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Chapter 29

“I didn’t think they were going to go through with it.” Ko didn’t make eye contact with anyone and he looked incredibly nervous for such a large man. Jack, dad, Kogami and I were gathered in dad’s office awaiting his explanation of the events that occurred tonight.

“Who?” I all but growled at him. Anger was rolling off of me as I looked at him.

“The group I came here with; we weren’t really rogues. Our Alpha ordered us to come here and sabotage any celebrations. We were among the top warriors in our pack, so of course we were eager to do what he asked." He responded, before turning his attention to my brother. "But Jack, that was all before I knew you were my mate. As soon as you told me of the threat on your life I tried to convince the others that we couldn’t follow our Alpha’s orders. We didn’t have to; he lost his control over us when we left.” Ko was begging for his mate’s forgiveness with his eyes but Jack wasn’t looking at him.

“Who was your Alpha?” Dad questioned.

His eyes lingered on Jack for a moment before he hung his head again. “Alpha Sargood of the Nightwalker pack. He was approached by Alpha Knight about a month ago. They must’ve struck some kind of deal, but I wouldn’t know what it was. There’s not a lot that my Alpha didn’t have though.”

“What exactly were your orders?” Dad continued his line of questioning. His face was a wall, concealing all of his thoughts and emotions. I, on the other hand, was seething. I couldn’t believe he would strike up a deal with another pack just to get in close.

“We were to join your pack and we were told there would be a huge celebration for Ana’s birthday. The Alpha’s long-lost daughter’s birthday was going to be a huge affair. The pack had accepted you and Alpha Knight’s original plan for you didn’t pan out because of this. We were told to make friends as high up as we could. Then we would add a sedative to the drinks for the evening. When everyone was knocked out, we would help to sneak in a few members of Alpha Knight’s pack and we would leave.” Regret was clear in his voice. “But when I found out Jack was my mate I did my best to order them to not carry out our orders. I thought being your mate would’ve made me a higher rank than Royce. He was the Beta in our pack, he clearly convinced some of our group that they still needed to obey their old Alpha. I did everything I could to change their minds and I thought I had. I’m so sorry, if I’d known they were still going to go through with it I would’ve told you sooner.” His pleading eyes searching each of ours.

“Very well you are dismissed Kogami,” Dad told him. His eyes lingered on Jack once again before he turned and left.

“You were too easy on him!” I growled. “You should use all those wolves to set an example to our enemy. We cannot have traitors walking among us.”

“You would put your brother through even more pain by punishing his mate? No. Kogami is punishing himself enough. He had nothing to do with the events of tonight. We will question the remaining wolves from his pack in the morning but I see no reason for him to lie to us. When Jack marks his mate his loyalty will be unwavering. We just need to give them some time.” He had a point, but I was still angry.

I looked to my brother staring blankly at the wall in front of him. I grabbed his hand and bid my dad good night. Dragging Jack behind me, I went out to the training grounds. It was late and there were only a few pack members wandering around. “Do you want to fight or run? I think we both need to let off some steam.” I say pulling him to a stop.

“I just need to think Chris, leave me alone.” His voice was dejected and it just made me even more angry with Ko.

“Lets run then.” I say and pull his hand as I start a light jog around the training grounds. “You can talk to me while we run. I’m not great at all this emotional stuff but I know it helps to talk about things like this.”

He sighs and picks up his pace so I’m no longer dragging him along. I match his pace and we run together in silence for a while. “I just can’t believe he was involved in something like this. He lied to me. How can I mark him when I can’t even trust him? How can I be with him?” I stayed quiet as Jack released all his thoughts.

When he was done I thought over what he said. Eventually I came to a stop and he followed suit. “Maybe this is the wrong thing to say,” I start, “But this seems really similar to our parents. Mum lied about her identity for almost a year. They had a huge fight about it and it resulted in us being separated for almost eighteen years. He is your mate Jack and I think I have to agree with dad that when you mark each other he will remain loyal to you. If you’re going to be the Alpha when this fighting is done then you need your mate’s support. I’m mad that they managed to pull off something like this. I’m mad that Ko didn’t tell us anything. As much as I want to remain angry and punish him and all his friends, I think that I do believe what he told us was the truth. I don’t believe that he would try to hurt you.” I could see that I was getting through to him.

He laughed, “You just want me dead so you can be Alpha.” He joked and pushed my shoulder lightly.

I smiled and raised my hands, “You got me,” I laughed. “But you’ll have to catch me!” I shout running away from him.

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