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Chapter 24

The silence ensued for a few minutes before it became deafening. The only problem I had was that I had no idea how to start this conversation. Eventually Jack broke the silence, “So, what’s with the necklace?” he asked.

“It was mum’s,” I whispered in reply “Dad gave it to her just before she left. It has a picture of both of them in it.” I told him still gripping it tightly between my fingers. He just nodded and we lapsed into a slightly melancholy silence. “Do you remember her?” I asked, curious.

He shook his head gently. “She left when we were only a few weeks old, I only found out that Katherine, Dad’s wife, wasn’t my mother when I was 12. I spent years wondering why she left, dad refuses to talk about her, but I guess she probably looks a lot like you if he knew who you were without you saying anything.” I felt almost sorry for him, but at the same time I felt anger towards my dad and this Katherine, she pretended to be his mother for twelve years!

I unclasped the locket from my neck and held it out towards him. His eyes widened as he looked at me as though asking permission to touch it. I brought it back to my lap and opened the locket, “This is what she looked like a few days before we left,” I said pointing to the small picture on the left and holding it out to him again.

“Wow,” he gasped, “She was beautiful, she looks a lot like you,” he stated gazing at the image in awe.

I smiled “She would show me this every night before we went to sleep; she used to tell me stories about her and dad, about how happy they were, about how amazing he was,”

“Why did she leave?” he asked quietly, as though afraid to ask. Although I could tell he desperately wanted to know. He had probably thought about this ever since he found out.

“She hadn’t told dad about what she was. When they met she said she was human, she was much better than me at keeping her secret. One day, a little while after we were born, the pack was under attack. She shifted to save dad. She killed all of the attackers, not single-handedly though; she had help from Luci and his horde of hell-dwellers. Afterwards everyone was afraid of her, they had seen the full extent of her abilities and they were terrified that she would one day turn against them. On top of that, dad and her got into an argument about it afterwards. He thought she didn’t trust him, that she had lied to him about herself, and he thought that as she had lied about this then she had lied about everything. Mum knew that the pack would spread rumours and eventually everyone would know and they would try to kill her, they did try to kill her. Someone threatened to kill the entire pack if she wasn’t killed, so she took me and ran, she was trying to save everyone she loved.” I re-told the story mum had told me every time I asked why we weren’t at home, or why she had left if dad was so amazing.

“So, where did you go, surely dad would’ve gone after her, they were soul mates” Jack sounded confused and hurt.

“She covered our scents; she didn’t want him to follow because it would put him, you, and the rest of the pack in danger. We spent 12 years moving around living mostly in the forests, trying to stay away from everyone else. Some people kept trying to track us down, well, track her down. I think the only people who knew I was with her were dad and Luci. We managed to avoid the people tracking us for those 12 years but eventually they got one step ahead. They managed to do so without even Luci knowing. That was when she died. She was trying to protect me, but they didn’t even know I was there. They did terrible things to torture her before finally ending her life, and I had to sit there and watch, I couldn’t do anything to help, I just watched her die in pain and sadness.” Jack reached his hand out to wipe the tears from my cheeks and hugged me close to him. I felt so vulnerable, but for some reason I was also very comfortable, I got the feeling he wouldn’t tell anyone else that I had this weakness inside of me.

After I calmed down, I smiled up at him thankfully, “Sorry about that, it’s still a touchy subject” he nodded in understanding, while I attempted to regain my composure.

“This makes a lot more sense than what I was told,” Jack said rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably. “Everyone in the pack was told that you died and our mother had gone mad after the battle and abandoned us. Everyone here knows I’m not the oldest, but they’ve always accepted me being the future Alpha. It’s strange that after all this time you’re back.”

“You know, I’m not here for your title. I came here hoping to finally feel like I belonged, I came looking for a real family.” I explained quietly. It was strange to me, opening up to someone but it felt good.

“How did you end up with the Blue Moon pack?” He asked the dreaded question I had been hoping to avoid. I clutched the locket in my fist.

“After mum’s… passing, I wondered around for a few days. Unlike her I didn’t have the positions of every pack committed to memory, so I ended up stumbling onto their pack lands, as per usual regulation I was arrested. Although, they didn’t know that I was a wolf, the Blue Moon pack think that they are superior to humans, so they usually kill them. However, I told them I was a hybrid, showed off my skills, and joined the pack” I told him. It felt odd describing my life’s events to my brother, we should’ve grown up together.

“Why?” he asked.

“I didn’t have much of a choice really, the Luna had taken a liking to me and the Alpha lived to serve her. He forced me to join and they took me in as a member of their family as I was too young to live on my own in the pack. Though I didn’t complain too much it was nice to have a whole family for once. They took care of me and I was home schooled for a few months.”

“Why only a few months, what happened?” Jack pried.

“The Luna died, giving birth to the heir to the title. The Alpha turned on everyone, most of the pack members fled and he sank further into his depression. He took a lot of his anger out on me and after a few days decided that the only way he could be happy was if he was powerful again.

“He has spent the past five-ish years trying to build his pack back up to its former glory, it hasn’t really worked though. I had been his favourite secret weapon, I could easily sneak into most packs because my scent was human, I could then kill or kidnap people of importance. His plan was that he would then offer the pack members refuge, it never seemed to work though because no one wanted to have a crazy Alpha, unless they themselves were crazy.” I explained.

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