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Chapter 36

The feeling of the wind in my fur was calming. I didn’t stop running even when I reached our border. I ran a few laps around it just trying to calm myself more. I didn’t want to hurt anyone, not even my brother, so I needed to be calm before I crossed our border. But I couldn’t stop thinking about what had just happened. My brother actually wanted me dead. I thought we had become close, I thought he understood that I wasn’t a threat to him.

‘Hey do you want to come over the border at least? You’re putting the guards on edge doing so many laps outside our borders.’ Jack’s voice was in my head again.

‘Leave me alone.’ I growled in response. I’m sure he had a point though. I’ve lost count of how many laps I have done but the border patrol were probably concerned I was an enemy or a rogue.

I stopped running and shifted back into my human form. I located the nearest guards and walked over to them trying to keep my head down so they wouldn’t see my eyes. “Do you guys happen to have any spare clothes or a blanket I could borrow? I tore my clothes when I shifted earlier.” I asked. They seemed slightly startled by my sudden appearance and looked away.

“Oh, sure take this,” Gavin, the biggest of the two men removed his shirt and held it out to me. He seemed a little flustered as I took his shirt and pulled it over my head. The shirt drowned me; I didn’t think I was that small but in comparison to him I guess I was.

“Thanks, I’ll return it to you next time we train.” I responded grateful that I wouldn’t have to walk through the forest completely naked.

“You don’t have to. It looks good on you.” He said bashfully. My head shot up, was he flirting with me or something? He blushed and I could see the man next to him was trying not to laugh. That was until he met my eyes and his expression changed instantly to one of shock.

“Thanks,” I replied awkwardly before turning to leave. I didn’t want to hang around too long without my contacts in. My eyes gave away exactly what I was and I wasn’t ready to tell the pack about it just yet. I could hear the two of them talking about me as I walked away but I couldn’t change what he had seen. Thankfully Gavin hadn’t noticed my red eyes and it sounded like he wasn’t going to believe his friend.

Slowly, I made my way back to the pack house. I wasn’t in any rush to see my family again; I still couldn’t stop thinking about the things Jack had said to Alpha Beardsley. Unfortunately, my brother was waiting outside when I reached the house. He held my locket in his hands and was looking at the photo inside with a smile on his face. His happiness made me feel angry again. My footsteps broke him from his thoughts and he looked up and smiled at me.

“I can’t believe I was right about you.” He cheered as I approached. “We should go talk to dad. I thought I should wait till you were back before I told him about what happened.”

“Are you planning to tell him about how you tried to have me killed, or does he already know? I told you I was no threat to your title, but you don’t believe me. So, once the fighting is over, I’ll leave. I don’t need to be looking over my shoulder wondering when you will try to stab me in the back again. But you need me for this fight and I will do everything in my power to protect this pack, regardless of how it makes you feel.” My voice was surprisingly calm even though my emotions were all over the place.

He looked at me in shock and for a moment it seemed like he was trying to say something, but he couldn’t get the words out. Pushing past him, I went up to my room to put on some of my own clothes. As much as I wanted to continue ignoring my family, I needed to tell dad that the Shadowhide pack would be joining us in battle and I needed to get my stuff from my brother.

After putting in some new contacts I headed down to dad’s office. Jack was already waiting there for me, but I ignored him. “I take it everything went according to plan?” Dad asked as we entered. I nodded.

“Yes and I was right, Alpha Beardsley submitted to Chris’ wolf. She got him to agree to the alliance and I doubt he has any intentions of crossing us now.” Jack answered looking pleased with himself.

“What do you mean you were right that he would submit?” I asked how could he have known what would’ve happened.

“The only way we could trust that he would honour an alliance he didn’t want was if he was commanded to do so. When you growled at me the other day, I’ve not heard of any Alpha with a growl as loud or commanding as that. I figured that if we got you angry enough in front of Alpha Beardsley, he would at least see how powerful you were but I hoped you would be able to command him to join us. You did and it was better than I would’ve thought.” He grinned at me. So, did he want me killed or was it just a part of the act to anger me?

“What about the other thing we discussed yesterday?” Dad asked.

“This has cemented my decision.” Jack responded, then turned to me. “Chris, I think you should be the next Alpha. You’re strong and loyal, I know you will always do what is best for the pack. I’m sure you will be a great leader.”

My mouth hit the floor. I was shocked by his words. He was actually giving me the title after all the stuff he said today. This was my birth right but I never expected to actually be an Alpha of a pack.

“I will announce it to the pack tonight then.” Dad stated.

“No wait.” I interrupted before he could start arranging anything. “It should be their choice. I need to tell the pack what I am before I agree to take Jack’s place. If they don’t accept me, I cannot lead them and I don’t want to have to force them to stay just because I inherit the role of leading them.”

Dad nodded, “Maybe you should reveal your wolf tonight I can call a meeting. Though I’m sure many of them already suspect to know what you are” He said. I agreed though I wasn’t sure how I would even go about revealing myself to a whole pack of wolves. ‘Oh by the way I’m a hell hound just like my mother who you drove away eighteen years ago.’ I’m sure that would go down well.

A/N- Things are about to get dramatic I suspect...

How do you think the pack is going to react to her wolf? How will they react to knowing she is going to be the future Alpha?

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