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Chapter 32

I was honestly quite thankful that I wasn’t the Alpha in this moment. My dad had been shut in his office all day talking to another Alpha. I think it was the Alpha of the Shadowhide pack, the only other large pack in our area. I had been training pack members all morning and he still wasn’t done with their meeting. As happy as I was to not have to sit through such a long meeting, it was annoying me slightly that Jack was there as the future Alpha.

Curiosity was eating up at me about what could require such a lengthy discussion. Maybe I should take them some lunch see if I can catch any of their conversation? But then again, I know my presence would only complicate things. I had killed a small handful of his warriors about a year ago and had kidnapped his youngest son holding him for ransom. Obviously, all of it was Alpha Knight’s plan but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the thrill that mission had given me, and I can’t vouch for how the people who accompanied me felt. Maybe if I apologised to him and his mate, they would help us. I didn’t really feel like doing that but well anything for the pack, right?

I sauntered up to my dad’s office. I was giddy with excitement just picturing the horrified looks they would have on their faces. Unfortunately, I was stopped as I got closer. Ko ran into me flopping all of his weight into my arms.

“Oh goddess! Save me from this boredom!” he exclaimed while I just held his large frame. I rolled my eyes and pushed him to stand. I noticed he was now bearing my brother’s mark and I felt a small amount of accomplishment; after all they would still be fighting if it wasn’t for my help.

“I’m busy Ko.” I stated, he was stopping me from entertaining myself with their pain.

“Oh pretty please Chris! I’ve been here for hours, Jack wanted me to wait for him but they’re taking forever. I need you!” He pleaded. Gods he was so over dramatic. I rolled my eyes again.

“Fine, what would you like to do?” I asked now feeling slightly annoyed by his antics.

He squealed excitedly. “Lets go play a game!” He grabbed my hand and dragged me down to the living room. Still squealing slightly, he set up the console with Halo 3 again. He acted like such a child despite his large, masculine appearance; it was slightly off-putting. We played for a few hours before his eyes glazed over mind-linking someone. While he was distracted, I ran up to his character and hit him three times to kill the little armoured man. When he finished the mind-link, he looked at me with a hurt look. I burst out laughing as he sat there pouting.

“You could’ve paused it!” he whined. Jack entered a few seconds later going to hug Kogami, but he was stopped as Ko put a hand out. “No. You just got me killed mind-linking me in the middle of an important showdown.” He pouted some more. I saw the hurt on my brother’s face.

“Oh come on Ko, I would’ve killed you anyway don’t blame Jack for it. You just suck.” I teased hoping I wouldn’t be the cause of another argument between them. Ko huffed but let my brother sit next to him on the sofa. I watched them cuddle up close to each other as they got comfortable. “So, how was the meeting Jack?” I pried. I was glad I didn’t have to sit through it, but I was desperate to know what they had discussed. Maybe I was just being nosy.

Jack sighed dipping his face into his mate's neck for a moment. “Not great. We tried everything to persuade them, but they refused to help us. Their pack is huge and even they won’t stand up to your old pack, this is never going to work out.”

“Don’t give up just yet you’ve got other Alphas to meet in the next few days even a small pack will increase our chances. We need at least two against one in a fight since they’re using magic. It would also be good to have a base closer to Blue Moon or Nightwalker pack lands even if they can't add to our military strength.” I reassured him.

He sighed again, “Yeah I know. I don’t think I can stand another meeting like that though, its exhausting.”

“Maybe start your meeting by saying that you have me, it might end a little quicker.” I laughed shooting Ko's character, killing him again.

“How would that help?” he asked looking at me funny.

“Are you serious?” I laughed in disbelief. “You’ve fought me you know how strong I am, I was the top warrior in my old pack. If you tell these Alphas that you managed to persuade the top warrior of Blue Moon to join you and that she is giving you intel on the pack, they’ll see that you mean business. They’ll want to join you if they believe you have a chance of winning.”

“It would be hard to explain… but you’ve got a point.” He conceded. “Well I guess we will try that tactic tomorrow.”

We sat in the living room playing games for a few more hours before we were interrupted. “Jack hun, your dad wants to see you and your sister in his office. Ko you can come with me and we’ll get you a snack.” The cheery bitch called to us from the door, not addressing me. I turned and glared at the woman who had replaced my mother in the pack. I hated everything about her.

“Thanks mum, we’ll be right there.” Jack responded pausing the game for us. I glared at her even more as we left the room.

“Why do you treat that bitch like she’s your mother?” I growled out as Jack and I walked to dad’s office. I tried to ensure we were out of hearing distance of the woman masquerading as the Luna of the pack.

“She is my mum. Maybe not biologically but she did raise me you should try get to know her, she’s a lovely woman.” He stated frowning at me slightly. I scoffed but didn’t say anything else as we reached the doors to dad’s office.

Once we entered, we spent a lot of time going over boring pack business. It was mostly paperwork and finances, then sorting out the border patrols for the next few days and how we needed to increase security again tomorrow since there would be another Alpha visiting. When all of the boring work was done we moved on to discussing the fun part. The war that we would be having.

Since the Shadowhide pack had turned down the offer of an alliance it would have a huge effect on how we had hoped to attack. They knew of our plans they could easily go to our enemy with this information, though I doubted they would. They could also keep watch for when our army moved out and in turn they could attack the pack while most of our warriors were away. We would need to be on high alert and send out a few scouts to keep an eye on them. We also needed to figure out a better way of convincing the smaller packs to accept our alliance. If they heard that a large pack had turned us down they would have even less faith in our cause. Though, as I said to Jack, I reckon just mentioning me would help our case immeasurably. I would be happy to demonstrate my skills to the other Alphas I could humiliate any wolf in battle, especially in a one-on-one sparring match. I always loved the look of shock on a male warrior’s face while I wiped the floor with them in combat.

We also played with the idea of going back to the Shadowhide pack once we had more support but it could put all of us at risk. Any alliance we formed would be tentative at best and bringing a group of Alphas together, asking them to put aside past grievances, to tackle such a powerful enemy would be more than a challenge. Alpha wolves didn’t enjoy being told what to do and we don’t know how much bad blood could be between them. If Shadowhide backed us this would’ve been simpler, we may have even been able to do it with just their help, but now we needed to unite three Alphas at least. Even that was dependant on how many warriors the other packs in the area had. If they were like this one used to be we would be in big trouble. Ideally, we would need every wolf we could get. I even suggested finding more rogues to join our pack but that was risky too. Really what we needed was a spy in the enemy pack.

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