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Chapter 19

I entered the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water from the fridge, the fridge in the pack house was so high-tech it took me a few days to get used to it. I just finished training some of the pack members; I have to say some of the women in this pack are incredibly violent. It was almost scary watching them when I got them to spar with each other. I stared out the kitchen window at the autumn trees.

In fairness to my brother and dad the pack's usual training regimen was not awful, but they weren’t pushing them very hard. I wanted to push these wolves to the limit of their abilities as much as I could. It was the quickest way I knew of to help them improve. We did strength training as well as a lot of sparring so I could show them some new fighting techniques. It had only been a day since I began training the pack, but I could tell that soon they would be amazing warriors. All of them were committed to their training. Though I could tell a few of the males weren’t very happy with me being in charge.

Tonight, though, I would need to be on high alert. It’s Halloween tonight and a huge celebration is the perfect time to attack a pack. Usually celebrations meant less wolves patrolling the borders, many pack members would likely be intoxicated, and most of the pack would be all in one place.

As much as I wanted to enjoy this night, I knew that it just wasn’t possible. My dad had warned all the pack members to be on high alert but I’m sure that by the time the celebrations start they would forget.

“You seem to be settling in here.” Luci’s voice came from behind me making me jump and turn around to glare at him, my heart racing. Unfortunately, that only made him laugh. Once he sobered up, I nodded in response to his statement.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, curious.

“Oh come on, this is my favourite day of the year! Let’s go have some fun!” He exclaimed, looking down at me with big begging eyes. I laughed a little.

“Well as much as I enjoy our usual Halloween antics. I can’t join you this year. The pack is likely going to be attacked tonight.” I explain. Luci pouts at my words.

“Chris I’m sure they can handle an attack they have survived on their own for years without your powers. Come oooon! It’s our tradition!” He whined. As much as I wanted to think they could handle themselves I knew things would just go so much more smoothly if I was here. I didn’t want to risk any casualties on our side. Goddess only knows what would happen and I couldn’t lose any of my pack.

“No Luci. I can’t leave them now. I don’t know what kind of attack Alpha Knight is planning, I need to be here tonight.” I stated firmly.

An evil grin spread across his face. “Then you leave me no choice.” He reached out and grabbed my arm. Before I could do anything I felt a gust of wind and the ground beneath my feet disappeared for a split second.

I glared at him knowing we were no-longer in the kitchen of the pack house. “Take me back!” I growled.

Stepping away from me he chuckled. “No you’re better off here if that bastard is going to try attack your pack. Now let’s have some fun!” A dark grin spread across his face.

I growled again and grabbed his shoulder turning him to face me. “Take me back now Lucifer!”

“Not until we have some fun. I’m a busy man, we don’t get the opportunity to hang out very often. One night won’t kill you Chris, let the wolves fight, it’s what they do. What we do is have fun tonight.” He walked away from me, weaving between the different tombstones.

I growled in response but relented. I wouldn’t change his mind on this so I might as well enjoy myself and maybe we will still make it back before the attack begins. I jog after him stripping my clothes off. When I catch up to him I hand Luci my clothes and the locket from around my neck then I shift into my wolf. I pad along beside Luci as we leave the cemetery. We walk the dark streets and I enjoy watching the few people who were out do their best to avoid us.

We approach a tall expensive looking building and walk past a muscular man who looked like he wanted to stop us but was too shocked to actually try. I smile to myself, I always did enjoy the fear and shock others felt when they saw me. We entered a lift that was almost too small for my wolf form. The doors opened to a crowded club on the top floor.

As we walked into the middle of the room all attention turned to us. The music stopped shortly before we reached the centre. “So many sinners all in one place.” Luci stated in a disapproving tone as he shook his head. “I wonder who’s time is up,” he said thoughtfully as he turned to stroke the top of my head. I sniffed the air. There certainly were a lot of people here who had cut deals with his demons.

Many people made deals with demons and they were all given what they wanted in return for their souls. Most only got ten years to enjoy what they asked for, but Luci liked to let a few of them live on a little longer just so we could go around on Halloween and have some fun with them. As it neared the end of their time they began to smell more and more like death. I looked around trying to follow the scents of those who’s souls were rotten. There were three that I could smell here. Luci’s hand moved down my back as he continued to stroke me softly.

The mood in the room had shifted dramatically. The tension in the air was palpable. One of the three we were after made a move for the exit. “Oh, I wouldn’t do that,” Luci called to the man. “She loves a good chase.”

Of course the idiot who bargained with his own soul didn’t listen and pressed the button for the elevator. Luci stopped stroking me and patted my back leg twice, signalling me to kill the man. I happily obliged. I leapt towards the man biting off the hand he used to call the elevator. His scream rang out through the silent room for a moment before it was joined by others. I killed him swiftly and moved on to my next target.

Once all three of them were dead I padded happily towards the elevator where Luci stood waiting for me. He rubbed my head between my ears and we watched the chaos for a moment before the doors of the lift closed and we were headed back down.

Before we could reach the ground floor, I felt the familiar gust of wind and the sensation of the floor disappearing from beneath my paws. I took in our new surroundings, seeking out my next target.

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