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Chapter 27

Everyone was outside dancing and celebrating and so many people had come up to me to wish me a happy birthday. It was a little overwhelming. There was a huge buffet and a few large vats of a really strong alcohol that supposedly makes werewolves drunk. I had never had alcohol before but I wasn’t keen to try it, I’d seen first-hand what it could do to my adoptive father.

About an hour into the celebration I noticed quite a lot of the pack were passed out, maybe this alcohol stuff was a little bit too strong for them. Ko stumbled over to me holding out a cup. “Heyyy sister” he drawled, “I think I maybe, possibly made a mistake.” He slurred shoving the drink in my face.

Before I could do anything, he passed out falling into me. What the hell is in that stuff? I gently lay him down and picked up the cup, which still had some of the liquid in, sniffing it. It was odd, it smelled strongly of chemicals. Realisation hit me, there was some kind of sedative mixed in with the drink. I ran over to the large vats that were by the table and began draining all the liquid out and onto the ground.

I mind-linked everyone who was still conscious that we were under attack and got them to start dragging any unconscious people into the pack house as it would be easier to defend them from in there. Unfortunately there weren’t many people still conscious who hadn’t had some of the spiked drink. Most of the ones who hadn’t touched it were just pups, or pregnant women, there were a few men and women who would be able to help me fight the battle I was expecting and unfortunately my dad, Jack, Kogami and James were not among them.

We managed to get everyone inside, and still there was no attack. I was beginning to get suspicious, why put the majority of the pack to sleep if you aren’t going to attack? As we clearly still had time I ordered everyone who could to start moving the unconscious people into the panic rooms in the pack house. They would be safer than lying in the middle of the pack house, it would also mean they wouldn’t be in the way of people running around the pack house. I also sent all the young pups and pregnant women into one of the panic rooms, as they would not be able to help with moving the sleeping bodies and I had no clue when the attack would start. It had been over two hours already and still there was no attack.

Once everyone was safely locked in the panic rooms I gathered everyone left in the living room. Most of the people who were here were between the ages of 16 and 20 with a few slightly older wolves. They all seemed confused, so I decided to try and calm them.

“Listen up!” I shouted getting their attention. “An attack is imminent and I need you all to remain calm and do whatever I say. The other members of our pack have been put to sleep with an unknown sedative and you lot are the only ones capable of defending the pack at this time. It is suspicious that they have waited so long but that only means they will likely attack soon. We have information that suggests there will be eight specialised attackers. If you see anyone not from this pack don’t hesitate to kill them, or they will kill you. I need half of you to circle the outside of the building and the rest of you will remain inside and on the lookout.” I waited but none of them moved. I raised an eyebrow at them questioningly.

“Who put you in charge?” someone asked.

“Oh I’m sorry, does anyone else in here have any experience in leading an attack? Anyone else have Alpha blood running through their veins?” I emphasised Alpha, it was well known by now that I was the alpha’s daughter. The people before me were silent “I didn’t think so, now split into two groups.” They shuffled so they were split down the middle. “Good. Okay you lot,” I said pointing to the group on my left, which seemed to contain most of the older, and probably more experienced, people, “Go outside, split into pairs and start circling the building, if you see anyone who’s not meant to be there mind link me and kill them.” They nodded and left. “Okay the rest of you I want you in pairs and doing a sweep of the whole house, I don’t want any room left unchecked. Like I said before, you see anyone, who’s not in our pack, you mind link me and kill them.” They all left the room as well. At least I thought they did but one of them was left over. It was Solus.

I raised an eyebrow at her and she looked down at her feet awkwardly. “I, uh, don’t have a partner” her small voice told me.

I thought for a moment. “Is there any way you can use those cameras we found a while ago to help locate the enemies on our territory?”

“Um, I guess it’s possible, but it depends on if they have night vision settings, a-and I don’t know if I can stop the signal getting to the enemy pack.”

“Well it’s worth a try, right? You can monitor the panic rooms at the same time and tell me if anyone wakes up” she simply nodded and I led her to the Alpha’s office. When we were inside, I looked along the wall on the right trying to remember where dad had said the secret door was. Finally, I located it and opened it up, revealing a small room full of computer monitors. I could tell that two of the monitors had surveilance videos of the panic rooms, a few of the others also had stuff on them, but I wasn’t sure what it was, however the monitor in the middle was blank. I let Solus sit down and I hovered behind the chair she was sat in. I watched her typing away for a few moments but realised I had no clue what she was doing. I left telling her to mind link me if she finds anything or if someone wakes up. I shut the door to the alpha’s office as I left. I went outside and headed over to the vats of alcohol, sniffing around and trying to find any foreign scents.

