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Chapter 20

Once Luci grew bored of watching people die by my hand, he patted my head and held out my clothes. I shifted back into my human form and dressed. I was covered in blood, so I put my locket into my pocket instead of wearing it.

“Take me back now Luci.” I commanded, praying that I wasn’t too late to help my people.

“You worry too much the fight is already over.” he said over his shoulder chuckling as he walked down the street and away from me.

“What?! Already over? You knew an attack had started and you didn’t tell me!” I yelled quickening my pace to catch up to him. I dread to think what might’ve happened while I was gone. I shouldn’t have been enjoying myself when I knew my family might have been in danger.

“Cool it Chris, they’re all wolves they knew how to handle an attack before you came along. They’re mostly fine so I don’t even see why you’re complaining so much. Honestly you’ve become so attached to these people and they don’t even know what you are. They would never accept you. They couldn’t accept their Luna being a hell hound last time; they certainly wont accept her daughter.” He sounded so nonchalant it irked me. Especially when he brought up the way they had acted towards my mother. He was confirming my fears. “I did you a favour bringing you out tonight, if you had shifted during the attack they would have kicked you out. You would’ve been alone again. A rogue wandering alone through the forest. I saved you from that and gave you a fun night instead so really I think you should be thanking me” He stopped abruptly, turning to face me.

“Take me back.” I responded. I wouldn’t be thanking him for this. As much as I enjoyed myself I couldn’t help but feel guilty for it. I needed to get back and see how much damage this attack had caused I needed to help any way that I could. I needed to show the pack that they could trust me, that I wouldn’t turn against them. I desperately wanted them to accept me, even if it wasn’t as their Alpha. Luci put his hand on my shoulder and the sensation of his teleportation hit me again.

A blood-curdling scream rang out as the ground reappeared beneath my feet. Luci let go of me and disappeared from in front of me. Probably going off to enjoy his Halloween night more. It appeared as though I was in the living room of the pack house. My dad burst into the room probably to find the source of the scream from a second ago. I brushed it off knowing that whoever it was probably just was startled by my sudden appearance.

Dad’s eyes widened as he looked at me and I saw a few other warriors filter into the room behind him. They circled me warily.

“What’s going on?” I asked curious as to why they were trying to trap me. Maybe it’s because I was still covered in blood. I licked my fingers in an attempt to clean myself up a bit. I’d grown to enjoy the metallic taste after many years of doing this with Luci. The warriors on the other hand, looked horrified by my actions.

Dad moved to the sofa to comfort the woman he had replaced my mother with. I’m guessing she was the one who screamed. My red eyes glared at her and she looked even more fearful.

“Oh no don’t worry I didn’t hurt that bitch she’s just scared.” I said, attempting to calm the situation. Instead of relaxing the wolves surrounding me growled. I tried to pass them as I saw my brother enter the room, but they stopped me. Jack looked at me with anger before going to his fake mother. “Will someone please tell me what’s going on!” I growled not enjoying the way I was being treated. All I did was scare the bitch pretending to be Luna, even that was more Luci’s fault than mine.

“Shut it traitor!” Jack spat with so much animosity. I was taken aback by his words.

Traitor? How was I a traitor? I haven’t even been here to do anything.

“Oh don’t act so shocked sister. We captured one of your friends during the attack. He told us all about your plan.” The way he said sister hurt. His voice was dripping with venom.

“What are you talking about?” I asked confused. I genuinely had no clue what was going on here.

“Take her to the cells, we will deal with her later.” Jack ordered and the men around me closed in, wrapping silver chain around my wrists and ankles. I wanted to struggle but I didn’t want to hurt any of them. “Make sure she’s secure she does have alpha blood.” He called after us as I was dragged out of the pack house.

This had to be a misunderstanding, but I couldn’t figure out what they could’ve misread about the situation. As we reached the cells I recognised the scent of a member of my old pack. Was this what Jack meant when he said they captured my friend? Did they think I was still in league with those people. I wasn’t even friends with any of them while I was a part of the pack; I certainly hadn’t become friends with any of them since leaving. I didn’t even have a way to communicate with any of them. What is happening here?

I was pushed into a cell and chained to the wall at my wrists and neck, my feet remained chained together and one of the warriors pushed me to my knees as he left the cell. “Ana I’m so sorry they tortured it out of me. Please forgive me.” My old pack member begged from a few cells away, before a dark grin spread across his face.

So that’s what happened he must have lied and told my family that I was betraying them. That I was still working with my adoptive father. But how would I convince them otherwise. It was just my word against his and if they really did think they had tortured the information out of him they would trust his word over mine. “What did you tell them?” I growled angrily.

“I'm sorry I-I told them everything!” He cried out in response. But I could see his face from here. I could see that this was just a game to him. This is what they had planned from the start. They would undermine my position in the pack, but to what end. Did they want me back or did they just want me out of the way? I sat back on my knees. I wouldn’t get any real information from my old pack member whilst the warriors were still within earshot.

I closed my eyes and focused on stopping my body’s healing process. Trying to heal the areas of my body burned by the silver only left more of me to be burned. It was less painful to hold off the healing process till the chains were removed. I just needed to focus.

Next I attempted to open up my mind-link with my brother but he held a strong block in place. I tried James, my dad, and the current Beta too but to no avail. As a last resort I reached out to Solus, James’ mate, she was mentally weaker than the others and I broke through the blockade she attempted to make.

‘Solus you’ve got to help me. I’m not a traitor the prisoner they have is lying. I would never betray my family.’ I cried out to her. I could sense her fear through the link but she didn’t respond.

‘Please!’ I begged. ‘Whatever information they want to know I’ll give it just please tell them! I’m not a traitor.’

‘Stop it Ana I told you not to talk to my mate!’ James growled in my head.

‘Please James you have to listen to me. I didn’t betray anyone whatever it is they told you I can prove I didn’t do anything wrong. Just give me a chan-’ He blocked our link before I could finish. I prayed to the Gods that they would see I had nothing to do with this.

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