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Chapter 2

I wake up to the dark, damp walls and the slightly sticky floor of the basement. Noticing my arms are no longer chained, I pull myself up off the floor and stretch, wincing slightly due to my back not being fully healed. Father must have continued to whip me whilst I was knocked out. It was hard to hate him for it when I most definitely deserved such a punishment, after all I had been unable to protect a member of my pack and I had failed in my mission.

I sat there for a while replaying the events in my head and mindlessly running my hand through the pool of my blood that had collected on the floor beneath me. After a few minutes I got up fully and stretched out my aching muscles. I hastily made my way across the room to the metal door suddenly desperate to get out of this dark place. I grabbed the cold metal key from the hook and unlocked the door, remembering at the last moment to put the key back on the hook as I leave. Running down the hall, I tread as quietly as possible, so as not to disturb anyone in the house. It was dark outside and even though I had no clue what the time was I could tell that most of the pack were sleeping. It was always in my best interest to be as quiet as possible and try to go unnoticed by everyone.

Once I reached my room I slipped inside and quietly locked the door, making sure it wouldn’t open. I flicked on the light and got changed out of my bloody, damp clothes. No doubt there would be a new job for me when father woke up in the morning. Deciding I’d had enough sleep for today, I take a long hot shower and throw on my camo jeans and a black top, along with a random pair of socks. I throw a jumper on to keep myself as warm as I could and head to the kitchen to grab something to fill my growling stomach. Luckily I wasn’t starved in this wretched place, however, I was only allowed things that would ‘aid my performance’ aka healthy food. It wasn’t a bad thing but it certainly sucked the fun out of meal times.

As I sat in the kitchen other members of the pack started to emerge and I knew I would be called on soon so I tried to shove as much food as I could into my mouth. After eating two apples, an orange, and a bowl of fruit & oats cereal I was called through the mind link to go to father’s office. I ran there as fast as I could, not wanting to give him a reason to beat me again anytime soon. Just as I was about to knock the guard outside his office stopped me. “Alpha is busy and doesn’t need you pestering him” the guard said through the mind-link glaring down at me before shoving a thin brown folder into my hands. “Here’s your assignment, you have two weeks” I rolled my eyes and returned to my room to read the file.

The job was simple, to retrieve Intel on the future Alpha and Beta of the Blood Dynasty pack. I groaned this meant no violence, no fun, I would have to use alternative methods. This was really not my area, why the hell did he even pick me to do this. I flicked through a few more pages of the file until I noticed a school prospectus. Oh great (note the sarcasm), father had enrolled me in the school they both attended. My alias was Ana Black. I packed a few suitcases with clothes and weaponry and chucked them in the back of one of the SUVs in the garage. One of the pack members came out of the house and I gestured to the car I had put my stuff in. No one around here speaks to me, or, acknowledges me really, unless they have to. Most of them look down on me with disgust. I liked to think it was because I’m stronger than all of them and they think I’m just a hybrid, it probably make them look bad, but I worked hard for my strength. He got in the car and drove off. I climbed on my motorbike and raced after him assuming that he would know where we were going.

When we arrived he chucked my bags out of the car and left them on the dry dirt path outside a small house. The guy chucked a set of keys at me and drove off. How kind of him (note the sarcasm). I dragged my bags into the small building father had gotten for me. It wasn’t much, but it would do. I unpacked my bags, stashing weapons in different places all over the house, and showered quickly. I changed into a sports bra and shorts. It was Sunday so I couldn’t do much till tomorrow. I did a quick warm up: 100 press ups, 150 sit ups, 100 squats, and some stretching. Then I headed out for a run around their territory.

After a couple of laps I was pretty tired, their territory was huge! I looked around me, checking the coast was clear, before taking out my contacts and shifting into my wolf. I had to exercise both forms otherwise I would be vulnerable and weak. I hadn’t seen any patrols when I was in my human form so I figured it would be fine to let my wolf side take over for a bit. Even if they do catch my scent they shouldn’t be too bothered since I do my best to run around their territory and not through it. After doing one and a half laps I settled by a stream to have a drink.

As I was about to leave I heard threatening growls nearby.

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