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Chapter 28

As soon as I enter, I’m knocked to the floor. I look up to see Nicolas above me, but something’s different. His eyes were soulless black pits and black veins protruded from the skin around them. I jumped up and prepared myself to fight him, which was considerably more difficult than I had expected. He seemed to be stronger and faster than the last time I had fought him, plus I was trying to avoid stepping on the unconscious bodies lying on the floor.

Thankfully the other wolves who were outside the room chose to step in and help me fight him off. Eventually, a girl who looked about 20 ran into the small room wielding some kind of sword and yelling for us to duck. We did and she swung the sword chopping Nicolas’s head clean off his body. She did a small victory dance and kissed the sword in her hands mumbling something along the lines of “I knew this would come in useful eventually.”

Rolling my eyes, I left the room “Solus, are all the doors open?” I asked through the mind-link.

“Yes, but we have a few injured” she replied.

I opened the link up to everybody. “Take any members in need of medical attention to the kitchen. Leave anyone unconscious, who isn’t injured where they are. Do not shut those doors! Anyone with medical training head straight to the kitchen.” I tell them all. Hopefully that is the end of the attack, seeing as we had killed everyone who was supposed to be attacking.

I made my way to the kitchen to assess how many were injured. Luci popped into the kitchen soon after I arrived, there appeared to be roughly seventeen injured wolves, none appeared to be fatally wounded, so I turned my attention to Luci. “Do you know what was up with Nicolas? It looked similar to demonic possession, but the veins around his eyes were black as well”

“Definitely wasn’t demonic possession, you know my lot would never try to hurt you.” He gently stroked some blood off my cheek. “However it does sound like he was doped up on some form of black magic, that might also explain how they were warded from me earlier.” He pondered.

“Great. How the hell did they get their hands on black magic?” I asked frustrated.

He shrugged in response. “Do you need me for anything else? I was in the middle of Hell business before your prayer.”

“Fine. You can go.” I reluctantly agreed. He smiled and disappeared.

I helped some of the pack members drag the two dead bodies outside and we threw them onto the small pile before dousing them in accelerant and setting them all on fire. Since they had access to black magic we needed to be sure that they were dead. I watched the flames lick at the bodies of my ex-pack mates, reducing them to ash. Briefly, I held my hand in the flames, making sure my arm was burned enough to scar. It was a way to remember their lives, despite the fact none of them liked me it is still sad that they will leave this world, some of them also leaving behind a mate.

After withdrawing my hand, I quickly re-cast the spell to hide the many scars I had accumulated in my lifetime, and silently headed back inside wondering what to do next. I made sure to do a quick body count to make sure all of our pack members were here and there were no more hidden enemies. Surprisingly a few of the rouges Ko was friends with were nowhere to be found. I alerted the border guards to keep an eye out for them and made a note to interrogate the few who remained.

After everything had calmed down, I went in search of some kind of torture room or weapons room, like in my old pack. This was clearly my fault; I should have been expecting a cowardly attack of this nature. Wherever the torture room was it was very well hidden, however I did manage to find some weapons that my adoptive father used to use on me. Hopefully if I have everything ready then dad won’t beat me as much as Alpha Knight did.

It took two more hours before the people who were unconscious started to come around. In that time, I had laid out a selection of weaponry that could be used for punishment in the Alpha’s office for when dad woke up.

“There you are.” Dad said as he walked into his office. “What’s all this?” he asked looking at the array of weapons I had brought him with a quizzical look.

“I was not suitably prepared for the attack and I accept full responsibility and the punishment that accompanies it.” I stated formally, staring at the wall. This would not be a light beating no matter how much I hoped it would be and I had to prepare myself for what was to come.

Dad walked towards me with a strange look on his face and I did my best to brace myself for the punishment I would receive. All of a sudden though I was pulled into a hug and he slowly stroked the back of my head. “We are all alive because of your quick thinking and your leadership. You did a good job today and we are all proud of you. There is no need for any kind of punishment my dear.” he spoke softly into my hair as he continued to embrace me.

I was confused. How could he think that? I should’ve been more prepared for the attack we knew it was coming. But he was proud of me? They were all proud of me? I never realised how much I had craved those words. No one had been proud of me in a long time. Tears pricked my eyes and I hugged him back, blinking furiously to dispel the tears.

“Go check on your brother while I put all of these back where they belong” he said to me breaking the hug. I nodded and left the room in search of Jack or Kogami since they certainly wouldn’t be far from each other after an attack like this.

I was right, I found them hugging each other tightly in the kitchen. Jack had his head buried in Kogami’s neck and was taking deep breaths of his scent, likely trying to calm his wolf. I cleared my throat to get their attention. “I just came to check u guys were okay,” I said laughing slightly at the glare Jack was giving me.

“We’re fine. I hear we have you to thank so, thanks.” Jack said reluctantly. He sounded a little annoyed but not insincere. I smiled at him before turning to Ko.

“Well I’m glad you’re both okay, but I think you have some explaining to do.” I gave Kogami a pointed look, if his friends were involved there’s no way he wouldn’t know about it. Ko shifted uncomfortably under my gaze and I could see the confusion on Jack’s face.

“Not here. We should have a meeting somewhere private,” He responded hanging his head slightly.

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