Unfortunately all I could smell were the scents of hundreds of pack members. I Hadn’t had any reports from the pack members I had patrolling the building. I mind linked the wolf in charge of border patrols tonight to update him on the situation, but he hadn’t had any reports of intruders. I eventually gave in to the side of my brain telling me to talk to Luci, as it would be easier for him to locate the attackers. I clasped my hands together and closed my eyes. “I pray to the god of the sun to request the presence of the archangel Lucifer. I ask for aid in locating a threat to my new pack.” I whispered.

A few seconds after I finished the prayer, he appeared in front of me. “Well, it’s been a while since you’ve done that so what’s happened?” he asked smirking at me.

I began walking back to the house “I don’t know, there was some kind of sleeping potion or tranquilizer which I’m fairly certain contained acepromazine in the alcohol and most of the pack is out cold. I’ve got roughly fifty fit and able wolves who aren’t affected, but it’s been about three hours and they haven’t attacked. I don’t know what they’re planning and its making things difficult.” I huffed.

“So you want me to tell you? I don’t know what they are planning.” He responded.

“Well can you at least find the squad, tell me where they are so I can direct my attack and end this quickly.” I growled feeling more and more tense with each passing moment.

He rolled his eyes “You make my life so much effort.” he sighed before disappearing. I went back inside the pack house and wondered up to the Alpha’s office. Just before I got to the door, Luci reappeared in front of me, almost causing me to walk into him.

“They must have found out I’m helping you lot, because they seem to be warded. Only way I can find them is to walk around and you have dogs for that.”

I rolled my eyes at his statement. “Fine go and see if you can find out some way of waking the others up.” I told him. As soon as he disappeared one of the wolves outside mind-linked me, showing me the person they were currently fighting; Tanya. “Kill her.” I replied, changing direction and heading outside. There had been a plan to take some of them as prisoners but with so few wolves here to defend us I wasn’t taking the risk. On my way out I received three other messages notifying me of more attackers. Four down, four to go.

Luckily as I had told them to be in pairs, every fight was at least two against one and my old pack members were killed swiftly. When I got outside, I helped drag the bodies into a pile that we would burn later. As we were doing that though two of the wolves inside mind-linked me about two more attackers. These two, Sandeep and Dorian, took them a little longer to kill, but that was probably due the inexperience of the wolves fighting them. Once they were also killed, thankfully with no casualties or severe injuries on our side, their bodies were dragged out to the pile.

“Chris! Chris, Emergency! Someone hacked our system!” Solus shouted through our mind-link.

“What does that mean?” I questioned.

“They’re stopping the flow of air in the panic rooms, I don’t know if I can regain control before they all die, you need to do something!” her voice was panicked.

“Everyone follow me” I shouted to the people outside. This was probably why they had waited so long to attack. There were five rooms that we had people in and with me here there was about Forty wolves leaving the other ten still wondering around the house, keeping guard. “Eight people to each panic room. We need those doors open ASAP!” I yelled at them.

“Solus, what’s the quickest way to get them open?” I asked her through the mind-link.

“Give me a sec.” She responded I could feel her panic through the link but we didn’t have time for that now.

“They don’t have a sec. Get it together.” I growled.

“Short the circuit. The default for those doors is open, so if you short the circuit, the doors should open.” I felt her calm slightly as she responded.

“Open this link to everyone and walk me through it.” I growled.

“Pull the keypad out and cut the wires, they should all be copper on the inside. Then touch the exposed red and blue wires together sort of like you’re hotwiring a car.” I decided not to ask how she knew how to hotwire cars. I followed her directions, but it wasn’t working.

“Sugar! Code red, in rooms two and five” Solus’ voice returned in my head.

“What’s code red?” Growling I made a mental note to teach this girl how to communicate better in these situations.

“There’s people not from our pack in room two and five. Chris, James is in room two. You need to save him.” She told me and I could hear the desperation in her voice.

“I can’t get in, find me another way in and I will.” I snap at her. Stepping back, I allow someone else to try opening the door.

"Alpha is in room five" one of the wolves near me states. My head snaps around to look at him and I growl slightly.

“Where’s room five?” I demand through the link. She should have been more concerned about her Alpha not her mate, but she does direct me to where I need to be. The wolves there don’t seem to be having any luck opening the door either. I run at it hitting into it with as much force as I can. The only thing I did was injure my shoulder as the door stays standing.

“Luci!” I yell out, hoping he hears me. He pops up in front of me, Healing the pain in my shoulder with one touch. “Any help with the door?” I ask.

He assesses it. Then walks to the door. He grabs the wires hanging out of the wall. Apparently, he can short the circuit as the door is soon opened. “Get the others open, start with room two.” I tell him before charging into the room.

A/N- Another long dramatic chapter! Hope you enjoy! These enemy wolves are very sneaky I wonder what they will do next?

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