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Chapter 25

Shortly after I had finished telling Jack about my life we received a mind-link about a group of rouge wolves who had crossed onto our land, however they were being defensive rather than offensive. I told the pack members who found them to escort them towards the pack house, but they didn’t listen until my dad commanded them to do the same thing. It felt clear to me in that moment that I really was born to lead the pack regardless of whether I wanted to.

Jack and I left his room and headed out the front of the pack house, I could tell he was becoming more agitated as we approached the main entrance, but I didn’t know why. “What’s wrong?” I whispered to him.

“I’m not sure, but something is making me want to shift,” He responded.

“Some kind of threat do you think?” I asked quietly.

“No, it doesn’t feel like a threat.”

Hmm. Well that was certainly puzzling, what would make him feel the need to shift but not be threatening. Dad joined us a few seconds later and smiled knowingly when he saw how agitated Jack was. Something was definitely going on here, but what?

When the group of rouges finally broke through the tree line Jack seemed to relax, not by much though. He took a deep breath as his eyes scanned the approaching group.

“Shift.” Dad commanded when they reached us. A deep growl resonated from beside me and Jack leapt from the porch, shifting mid-air. Diving through the group in front of us he tackled one of the wolves, rolling away from the group. He grabbed the isolated wolf by the scruff of his neck and dragged him into the forest before anyone could do anything about it.

The other rogues begun growling and shouting wondering what had just happened. Unfortunately, I also had no idea what just happened and Jack wasn’t responding to me over mind link. I looked to my dad as he tried to calm these wolves.

One stepped forward, stark naked might I add, “Where did you take our friend?” he growled. I could tell he was once a high ranking wolf before he turned rouge, and I became more curious about why these wolves were rouges in the first place, there were so many of them, and they all appeared to be male.

“Do not fear, he will not be harmed. You will see him again if you decide to stick around, especially if you choose to join our pack.” Dad said with such certainty and authority.

“So, what, you’re using him to force us into joining your pack, that’s a dirty game you’re playing Alpha” The apparent leader of the group snarled at us.

“Not at all. It seems your friend is mated to an important member of our pack, so I’m almost certain that he will be choosing to stay with us, the rest of you may decide what you want to do, but I’m sure you’re hungry so why not come in and we’ll cook up some dinner for you boys.” Dad offered gesturing for them to enter the pack house.

The man at the front seemed to think it over before nodding. Dad smiled at him and thankfully threw a bundle of drawstring shorts at him, so that these rogues wouldn’t be walking through our pack house naked.

“How did Jack know that guy was one of our pack member’s soul mates?” I asked dad through the mind link, still confused about how it was possible for Jack to know that.

“Because that boy was Jack’s soul mate.” He replied simply.

Oh, I guess that makes sense, but still, why would he drag the guy off into the woods. I resigned myself to asking him about the whole situation later. After the discussion we just had I feel like he likes me a lot more now.

Once the food was ready, I mind linked Jack telling him that we were about to eat and that he should bring his mate in to join us. I’m not sure if he got the message as he didn’t reply. But then I heard the front door being opened and closed, however the footsteps of the two who entered went upstairs instead of joining us. I guess he didn’t get the message.

Excusing myself from the table I went to follow them, Jack’s mate must be hungry. Knocking on the door I decided to have a little fun, “Jack-y poo” I called out in a baby voice “din-dins are ready, so you can stop eating your little friend.” I heard him growl and the door was flung open.

“What did you just say?” he seethed. His face was all red from anger and embarrassment and I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from laughing.

“I’m sorry, I just had to, I’ve never had someone to tease before.” I told him, trying to give him puppy dog eyes whilst still trying to contain my laughter.

He growled again, “What do you want, Chrissy?” he seethed emphasising his new nickname for me.

“That is a crappy nickname,” I deadpanned. “Like I said before, dinner is ready and your little boy-toy’s friends are all desperate to see him again” I stated gesturing that we should go downstairs.

“Well, we’re busy so it can wait” He growled out.

“Fine, but just a little piece of advice, you might want to hold off on doing anything to advertise that he is your mate, at least until the attack is over, otherwise you can guarantee that your mate’s name will end up on the target list.” I warned. “What is his name by the way?”

“Kogami” he replies, still seeming slightly mad.

“Oh and if I combine your names it makes Kock, how perfect!” I exclaimed, unable to stop myself from laughing this time.

He growled at me again in warning.

“Where is he anyway?” I asked feeling eager to meet him.

“He’s getting dressed.” Jack’s response was curt.

