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Chapter 35

Jack hadn’t spoken to me for three days. Even when we were in the same room, he would just completely ignore me. I couldn’t tell if he was mad at me or if he was mad at himself for submitting to my wolf. Maybe it was just something completely different. He should’ve known not to aggravate my wolf since I was literally born to be stronger than him. My wolf naturally has a commanding growl because I was born to be an Alpha and he knew he was challenging me. I think he didn’t expect it to happen the way it did.

He’s lucky that I have so much experience controlling my wolf because I’m sure any other Alpha wolf would’ve shifted at the disrespect he showed me. But I wish I had more control over my wolf because if he went the rest of his life not talking to me just because of this it would break me. I’ve only just found my family I can’t lose them already.

We were currently in a meeting with what I like to call the war council. It included all of the highest-ranking wolves in our pack, unfortunately that also included the fake Luna who was still pretending she was actually dad’s mate. Thankfully, she didn’t say anything throughout the meeting.

The meeting itself was slightly less fun for me than our usual battle meetings. In truth we didn’t have enough wolves to outnumber our enemy the way I had wanted. We did have more wolves but not by a lot. We really needed the support of the Shadow Hide pack. Without it we would need to find a way of stopping the enemy from getting to us all at once. Ideally, we would want a battle filed that essentially created a bottle neck or a small area we could gather them so we can surround or corner the enemy wolves. Unfortunately, neither of those options presented themselves naturally.

We came up with many potential plans of attack, knowing numbers and the skill of those willing to fight certainly helped us plan. Regrettably, there would be many losses on both sides, but it was the only way to end this. All we could do was keep training and pray that we came out on top.

“We need to talk.” Jack told me as we left the meeting.

I nodded, feeling elated that he wanted to talk again. I followed him to the office where we met Ko and my dad. I’m sure the confusion was evident on my face.

“What’s going on?” I asked suspiciously.

“Jack told me what happened a few days ago and it has given us an idea of how we will get Alpha Beardsley to join us. It’s pretty clear that we need greater numbers, so we need the support of the Shadowhide pack. The two of you will go talk to Alpha Beardsley to persuade him.” Dad told me.

I’m not sure what this had to do with what happened a few days ago, but I was happy to be going on a mission. “Of course, we will do our best. What is the plan?”

“You are just going to talk to him, and preferably in a public setting.” Jack responded with a smirk on his face. He was clearly planning something but wouldn’t tell me. He was probably still mad. “We leave in an hour.” I nodded and left to get some food before we left.

I met my brother at the car an hour later. We drove in silence for almost twenty minutes until I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Jack I’m sorry for the other day I should’ve controlled myself better. I swear I wasn’t trying to act more dominant. I’m still happy for you to be Alpha, I wont challenge you for it.”

“I think your wolf would disagree with you on that.” He replied coldly.

“I’ve just been really frustrated lately; Luci says it’s because I’m eighteen now and still haven’t found my mate so my wolf is just on edge. I know you were right but you were challenging me and I couldn’t stop what happened.” I explained to him. I saw a flash of pity and guilt in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything else until we arrived on Shadowhide’s pack lands. A few warriors escorted our car to the pack house.

“You might want to remember who’s in charge here. Fully open your mind link with me now so that we can communicate privately as we talk to Alpha Beardsley.” He commanded.

Reluctantly I did as I was told. I didn’t like being spoken to like this, but we were on an important mission. We rolled up in front of the packhouse, it wasn’t as big as ours, but it was still an impressive building. Alpha Beardsley stood outside waiting for us.

“Stay in the car unless I need you.” Jack told me. I growled slightly but nodded.

He jumped out the car and moved to greet Alpha Beardsley. “It’s good to see you again, Alpha.”

“I’m not changing my mind. We don’t wish to join your war.” The Alpha crossed his arms over his chest clearly trying to intimidate my brother.

“Well I thought you would say that, so I brought someone a little more persuasive with me. I found out recently that my long-lost sister was the top fighter in the Blue Moon pack. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think they’ll be that hard to fight when their top fighter was a young girl.” Jack chuckled slightly. I could feel my anger bubbling up again. How could he insult my skills as a warrior when I won most of our fights together?

“My answer is the same.” Alpha Beardsley replied.

“I believe you’ve met my sister before, if I’m being honest I want her out the way. She threatens my inheritance and she’s a bit of a bitch. So I’ve got a new deal for you, if you agree to join us in the war I will arrange for my sister to” He paused for a moment looking like he was thinking, “train with your pack? Of course, anything that may or may not happen to her after I leave is just the result of your rigorous training regimen.” Was he implying what I thought he was? Did dad know about this? I thought we were family what the fuck is this? My brother suddenly wanted me dead just because I was stronger. I was struggling to keep my anger controlled.

“Ana! Come say hello to our new friend.” Jack called out. ‘Be a good girl and don’t disobey me.’ He threatened in my head. I growled quietly before hopping out the car. I heard a couple people gasp as I got out, they knew who I was.

“Come here now!” Jack yelled at me. I gritted my teeth and did as I was told.

Alpha Beardsley looked me up and down as I approached. “You’re right we have met before. What of her mate or your father?” He asked clearly considering my brother’s offer.

Jack scoffed “My dad didn’t bother looking for her for eighteen years he never wanted a daughter. Frankly its an embarrassment that our mother gave birth to a girl first. We can’t have a female lead the pack. As for a mate she doesn’t have one. She hasn’t found one yet but she’s just like our mother, I doubt her mate would want her. Just like my father didn’t want his mate.”

“It’s agreed then.” Alpha Beardsley smirked. Before they could shake on it a loud growl echoed around us. This is not happening. I didn’t even realise what I had done but I had my brother on the floor and I held Alpha Beardsley off the ground, my hands gripping his collar tightly.

“No. You will join us in war for the same exchange we offered to Alpha Silva. You will get nothing else from us and you certainly will not get me in exchange.” I growled out keeping eye contact with the man. He looked away in seconds, exposing his neck to me in submission. I dropped him and turned to see my brother grinning like crazy.

‘You did it! This plan was perfect.’ He exclaimed through the link. I shut him out completely not caring to talk to him after knowing what he wanted to do to me.

“You agree to our original proposal then? Luckily, I brought the alliance agreement, you can sign it now if you wish Alpha. You’ve submitted to our demands in front of all these witnesses so let’s get it in writing.” Jack stated picking himself up of the ground. I stopped paying attention to them and just stood there growling slightly as I tried to calm myself.

“Let’s go sis,” Jack said to me, I assume he had gotten the signature he wanted.

“I’m not going anywhere with you. I’ll run back.” I grit out. Jack’s face seemed to show concern. He nodded slowly. I turned to run but he grabbed my hand. I growled again.

“I’ll look after your necklace and anything else so you can shift.” He said with his head lowered. I nodded and removed my necklace, shoes and jumper before running down the path we had taken to get here. Once I was off their pack lands, I shifted.

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Hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Though I hope she can get control of her wolf soon she seems to be losing her temper a lot. Do you think she can forgive Jack for his plan? At least they have a strong ally now.

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