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Chapter 30

The next day my dad called a meeting to plan action against my old pack. We couldn’t let an attack like this go unanswered or other Alphas might think our pack was weak or might even join Alpha Knight to stand against us. However, an attack on my old pack or on the Nightwalker pack would be difficult due to the distance between us.

“We should reach out to some of the Alphas between here and Blue Moon pack to see if we can get any allies to aid us in a war like this. We know Alpha Knight and Alpha Sargood are already working together and it is possible he has others on his side. We need to be careful who we trust.” Dad said looking down at the maps and papers spread across his desk. I peeked over his shoulder to see which packs lay between us and our enemy.

I had never been good with geography, but I recognised the names of two of the packs dad had been referring to. I had previously visited them on missions to undermine and weaken them for Alpha Knight. Although they would probably recognise me and distrust our intentions, they certainly would have a grudge against my old pack and may be willing to at least provide us with shelter for a night so we could prepare for battle.

“We will announce to the pack tonight that we are now at war with Blue Moon and Nightwalker. Once we know how many wish to fight on the front lines, we can form a more solid plan of attack.” Dad states firmly. The others nod or grumble agreement before dad dismisses them.

Jack and I remained in the office and I decided to voice my knowledge of our potential allies. “I think we will have a good chance allying with the Shadowhide and Silverstreak packs. They will still have a grudge against my old pack.” Dad nodded deep in thought and I wondered whether I should say the other things I knew.

“Is Silverstreak even worth allying with for this? Their pack is about as small as Blue Moon but they are much weaker, they won’t be able to offer us much support. Blue Moon are small even if they’re strong with just Shadowhide as an ally we will likely outnumber the enemy two to one at least.” Jack interrupted my thoughts.

“We will want all the help we can get. You have no idea who you’re dealing with.” I retorted.

“They’re just wolves they may be stronger but we can increase how often our warriors train, using your techniques and knowledge of their pack grounds we should easily be able to destroy them.” He responded looking frustrated.

“Well, that’s the other thing I wanted to say,” I trailed off. This wasn’t going to go down well. “In the attack last night, they seemed to be using black magic to enhance their strength, however they may be able to use it for more than that. Black magic is powerful if they know how to use it.”

“That is certainly concerning. Our enemy could be more dangerous than we know.” Dad stated still lost in thought. He clapped suddenly, catching Jack and I off guard and we both jumped slightly at the loud noise. “Well you two better get to training then.” He said as he pushed us out of his office.

I was deep in my thoughts as I walked out to the training grounds with Jack. Despite my dad’s words yesterday I still felt as though I should have predicted this, I should’ve been better prepared. When we got there, he kept walking towards the forest and I looked at him confused. “Where are you going? Dad told us to train we can’t be slacking at a time like this.” I told him sternly.

“Were u not listening to me as we walked out?” He asked turning around to face me. I shrugged knowing that I had been focused on my own thoughts. He sighed “Well I suggested we run in wolf form for a while. I’m still conflicted about what I should do with Ko and I could really do with a run. Besides, you need to train both forms to stay strong and I know you don’t want everyone to see your wolf so we should go into the woods.”

Hmm that wasn’t a bad idea it had been a while since I’d let my wolf out. I was trying to be cautious though there could be more cameras now or the guards at the border may see me. Though maybe if I was with Jack my wolf would stand out a bit less since we did look similar. I agreed and walked with him into the woods. I found a crowded area of trees and stood for a few minutes listening to check there were no surveillance devices. Once I felt satisfied that I wasn’t being watched, I stripped my clothes and removed my locket and contacts, then shifted into my wolf form. I squeezed out through the trees and greeted my brothers wolf. He circled me a few times inspecting my wolf and sniffing me. Suddenly he nipped at my ear and took off running through the forest. I growled softly knowing he was just playing.

“First to five laps is the strongest wolf!” he laughed in my mind. Even with the head-start he had given himself I was sure I could beat him.

“You’re on!” I replied. Racing in the direction he had gone and doing my best to follow his scent through the trees. I enjoyed this I had never had anyone to play around with like this before and I enjoyed the happiness it brought my wolf and me. I was finally feeling like we had bonded.

During my second lap I overtook Jack and mocked him playfully through our link. Once I finished the fifth lap of the pack lands, I lay down resting my head on my paws and waiting. After a few minutes Jack appeared, barrelling into my resting form forcing my body to roll over as he rolled a few meters away. I laughed at him he must have been going all out trying to catch up to me since he was unable to stop. He got up shaking out his fur and laughing slightly too.

“Come get a drink with me,” he said walking off to a stream a little way off through the trees. I gladly lapped up the cool water beside him. I noticed my wolf was slightly larger than his, probably because I was first born. His wolf was majestic even as it stood here lapping water from a stream. I watched him dip his paw into the stream then suddenly he flicked it up towards me, splashing me.

I growled and splashed him in return. We spent a few hours play fighting in and by the stream before I suggested one more lap of the pack. I kept pace with his wolf this time, continuing to play together by nipping at each other’s tail or side. The joy I felt from our time together today was like nothing I had known before. It was different from the joy I got from killing my enemies. It was different from the joy I remembered from the time I spent with my mother. It was new and it made me feel complete. I hoped it made him feel the same. After we finished our lap, we shifted back into our human forms still laughing slightly, I left him to change back into my clothes and put my contacts back in. Stuffing my locket into my pocket I walked back to him. Jack was still breathing heavily when I returned though he was dressed again too. We walked back to the training area where I continued to train my human form. Jack however, decided he’d done enough for today and left to find his mate. I surprisingly didn’t feel as bad about the attack from yesterday and I mentally thanked my brother for lifting my mood today.

A/N- I have to say I love all these sibling bonding moments!

What do you think is going to happen with the war? Will they get enough allies for it to be an easy win? Will they manage to outnumber their enemy two to one like Jack thinks? Also do you think Jack is going to forgive Kogami for almost betraying them?

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