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Chapter 3

Silently, I approached the area the noise was coming from. It was a small clearing in the trees. Four large wolves surrounded one tiny wolf, probably just a young pup. The adult wolves smelt disgusting like rouges, pack-less wolves roaming around on their own with no sense of order, and the pup smelt like it was from the Blood Dynasty pack. The small pup must've wandered off pack grounds by mistake. See, this is why patrols around their borders would be a good idea. Maybe I should teach their future Alpha a thing or two about pack security when I meet him.

I hadn’t killed anyone in wolf form in ages and my teeth and claws were just begging to rip these rogues apart. I crouched down, my belly just touching the floor. I could sense more wolves coming to the aid of this pup but they would be too late. By the time they get here that pup would be mincemeat. One of the rogues made a move to attack the small wolf. I growled loudly and it stopped, lifting its head it looked around. I leapt from my hiding place onto the rogue’s back and dragged my claws across its throat. Killing it. The other three were frozen in shock I grinned to myself, the effect my wolf had on others was thrilling. I could sense their fear rolling off of them in waves and i revelled in it.

After a moment they composed themselves and charged at me in an attempt to attack me, but I was faster. I bit into the nearest ones neck, my teeth easily piercing the skin and his jugular. The metallic taste of his warm blood filled my mouth as I ripped out his throat ending his life quickly. One of the remaining rogues jumped onto my back attempting to kill me. I rolled over crushing it between my significantly larger body and the ground. The force of the blow, coupled with my weight, causing it to let go of me. Once I got up from the ground I noticed the last rogue sneaking over to the pup, which was staring at me, its little wolfy jaw hanging wide open. I growled loudly and ran towards them. The pup lay down in submission and I jumped over it sinking my claws and teeth into the rogue behind it. The rogue tried fighting me off so I bit into it harder causing a loud crack and a howl of pain from the rouge. I was fairly certain I had broken her collar bone. I turned around seeing the other rouge had gotten up and was stalking towards the pup. I ran to the pup once again, standing over it in a defensive stance. I had always had a soft spot for pups and I was intent on protecting this one.

Six more rogues came out of the tangled bushes around us, and helped the surviving two, surround me. I watched the one I had just injured slowly limp away and I made a mental note of her vile scent so that i could kill her later. It was now seven against one, I like those odds. As soon as one of them made a move to attack I responded with my quick reflexes and killed them. After I’d killed three of them they started attacking two at a time, one from each side. Evidently they realised that on their own they were easy to kill. Honestly, why do they think the rest of us stay in packs? I dug my claws into the one on the left and scraped them down his side, just as I turned the other bit into my side. I growled, twisting my body and biting down hard on its back leg, hearing a satisfying crunch. I let go as I was pounced on by another wolf. I turned my head, grabbing the side of its neck between my teeth and flung it off my back and into a tree. It lay limply at the base of the tree and I smiled evilly, retaking my position above the small pup. I attacked the nearest rouge shoving it over with my head and then using the weight of my paw on her throat I crushed her neck. The remaining male wolf dug his claws into my hind leg leaving deep cuts. This made me angry and I quickly ended his pitiful life, before doing the same to the female slowly advancing on the pup. I looked up from her body, once she was dead, and looked at my surroundings. I noticed a group of wolves standing nearby, I sniffed the air and could tell that they were from the Blood Dynasty pack; they were staring at me in shock. I bent my head towards the pup and nudged it in their direction, receiving growls from them when my muzzle touched their pup. I growled in response grinning internally when I saw some of them cower back slightly. I nudged the pup again, slightly harder, and it got up and ran to its pack members. Whilst they were distracted by their returning member I ran in the opposite direction until I reached a small lake far away from them. I jumped in and shifted, washing the blood from my body before getting out and covering my scent completely. I ran in human form back to the clearing to track down the rouge that had escaped my wolf.

I picked up on her foul stench quickly and followed it for almost a mile to a small cave. I sneaked inside using the dark shadows to hide my physical form. If the she-wolf was paying attention she would likely hear my excited heart beat, however most wolves relied far more on their sense of smell which would be useless to her now. I found her crouched by a small fire in her human form attempting to set her shoulder in the right position for it to heal properly. I admired my work, a huge bite mark covered he shoulder and i was happy to see how much pain she was in. Rouges are the most despicable wolves they had no respect and that was usually why they were rogues. If they were interested in being in a pack there were many that would take them in, my own pack being one of them. I respected the rouges that came to us seeking a new family and I loved hearing their tales of adventure. But rouges like the bitch before me were different they had no desire for family they only wanted to cause pain. So I will give her pain.

I crept up behind her and grabbed her hair pulling her back. My eyes shone red and I saw the fear on her face. I reached my other hand out to push her injured shoulder to the ground enjoying her scream of pain. Ignoring her cries, I let my claws out digging them into her wound. After slowly torturing her for my own entertainment, I eventually ended her life by pushing my hand through her chest and crushing her heart. I sat back revelling in the thrill from torturing her myself, I didn't get to enjoy this often. When I felt totally satisfied from looking at her corpse I ran home relaxing into a hot shower to wash away the blood I had covered myself in.

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