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Chapter 31

Around thirty minutes after I had started training in my human form Kogami stormed over to the training area looking ready to kill something. He started beating a punching bag and looked almost ready to shift. I had never seen him look this mad, he was usually smiling or pouting. I cautiously approached him.

“Hey Ko, what’s up?” I questioned hoping he wouldn’t explode at me.

He glanced at me before glaring at the bag in front of him. “Your… brother… is such… a lying… self-centred… hypocritical… bastard.” He grit out emphasising his words by striking the bag. It had only been thirty minutes since Jack had left what could he possibly have done to get this reaction in such a short space of time. I thought they would’ve been making up over what Ko had done.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked tentatively, hopping that I could help him forgive whatever my brother had done. They were mates I couldn’t allow them to split up over something like this like my parents did. Besides, I thought Ko was in the wrong here, they probably just had an argument about yesterday and Jack just said something to upset him.

He lay a final strong hit through the punch bag and growled in frustration as he pulled his hand out. “Does he even care that we are mates? No. We almost died yesterday. I may have messed up a little but, how can he question my loyalties and then go off frolicking in the woods with some fucking she-wolf! He wouldn’t even tell me who the fuck she was!” He growled. Wow I couldn’t believe my brother would do something like that, I hadn’t noticed any other scents on him during our meeting with dad but then again, I wasn’t really looking for any. “All he does is tell me how I’ve got the wrong idea but he doesn’t tell me what actually happened! No, why would you explain the situation if someone misunderstands it?! I spent all day just feeling how happy she made him and I can’t fucking stand it. He didn’t even notice me when I went to go find him a few hours ago He was too busy fucking around with her.” He was growling more just talking about it. It hit me. A few hours ago… I was with my brother a few hours ago. We must’ve been playing in the stream when he came over. This was all just a misunderstanding and Jack was probably just trying to protect my wolf. I opened my mouth to tell Ko that he had made a mistake, but he continued his ranting. “I mean, how can I compete with a woman? I don’t have the same parts that other guys say they like so much! Ugh and you should’ve seen her wolf even I thought she was gorgeous! How could he do this to me? We are meant to be together! Its literally destiny!” I could sense his anger was turning into sadness and I tried again to interrupt him and explain that my brother had done nothing wrong, but Ko continued. “Is it because we can’t have children? Is that it? Goddess why couldn’t you have made me a woman so I could satisfy my mate?” He broke down crying and I wrapped him in a hug. I gave him a few minutes to just let out his emotions since it seemed like he needed it.

“Hey Ko,” I said softly. His teary eyes looked up at me and I began my explanation. “Sorry to tell you but I think Jack is right, this is all a misunderstanding. Why don’t we go inside and I’ll tell you all about it?” He looked at me with shock and hurt but I kept my arm around his back and guided him towards the pack house. I took him up to Jack’s room. Jack growled at me when he opened the door, he had clearly been crying too.

“Oh no, you don’t get to growl at anyone after what you’ve done.” Ko grit out pushing my brother back slightly. “Why are we here Chris I don’t want to see this traitor right now.” he growled flipping back to being angry again. Jack growled back but said nothing.

“Because I need to explain something to you and you’ll want to make up after.” I said calmly, stepping between them. “Jack can go into the bedroom and we can chat in here on the sofa and when I’m done explaining you can decide what you want to do Ko.” I bartered. I still didn’t know which rooms in this house were soundproof other than this and dad’s office. Plus, I was sure they’d want to make up after this was sorted, they’ve been unable to be close for almost three weeks. It was almost unheard of for mates to go that long without marking each other. Kogami nodded and I begged Jack with my eyes to just do what I suggested. My brother slouched and walked into his bedroom launching a cushion from the sofa at me as he passed it. He slammed the door between the sitting area and the bedroom and I faintly heard him start crying. I didn’t blame him for being angry at me, it was sort of my fault that he couldn’t explain himself.

I led Ko over to the sofa pulling him so he would stop glaring at the bedroom door. I took a deep breath, preparing myself. “Kogami, I think the reason u liked that she-wolf so much is because the wolf you saw with Jack today was me. We were only playing as siblings there was nothing more.” I told him calmly hoping he would calm down now that he at least knew his mate hadn’t betrayed him.

His faced morphed into a look of shock. “B-But you don’t shift. No it couldn’t be you. Don’t cover for your worthless lying brother.” He was becoming angry again.

“Kogami, listen to me and I will tell you my biggest secret. Like you asked me to yesterday,” I spoke gently. He nodded and tried to calm his anger. “Well, I’m a very special type of wolf. I’m in hiding which is why I pretend to be human. I told you when we first met that I hadn’t been in this pack long despite being Jack’s older sister.

“After Jack and I were born my mother revealed her wolf to the pack and it didn’t end very well. She ran away with me since she knew only my wolf would be the same as hers because I was the first born. I grew up on the run with her before I was taken in by Alpha Knight.” I left out the part about my mother’s death, it wasn’t pertinent to the story right now and I didn’t want to think about it. “I was raised by him for almost 6 years before I found my way back here. But I still need to keep my wolf hidden. There are plenty of people who would kill me the second they found out what I am. Jack was cheering me up today by running and playing with me in wolf form. I was the wolf you saw and because you saw my wolf Jack couldn’t tell you who he was with without putting me in danger. So now, hopefully you understand why this was all just a misunderstanding.” I finished my explanation and watched the cogs turning in his head.

“This is a lot” he breathed out. “I’m sorry Chris you’ve been through so much.” He pulled me into a hug. After sitting in the embrace for a few minutes, he sighed loudly. “Well I guess I cant be mad at you-know-who for hanging out with his wonderful sister…”

I got up from the sofa nodding to him. I hugged Kogami again and left him to make up with Jack. I really hope my brother doesn’t push him away even more.

A/N- Well I really hope Kogami isn't a traitor since she's almost told him that she's a hell hound. Also I'm hoping this was a little bit of unexpected drama!

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