogues, protecting the pup, wondered if the hell hound they saw that day was in fact me.

I wanted the pack to be as comfortable with me as I was with them. I wanted them to know me and see how much I would do for them. Maybe I would just need to keep interacting with them and eventually they’d warm up to me. Or maybe I’d be able to prove my loyalty to them when Alpha Knight inevitably attacks us. I stopped hiding my scent since joining the pack so I knew they could all sense my alpha power, they all knew I could shift and I’m sure eventually they will see my wolf, but I wanted to put that off as long as possible.

When I finished my plate, I returned to the kitchen to see if there were any left-overs since I was still a little hungry. A few of the top warrior wolves were loading up their plates with protein. I snuck my hand between two of them grabbing a few more chicken drumsticks for myself. I laughed a little as they turned around to look at me questioningly.

“Alpha sized stomach,” I laughed a little explaining my huge appetite and covered my drumsticks with sauce before quietly returning to the dining room. I knew they thought it was strange for me to eat so much. Since none of the women in this pack trained to fight most of them had much smaller appetites. It made me feel a little out of place sometimes, but I knew things would change soon. Soon I would be training them all to fight to my level, or close to it at least.

Once I was finally full I stacked my plate with all the other dirty dishes and headed up to my bedroom. It was much bigger than the one I had in my old pack but dad told me this would only be a temporary room for me while they prepared a room more fitting for an Alpha’s daughter. I had no idea what that meant but I was beyond happy with the room I had. I didn’t have many personal items so the room felt rather empty but it was still warm and inviting. I often sat wondering who had designed the pack house, every part of it was stunning. I’d never seen such a beautiful building before.

I flopped down onto the soft bed realising how tired I felt. I lay there for a short while just staring at the ceiling not really thinking about anything, before I forced myself to get up and shower before bed. The warm water soothed my aching muscles and helped me relax, making me even more tired. I changed into pyjamas after I was done and snuggled under the warm covers. I enjoyed the heat and it lulled me to sleep.

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