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Chapter 23

I sat in the living room telling James all about my playful race with Jack the other day and how I had beaten him with my superior wolf abilities. We were laughing and joking quite loudly and I hoped other pack members would hear and realise that I’m not such a bad person.

“You know, I’m still waiting on that thank you,” Luci appeared in front of us making us both jump. He laughed his crazy laugh as he gracefully flopped down onto the sofa we were sat on.

I glared at him. “Thank you so much for kidnapping me the night of an attack and making it so much easier for those bastards to frame me as a traitor.” I replied, my voice thick with sarcasm.

“You’re welcome” Luci grinned. I rolled my eyes.

“What did you want anyway?” I asked.

Luci cleared his throat, “Well, I was really looking for your dad” he said giving us a look asking if we knew where he was.

Both James and I shrugged. Assuming he was in his office, i got up and walked Luci there, telling James I would find him later. I knocked on the door and entered.

“What did you want Hades?” My dad asked looking up from his desk as we walked in. I was still confused as to why he called him Hades, but I kept my mouth shut, it was probably just an inside joke or something.

“I’m being helpful, like I always am, Thanatos” Luci smiled at dad innocently and hovered slightly above the floor whilst clasping his hands together, tilting his head to the left and fluttering his eyelashes.

“Really? You want to be helpful?” dad asked incredulously.

Luci’s smile dropped as his feet returned to the floor. “Hey, I can be helpful if I want to be,” he whined.

“I don’t remember you ever being helpful, at least not to me” dad replied to him with a hint of sadness in his tone.

“Well luckily for you, this is a new situation, and I’m being helpful to Chris, I’m just involving you in my circle of people I’m helping” Luci smiled again.

“How would you like to be of assistance oh kind and merciful Lucifer?” I asked him in the poshest voice possible.

He burst out laughing and I rolled my eyes, “Well, go on what masterful wisdom would you like to impart on us?” I ask sarcastically.

“Oh yeah… ummm,” his face scrunched up whilst he was trying to remember what he was going to say “Oh! That’s it! I was going to tell you that the bastard plans to attack in about 2 weeks time with an assassination squad, the main targets being your family” he said excitedly. I smiled.

“Ooh. Who’s on the special squad?” my voice mimicking Luci’s excited tone. This made everything ten times easier knowing when he was attacking and especially if we knew who was on the squad.

“Dorian, Pippo, Nicolas, Noel, Gleda, Sandeep, Tanya, and Marta” he listed them counting them off on his fingers.

I raised my eyebrows “That’s it?” I asked shocked, “I mean I know they’re good, but surely they realise that everyone they are targeting has Alpha blood, and they are targeting me! He must have gotten overly cocky from having me on his side.” I mean seriously, does he realise that I know exactly how each of them fight, I know all of their weaknesses, he’s only making it easier for him to lose this fight.

Luci shrugged. “That’s all he’s sending but they have been training harder since you left, but then again you do have that wonderful genetic gift of mine to surprise them with, it will make them even easier to kill” an evil smirk spread across his face and he rubbed my cheek affectionately.

“Hades, promoting murder is not a good thing, especially not in front of my daughter.” Dad scolded, now it was my turn to laugh. Seriously Luci’s face was priceless. He looked shocked but there was still a hint of that evil glint in his eyes. Luci pouted at me and disappeared.

Jack entered shortly after and we told him the new information. We drafted plans for increased training and security. Additionally, we set up a meeting with the elders to go over our plans. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what they could be waiting for. Was Alpha Knight trying to amass an army? If he was then why only send a small specialised squad? There must be something significant happening in late November. Something that he thinks will give him an advantage.

After the plans were made, Jack and I left. I was still deep in my thoughts until his voice interrupted me. “What’s that?” Jack asked gesturing to me. I looked at him confused. “The locket around your neck you keep fiddling with it, what is it?”

“I’d rather not discuss that here” I tell him feeling the wave of sadness wash over me as I tried to stop myself from fiddling with it.

“Do you want to talk in my room? It’s virtually soundproof.” I smiled at him and nodded following as he led me to his room, maybe we would finally bond like normal siblings. Maybe this was a sign that he was starting to trust me. His room was on the top floor and right at the end of a corridor. When we entered I was amazed. His room was practically an apartment, he had a small kitchen area and what was basically a living room, he even had a flat screen TV. Through the open door on the wall opposite me I could see his large king sized bed. His ‘room’ was also surprisingly spotless, although I doubt that he kept it clean, he probably had someone else to do that for him. Following him further into the room I took it all in. Another wave of sadness suddenly washed over me as I realised that I could have had a room like this if I had stayed here, if my mother hadn’t left. I followed him to sit on one of the large sofas. I turned to face him and he did the same. We sat in silence for a few minutes whilst I prepared myself to speak to him.

A/N- Okay so we got some time before another attack but so much can happen in two weeks ;)

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