“Really? Well then I’m sure you won’t mind me hanging around so I can meet him,” I say walking into the room and lounging on the sofa I had sat on earlier, “Besides, you’ll need to get dressed as well, and you wouldn’t want to leave your little mate alone whilst you’re doing that, and as you aren’t going to be doing anything that would destroy my oh, so innocent eyes, I’m sure you won’t be too bothered by me introducing myself.”

“Who says I need to get dressed?” he asked cockily, but I didn’t need to look down to know that he wasn’t wearing any clothes after his sudden shift earlier.

I was about to reply when a deep growl cut me off, “I do.” the guy said, his voice angry.

“There you go, see Jack, I told you, you needed to get dressed. Oh but take your time, Kogami and I are just going to get to know each other a little better” I winked at my brother’s newfound mate, which made Jack growl. “Oh come on, I’m just teasing you! Stop getting so worked up about everything and go get dressed so we can go eat.” I cried, jumping up and pushing him towards his bedroom where I assume he kept his clothes. He glared at me before brushing me off and walking further into the bedroom area to put clothes on.

“Who are you?” Kogami growled, he seemed angry. Jealousy rolled off of him in waves. It was understandable though I mean he didn’t know we were siblings even though we looked so similar and I had just barged into the room and had a conversation with Jack while he just stood naked in front of me. Though since this meant Jack was quite obviously gay I’m not sure why he would think a girl would be a threat to him.

“Oh, I’m Christiana, I’m Jack’s big sister.” I told him happily holding out my hand to him.

He visibly relaxed and smiled shaking my hand. “But if you’re older how come Jack said he would be the future Alpha, surely it should be you and your mate?” he asked.

“It’s a bit of a long story but basically I wasn’t in this pack for most of my life and Jack is set on being Alpha because that’s how our dad raised him. The deal is that he is future alpha unless he decides to pass the title to me.”

“I’m confused” he responded. I thought I gave him quite a good run down of the situation but oh well.

“Just ask Jack-y to tell you later, I want to know about you.” I said excitedly. I didn’t know my brother was alive until recently and I was getting excited to do all the typical sibling things that I’d seen members of my old pack doing. That included becoming friends with your sibling’s mate and making sure they weren’t going to hurt your sibling.

“Why?” He asked still sounding confused.

“Because you’re mated to my little baby brother, and I must know that he will be safe and protected!” I exclaimed still overly excited by the idea of doing normal big sister things, even if there was only a few minutes between us.

“Um, okay, well uh, my names Kogami, but most people call me Ko. I’m 23, my friends and I were forced to leave our old pack when it was attacked, and we’ve been rouges for just over 2 years” He answered seeming sad and uncomfortable. It seemed strange that they had been rogue for so long and yet they seemed so civilised and clean, but I brushed it off.

“Any reason you’re all male?” It was an odd dynamic and I was curious.

“There was more of us at first and some of them were girls but they all either found their mates or died so our group ended up as just the few guys I was with earlier” he shrugged, but he seemed to be growing more and more uncomfortable as he spoke. It seemed like there was something off about him but maybe I’m just being to critical. He probably just wasn’t used to this much interaction with a stranger.

“If we’re going then let’s go.” Jack grumbled as he left his bedroom. He looked tense.

“What’s got you in such a bad mood all of a sudden?” I asked as I got up off the sofa.

“Nothing” he said scowling at me.

Ko walked over to hug him, but I quickly stopped him by grabbing his wrist. “You don’t want to do that,” I warned.

Both of them growled at me. “We’re in my room, why not?” Jack asked clearly more angry.

“Are you kidding me, there’s a huge window right there, I wouldn’t have thought you would want Kogami’s name on their list, and who knows if there are more hidden cameras. Trust me going after a target’s soul mate is something he specialises in.”

“Fine.” Jack growled and stormed out of the room.

“I am so confused” Kogami whispered to himself as we followed Jack.

“Well, my adoptive father is planning on destroying this pack. He plans on killing Jack, my dad, and me, in the hopes that our pack will fall apart. But if he finds out that you are Jack’s mate he will add your name to the target list, which will also mean that he will get a few extra people to join his attack squad which will make my job harder, so until the attack, you and Jack can’t do anything to suggest that you’re mates” I told him trying to keep my explanation short so that I didn’t say anything when we neared the dining room where all of his friends were.

Kogami was silent after that, probably because he was still thinking over what I told him. As we entered the dining room, I led him to the top end of the table where we sat opposite Jack and the guy who seemed to be the leader of their little group of rouges. Ko and the rouge leader shared an odd look before Ko bowed his head to start eating.

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