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Chapter 21

It had been a few hours since I spoke to James through the mind-link. By now the chain around my neck had burned through my skin and my blood bubbled out of the wound soaking my chest and hair. Blood pooled beneath me from the wounds on my wrists and ankles. I didn’t think they would leave me here for so long, perhaps it was a bad idea to not heal myself. I didn’t dare open my eyes to look at my wounds. I didn’t want to see how deep they were, plus I could tell my eyes made the guards uncomfortable and scared.

Thankfully I sensed my dad and brother enter the cells just then. I could tell that both of them were still angry with me. They both believed me to be a traitor. I opened my eyes to look up at them as I heard footsteps approach me. I could see pain in my dad’s eyes as he looked at me kneeling in the pool of my blood.

Jack unlocked the cell as I forced myself to stand. He removed the chains that bound me to the wall and grabbed my upper arm, pushing me out of the cell and into a room at the end of the corridor. With the chain gone from around my neck I allowed my healing powers to work again. My wrists and ankles burned more than before but I could feel my neck starting to heal. When I was mostly healed, I suppressed my powers again to stop the intense pain from the chains that remained.

I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror as we entered the room. Blood practically covered me from head to toe. It was soaked into my clothes and my hair, it stained most of my skin. I was not a pretty sight, but at least it wasn't all my blood.

Jack pushed me down into a cold metal seat in front of a table in the middle of the room. “How could u still mind-link with that much silver on you?” Jack asked as he removed a pair of gloves he had been wearing.

“Silver doesn’t affect me quite as much as it does a normal wolf.” I shrug trying to act like I was okay. While it was true that I was able to withstand it better than other wolves, it still hurt me and I was still trying to deal with the emotional pain this situation had caused me.

“Where were you today?” my dad asked looking me over with concern.

“I have a Halloween tradition with Lucifer. We were all over the world today. It wasn’t my choice though he basically kidnapped me.” I laughed slightly as I spoke.

“What’s so funny?” Jack growled.

“Well I was kidnapped and when I returned you locked me up for something I didn’t do. But arguably, I should be locked up for the things I did.” I was still laughing a little as I spoke, it was weirdly amusing to me to think I killed so many people, and my family are the ones who lock me up when no-one else has ever batted an eye at my Halloween escapades.

“What did you do that you think you should be locked up for?” Dad asked his voice laced with concern.

“Isn’t It obvious?” I asked gesturing to the blood covering my body, “I killed a whole load of people today. All over the world people died at my hand, purely for my entertainment.” I responded. Jack grimaced and I smiled. “No one ever locked me up for that and yet here you are my own family locking me up because our enemy told you to.

“They know I disappear every Halloween. Whatever happened here tonight you’ve done exactly what they wanted by turning against me. So, lets just forget about all of this and you can tell me what happened tonight.” I bargained, holding out my hands. Surely, they wouldn’t keep me locked up now they knew where I was.

Jack laughed in disbelief but I could see the conflict on my dad’s face. “As if you don’t know what happened. You gave them all the information they needed to get into the pack house and if it weren’t for the fact that you sent far too few people you might have actually succeeded.”

I wonder what it was they were trying to do. “How many people did they send?” I asked.

“Three. Assassins, apparently.” Dad answered his voice sounding more angry than concerned as he thought about it.

“Are you sure? Did you scout the area around the pack house? Did you secure the borders? There’s no way there would only be three wolves for a coordinated attack even if they knew exactly where they were going. Their plan must have been to get caught all along. Where did you catch them?” I was trying to make them see that this wasn’t even an attack. There was no way any of my old pack members could be considered assassins.

“Stop acting like you had nothing to do with this.” Jack growled getting in my face. It hurt a bit how little he trusted me. But I could see my dad, at least, wanted to believe me. The conflict was clear as day in his eyes.

“I had nothing to do with this!" I growled in response. "Who attacks a pack with only three people? Even if they were the best in the pack, they’d have to kill at least the three of us, if not the entire beta family too, in order to take over the pack. Its illogical. Use your brain for a second and think about it. Just because I wasn’t around doesn’t mean I had anything to do with this. Just look at me, you can tell what I’ve spent my day doing.” I cried, exasperated. Why does no-one here think before they act.

Dad nodded, “Let her go, Jack.”

“What? You can’t seriously believe her?” Jack growled.

“Of course I do and if you thought about it logically you would too. Now let her out of those chains.” He commanded. I held my hands up towards my brother smiling as sweetly as I could.

He growled in my face before putting on gloves and removing the chains from my legs and wrists. My red eyes held his green ones the whole time. The second the chains were off my body I let myself heal. Watching with shock as the deep wounds healed, Jack pulled me to stand.

“What the fuck is wrong with your healing?” He asked, still holding my arm from where he had pulled me out of the chair.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. I’d argue that my healing is faster than yours. Silver just hurts more if your body is constantly trying to heal. So I just wasn’t healing myself.” I answered and pulled out of his grip. I headed to the door but my dad held out his arm to stop me.

I looked up at him confused. “Thought you might want these, sweetheart.” He said handing me a contact lens case. I rolled my eyes at the pet name, but I was glad he had thought to bring my contacts. I didn’t want the whole pack to know what I was just yet. He opened the door and I left the room followed closely by Jack.

“Just because dad bought your little story, doesn’t mean I do. I’ll be keeping an eye on you from now on, sister” He whispered threateningly in my ear.

Goddess he was frustrating me. My wolf wanted to slam him into the wall and force him to submit to me, after all I should be the Alpha and he’s accusing me of things I haven’t even done. But I restrained myself reminding myself that I wanted them to trust me, to like me. I don't want to be Alpha. I just laughed tilting my head back to look at him.

“What are you going to do brother? Have you forgotten our last sparring match? You must have some pretty major trust issues if you still believe our enemy more than me.” I knew my words would only frustrate him even more, but I couldn’t let his threat slide.

He growled quietly but didn’t say anything else. As we walked past my ex-pack mate's cell I grinned at him and waved. Rubbing his failure in his dumb face. Obviously I still had a lot of work to do to build up trust from my other pack members but as long as my dad was on my side it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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