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Chapter 37

My body shook with nervous energy as I tried to decide how to tell the pack about what I am. Dad had called a meeting to gather the majority of the pack. He was currently telling them of the strong alliances we have formed with the Shadowhide and Silverstreak packs to the south of our territory. I could feel the excitement from my fellow pack-members. I hope their current feelings will help them take the news I have a bit better.

“Before we conclude this meeting there is one more thing to be discussed.” Dads voice rang out through the hall. He turned to me and motioned for me to take his place at the podium.

Slowly, I made my way towards him doing my best to hide my nerves. It was daunting looking out at the sea of people as they eagerly awaited what I had to say. I swallowed my nerves and cleared my throat. “As of tomorrow, we will begin training in wolf form with our new allies. We need to get to know the wolves on our side before the real battle begins.” I could hear a few whispers of people wondering if this meant I would finally be revealing my wolf. “So as not to alarm anyone, I thought it was important to prepare by confirming a few rumours that have been circulating through the pack. I’m sure that there are many among you who can recall the events that took place here eighteen years ago. Those of you who do may recall that the true Luna’s wolf was a very special kind.” I took a deep breath noticing that they were hanging on my every word.

“Just like my mother, my wolf is a special type of wolf. I am a hell hound.” Pausing for a moment I took in their reactions.Most of them seemed shocked, but there were a few murmurs of ‘I knew it’ and ‘I told u so’. Surprisingly, there was no fear, no anger. I expected to face rejection, to be shunned like my mother had been.

“Rest assured I will continue with my duties. This is how I was born and it does not change my willingness to help us achieve victory in the upcoming war.” When I was finished speaking the crowd before me broke out in cheers in anticipation of our future victory. When everyone settled down, dad concluded the meeting.

Afterwards I was met with many people telling me how much they looked forward to tomorrow’s training and how they knew that we would win with me on their side. I could sense a few of the pack were a little suspicious and weary of me but their words showed nothing but support.

Once much of the crowd had dispersed James approached me wanting to talk. We headed to the kitchen since it was empty and there wasn’t much reason to keep talk of my wolf secret now that everyone knew. Solus followed quietly behind us, shy as ever and desperate to be by her mate’s side.

“I thought your human eyes were meant to be red, but I’ve only ever seen u with red eyes once. I figured it was your wolf trying to come out like if I make Jack really mad.” James said as we sat at the island in the middle of the room.

“No my human and wolf eyes are both red but it makes it pretty obvious what I am and I think it tends to un-nerve people to see my real eyes. I just wear green contacts to match dad and Jack’s eye colour.” I removed the contact from my left eye so he could see my natural eye beneath. Solus shifted uncomfortably and I could sense the fear from her. “See?” I said referring to her reaction and popping the contact back into my eye.

James rubbed his mate’s shoulder to calm her. “Aren’t you meant to be like super blood thirsty and aggressive though? All the stories I’ve heard of hell hounds are so messed up. But you don’t seem anything like that.”

I chuckled slightly. “Who says I’m not super blood thirsty and aggressive? The time you guys arrested me I had just committed several rather entertaining murders.” I joked. “Even the day before we met, I had tortured and killed a rogue who had escaped from a group that I had slaughtered in front of the border patrol.” I twirled my fingers in my hair not really feeling the need to hide what I had done anymore.

Both of them paled slightly and I laughed. “Don’t worry I wouldn’t kill an ally or a friend. This is who I have always been nothing is going to suddenly change now that you know the truth. I only kill those who have it coming.” I could tell they were both still on edge. “If I wanted to hurt you, or anyone in this pack, I would’ve done so a long time ago.” I reassured them. James nodded still rubbing Solus’ shoulder trying to keep her calm. I got up to get her a glass of water since she looked like she was on the verge of passing out.

“So your friend Luci… is he like Lucifer? Like the actual flesh and blood arch-angel Lucifer?” James asked while I filled the glass.

“The one and only. But I wouldn’t believe every story you hear about him there are a lot of false stories regarding all of the children of the sun. Luci is actually a really good guy, he has helped me out many times. He helped the pack a lot during the last attack, remember?” I handed Solus the water and she took a hesitant sip from it. Her hands were shaking like mad and almost spilled the water all over the counter.

“I think any other questions can wait until your little mate has had time to process everything,” I laughed a little, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow at training.” I gave James a quick half hug and headed up to my room for some much-needed rest.

My pack seemed to be taking it well but tomorrow would be the real test. They may be okay to hear about my wolf but to see it was something entirely different. Not only that but we would be joined for training by our allies and they all needed to see my wolf and grow accustomed to her too. I had a long hot shower to wash away the stress of the day before I got ready for bed. Sleep consumed me the second my head hit the pillow. It had been an emotional and pretty exhausting day.

A/N- Woo! She finally revealed herself to the pack. Things are going pretty good at the moment! :)

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