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Chapter 33

It was the same as the day before. Jack and dad were holed up in the office with another Alpha trying to convince him to join us in the fight against my old pack. After I was done with training, I went to the kitchen hoping to get a snack. I quickly turned around as soon as I noticed who was in the kitchen.

“Oh Chris, come join us!” Kogami called. I reluctantly returned to the kitchen seeing Ko and the fake Luna rolling out cookie dough.

“Hey Ko, are you not waiting for my brother again today?” I asked, doing my best to ignore the bitch next to him.

Ko sighed “No, I got so bored yesterday I needed a distraction, a smaller pack is going to be even harder to convince. I don’t want to wait around doing nothing all day!” He whined, “Plus your mum said I could help her make cookies!” He cheered, sneaking a small lump of dough into his mouth.

“She is not our mother Ko” I growled out. I couldn’t stand being in the same room as her anymore so I just turned and walked out. I could faintly hear the bitch apologising for my actions. She even had the gall to claim I was just like my mother. As if she ever actually knew my mother or cared about her.

I stormed towards the front door feeling my anger bubbling over. I just wanted to go and hit something. I wanted to hit the bitch masquerading as Luna, but I knew I couldn’t do that. I would have to settle for a punching bag.

After I had released much of my anger on a few different punching bags, I wanted to shift and let my wolf out. However, a mind-link from my dad stopped me.

‘Sweetheart would you like to demonstrate your training techniques to our new friends in the Silverstreak pack.’ His voice was calm but firm, leaving no room for argument. A few seconds later I heard my dad and his Beta talking to some unfamiliar people. As they approached the training grounds, I recognised the Alpha and Luna of the Silverstreak pack. They were accompanied by a few warriors, as well as my brother.

I moved to greet them at the edge of the training grounds. The Silverstreak warriors eyed me warily. I stood to attention since this was a formal affair. “Alpha Silva, its nice to see you again. Would you like a demonstration of our strength?” I greeted. He blankly looked me up and down for a moment. He did a good job of hiding his emotions but I could see he was slightly apprehensive. He shook his head dismissively and turned to my dad.

“I think I’ve seen enough. I would be happy to sign the agreement you have laid out.” He stated. Dad nodded silently and they turned to walk back to the pack house. Jack looked utterly shocked and I mouthed ‘I told you so’ before gently pushing him to follow the others.

I knew that all Alpha Silva needed was to see me here to know that we meant business. He has seen how well I fight and had seen me take down many of his warriors almost six months ago. It gave me a small amount of satisfaction to know that he didn’t need to see me fight to accept our alliance. Although I was kind of hoping to fight someone right now.

There were no other wolves around the training grounds since our usual training had only recently finished, so I went with my original plan. I headed to the forest and found a dense quiet area to shift. I ran through the pack lands for an hour, doing my best to avoid everyone I could. However, there was one person I couldn’t avoid.

Luci suddenly appeared in front of me as I ran. The shock caused me to trip over a tree root and roll through a few thorny bushes. I yelped as I struggled to release myself from the bush’s grasp. I shifted back into my human form so I could talk to him.

“Why do you keep doing that?” I yelled at him.

“Sorry,” he laughed, clearly not sincere. “I just wanted to see how you’re doing after the other night.”

“I’m fine. I’m just in a bad mood today.” I responded.

“Well I’ve got just the thing to cheer you up!” His smile was so wide I thought his face might crack. “I found the double-crossing traitors who tried to return to their own pack. Would u like to join me in torturing them?”

I couldn’t help the smile spreading across my face. Luci always knew how to make me happy. “Let me just get dressed.” I told him starting to walk in the direction of the trees where I had left my stuff.

“You don’t have to do that, it’s only me. Our new playthings won’t live to tell anyone how good your body looks.” He winked at me.

“You’re honestly disgusting,” I scoffed trying to subtly cover myself with my arms. He laughed and just shrugged as if I was the only person who found ‘compliments’ like that uncomfortable.

“You’re just a prude, I’ve slept with so many of your ancestors before they found their mates, you would feel so much better if you just gave in to me. You can’t deny that you find me attractive.” He continued cockily.

“If you think telling a girl about how many of her dead family members you’ve had sex with is going to persuade her to have sex with you too then your mind is even more twisted than I thought.” I say, still feeling uncomfortable. Thankfully, we reached the place I left my clothes. I quickly pull them on before he can say anything else about it. “Lets just go.”

His hand rests on my shoulder as we teleport to a dark damp cave. The rotting stench of hell-dwellers fills my nose and I recoil slightly.

Luci chuckled. “I forget how sensitive your nose is. I just needed someone to watch over our prisoners.”

I covered my face with my shirt as we neared the two hell-dwellers guarding a small group of men. They looked a bit upset as Luci dismissed them, but their stench was too much for me to handle so they had to go. Once they were gone the fun could begin.

“Oh boys, did you really think you could get away with something like that?” I asked as I approached them. A dark grin spread across my face. Oh, the things I could do to these men.

Luci laughed and handed me a silver knife. “You know I think they did.” Luci answered me. Pulling a chair out of a dark corner, he sat in front of the leader of the group; the soon to be ex-Beta of the Nightwalker pack.

I selected a random target. “I would’ve thought if Alpha Knight was really keen on an alliance with your pack that he would’ve warned you about me. He probably wants you all to die.” I stab my target in the thigh with the silver knife. Ignoring his cries, I keep talking. “I mean your pack is going to be significantly weakened without a Beta.” I walk up behind the Behind the beta and run the knife across his shoulder. He grits his teeth against the pain as I move on. “Well at least one of you is tough,” I stab another one in the arm, pleased when he cries out in pain. I continue around the group stabbing and cutting each of them. I force the Beta to watch as I mutilate his loyal warriors. Finally, I turn to the man in front of Luci.

“Has his suffering been enough for you?” I ask Luci.

“Almost.” He replies smirking at the man. I make his death slow and painful for our entertainment. When I’m done my grin matches Luci’s and he takes me back to the pack house.

A/N- My sleep schedule is so off at the moment, so sorry for another late update.

We got one pack to join up with them for the big fight which should help. At least those traitorous rogues didn't make it back to their pack. Hopefully they were the only traitors...

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