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Chapter 26

As the days passed, I dedicated almost all of my time to training and I was slowly beginning to bond with the pack because of it. They could see how hard I was pushing them and myself and they appreciated my efforts to try to protect them. Many pack members would come up to me while I was training on my own and ask to spar or ask for more one-on-one training. It filled me with pride to see their desire to improve.

Much of my training with Jack and the top warriors of the pack was spent with me explaining the weaknesses of the few who Luci had told us would be sent for the attack. I wanted them to be as prepared as they could be since this small group would be more likely to encounter our attackers than any others. All in all, I felt we were prepared. As it was fairly obvious that we would win any fight that might ensue, we hatched a plan to capture as many of them as possible. It’s always good to have a few bargaining chips, aka hostages, as a back-up plan.

Jack however, was beginning to lose it. Not being able to be close to his mate was putting them both on edge and it resulted in Jack losing his temper more and more. Kogami seemed to have a much sunnier disposition than Jack, but still you could tell that he wasn’t himself and his desire to be close to his mate was eating away at him. All the rogues who had arrived with Ko joined the pack, but it was clear they were all on edge. I suspected it had nothing to do with the way Ko was acting despite them always brushing me off and saying they were worried for their friend.

I did my best to keep an eye on them in the first week, but they never did anything suspicious other than mind-linking each other. Though really, I can’t say that’s suspicious since it’s totally normal wolf behaviour. Eventually I gave up on spying on them and just left them to integrate with the pack. Although to be sure, I had shared my suspicion of the rogues with my dad and he made sure that they were separated from each other when doing patrols or border guard duties. He had thought I was paranoid, but I insisted that every precaution was necessary at this time.

The one thing that kept me on edge however, was that my dad insisted on throwing a big celebration for mine and Jack’s eighteenth birthday. He claimed it was important to keep the pack’s morale high and even more important since it was the first time we would both be here to celebrate our shared birthday. I had resisted at first, but I was a little excited to have a proper celebration for my birthday. When I had been with my mother, she would buy me a small cake and we would eat in a restaurant, it was the best she could do and I was always grateful. In my old pack my birthday was the one day I would be allowed to relax without risking a beating, it was by no means a celebration, but it was always the best day of my year. Now though, there would be people and music and real happiness. I was finally re-united with my twin and we would be together on this day for the first time since we were born.

As usual I was taking this day to rest and relax. I was sat in the main living room of the pack house reading, while other pack members rushed around preparing for the celebrations later this evening.

“Hey,” Kogami interrupted as he entered the room looking pretty miserable. “Can we hang out? I’m bored and you’re as close to my mate as I’m going to get today. Everyone is so busy getting ready for the initiation ceremony thing tonight.” This had become a fairly regular occurrence by now. I think the fact that I looked a lot like Jack calmed him slightly.

I set down my book, “Um, sure, what do you want to do?” I asked him, I wasn’t exactly used to ‘hanging out’ with people still. Usually Ko would just hang around me while I trained or did other duties.

“I don’t know” he whined “What do you usually do for fun?” he asked falling face first onto one of the sofas.

“I haven’t actually done much to relax since I got here, most of the time I just train or talk to the people I like.” I tell him.

“Well then talk to me, you’ve never really told me about yourself.” he said sitting up to look at me.

“I thought I did, I’m a few minutes older than Jack, I spent most of my life as a rouge, I was adopted by the alpha of another pack and now that I found my way back here my adoptive father wants to kill me and my immediate family.”

“Yeah, I know that!” He rolled his eyes at me, “but what else? Come on I want to get to know you better, we’re going to be family soon,” he told me winking at the end.

“Well, what do you want to know, I’m not exactly an interesting person.” I lied.

“Hmmm, tell me your biggest secret!” He demanded.

“No.” My reply was instant, no way in hell was I going to tell him that.

“What? Why?” He pouted. Did he ever stop whining?

“I don’t know you well enough to tell you, plus we are in the middle of the pack house, so someone else might overhear.” I explained.

“Would you tell me if we went somewhere else?” He asked eagerly.


“Would you tell me if I told you mine?” He bargained.


He groaned “You’re no fun”

“I know” I rolled my eyes.

“Come on, do something interesting, or take me somewhere interesting, imagine how sad my Jack-y would be if he found out you made me die of boredom!” He exclaimed.

“Why don’t you go get ready for the party tonight?” I asked.

“It will take me five minutes to get ready” he whined.

I huffed. “Fine do you want to play a game or something?” I asked. I had seen some of the pack members playing on the games consoles in the living room and I assumed they were there for anyone to play.

“Sure,” he grinned.

“What do you want to play?” I asked since I didn’t have much experience with games growing up and I wasn’t really sure what would be good.

“I don’t know. Why are you making me do all the work?” he whined. Goddess, why was he so whiny.

We eventually decided on playing Halo 3, which Ko was apparently ‘the best at’, but I was the one who was winning out of the two of us.

At quarter to seven in the evening Jack walked into the room to check if we were ready. Obviously, we weren’t. Ko raced upstairs to get changed, whilst I simply ran my fingers through my messy hair to make myself a little more presentable.

A/N- Oh a big celebratory party? That went so well last time! I wonder what will happen this time?

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