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Chapter 34

“No meeting this morning?” I ask as we he head to the office for today’s Alpha training.

“No. The Alpha of the Moon Valley pack has declared neutrality since we announced that we consider this a war. He refuses to meet with us.” Jack responded.

“I can’t say I’m surprised, he’s young and it’s a small pack. He will just try to stay out of the way until the dust settles. He doesn’t have a grudge against our enemies, but he also doesn’t have any ties with us or our new ally.” I reason.

Jack nods thoughtfully and silence settles over us as we head up the stairs. “You were gone a long time yesterday.” Jack points out as we get to the first floor.

“Just letting off some steam with Luci, don’t worry about it.” I replied hoping he wasn’t going to start thinking I was a spy again. He gave me a sideways glance as we reached the door but didn’t say anything else.

Once we entered, we continued with more boring Alpha duties. Mostly finances and paper work. We set up even more training sessions for members of our pack as well as our agreed upon training sessions with Silverstreak’s warriors. Alpha Silva didn’t trust me on his land because of my history with our enemy so he agreed to send his warriors here to train with me twice a week until we sort out our plan of attack. Which was thankfully our next task.

Ko came to join us and described the layout of his old pack, I did the same regarding Blue Moon territory. Since we had only managed to ally with Silverstreak pack we would be better off starting our attack on Blue Moon because they were closer. I pointed out a few weak points and gave my dad as much detail as I could about each of the pack members. Even if they were all going to use black magic knowing our enemy would help.

After my dad had all the information he needed from Ko and I, we were all dismissed. Ko, Jack and I headed outside to train. “You realise you can’t fight this war in human form.” Jack whispered to me when we were outside.

“I do,” I nodded. “But if I reveal myself too soon, we could lose support of the pack and we might find more wolves rallying against us.” I quietly explain. Talking about this in such a public place was making me agitated.

“How bad can it really be? Just because your wolf is special, you are still the Alpha’s daughter. Besides a show of strength is probably exactly what we need to turn Shadow Hide or Moon Valley to our side.” Ko chimed in.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about Ko so don’t pitch in.” I growled at him. The more we talked about it the more on edge I felt. Jack growled at me in return resulting in a short growling match between us. Our wolves were both fighting for dominance, but Jack was silenced when Ko rested a hand on his shoulder.

“You’re right Chris, I was just thinking out loud. But we are here to train not start an actual fight so lets all just relax.” Kogami reasoned. He was definitely more level-headed and diplomatic that Jack or me. My brother shot me a quick glare warning me with his eyes not to threaten his mate.

“Sorry for snapping Ko. Talking about this puts me on edge and you don’t know the whole situation.” I said moving towards the training area and away from the two of them. I removed the locket from around my neck before taking off my jumper and top. The cold, autumn air bit at my skin as I stood there in just a sports bra and leggings. I quickly warmed up after stretching and doing some laps. I hoped that by the time we began sparring Jack would’ve dropped his chosen topic of conversation, sadly I was wrong.

As soon as the three of us started to spar, Jack opened his mouth again. “Things are different now Chris, the pack have seen how much you are willing to do for them. They aren’t stupid, I’m sure many of them already suspect your wolf is the same as your mum’s.” I blocked his punch as well as a kick from Ko.

I threw a hard punch to my brother’s stomach. “My mum’s? So you don’t actually acknowledge her as your mother, even after everything I told you?” I asked, he was making me mad again. He was doubled over from my attack and I was left defending myself from Ko for a few seconds.

“Come on you know that’s not what I meant. You’re focusing on the wrong things.” He said coming up and blocking another attack from me.

“No be honest you think dad’s bitch has actually done more for you. MY mother gave her life for us. She sacrificed her happiness and future to protect us.” I growled kicking him.

He grabbed my leg and got in close to me. “Chris, that’s not what I’m saying. Calm down. I understand everything that happened with our parents and I’m grateful for what our mum went through for us. But things have changed since then.”

Using my trapped leg as support I kneed my brother in the chest with my free leg, causing him to release me. “Nothing has changed. The pack avoid me outside of training because they fear what I might be.” I tell him as I step back.

“No, they avoid you because you’re not approachable.” He claims going in for a punch combo which I easily block.

“Yeah, because you would know exactly what they think.” I growl, blocking a few more of his hits.

He growls in return. “To be a good Alpha you need to be in tune with your people.” He kicks me back, “Just talk to the pack yourself. They suspect you are what you are already. There were rumours that one of your kind saved a pup from rogues over a month ago.” He landed a strong kick to my thigh, causing it to go numb for a moment.

“I’m the only one of my kind.” I growled again. I did my best to get in close on my numb leg and landed a few punches.

Jack blocked the flurry of punches I was throwing. “Exactly, the guards on patrol that night thought our mother had come back, but I think everyone realises now that it was you.” He grabbed my wrist pushing against my elbow as he moved out of reach of my other hand. “They’ve seen all the good you have done since you got here. You’ve more than doubled the pack security. You’ve made people feel safer by training with them even in your spare time. You saved us all on our birthday. If anyone questions your intentions just because of your wolf, there are plenty who I know would stand up for you.” He spun me around getting my arm in a lock behind my back and pushing me to the ground. “You need to trust them if you want them to trust you.”

I tapped his arm three times submitting to the defeat. “I’ll think about it.” I gritted out struggling to control my anger. He released my arm and helped me to stand.

“What happened to ‘You need to control your emotions in a fight’?” He mocked me.

“Again.” I growled feeling the need to prove I was stronger.

“No let’s run.” He said walking away. My wolf took it as a challenge and a loud growl escaped from my throat. He stopped dead in his tracks, giving my wolf an intense feeling of satisfaction.

I closed my eyes trying to reign in my wolf since I suspected Jack was just goading me into revealing myself. Of course, he was right. I would have to trust the pack and reveal myself eventually because I wouldn’t want to startle them in the heat of battle. “You won’t prove that you’re right by forcing my wolf out in anger.” I growled lowly at him, “You have no idea what you are dealing with so stop.” I took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down. I re-focus my attention to my surroundings when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I look up to see Ko standing next to me gently rubbing my shoulder. “Seems like we’ve gained an audience so how about we just stick to training talk for a while?” he whispered. I looked around to see quite a few pack members had gathered around the training grounds. Likely drawn here by my growl a few moments ago. I nodded, looking around to find my brother.

“Let’s give Jack some time to cool off. I think you’ve clashed enough for one day.” Ko chuckled. “How about you fight me, one-on-one?” He offered.

I nodded. I hope Jack would forgive my outburst, after all I’m fairly sure he got exactly what he wanted- a show of my wolf’s strength. My fight with Ko was uneventful, I was pulling my punches, not wanting to make my brother hate me even more. Eventually the gathered crowd dispersed and once I was calm again Ko and I headed back inside.

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