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Chapter 39

We were all on guard as the wolves approached until one of them shifted back to their human form.

“I thought we were supposed to be allies.” Alpha Beardsley mocked, eyeing me cautiously as he approached.

I growled slightly, “Your wolves are late for training, are you intending to join us?” I asked.

“My apologies. I’m here to see your father, but I’ll make sure no one is late next time.” He responded. His tone was putting me on edge.

“James you can show Alpha Beardsley to the Alpha’s office, then come right back for training.” I ordered. James nodded from beside me and gestured for the Shadowhide’s Alpha to follow him. “Shift!” I commanded the rest of the Shadowhide wolves he had brought with him.

Once they had all returned to their human forms, we began the training session. We had attracted many on-lookers from my pack all eagerly awaiting to see my wolf. I put it off for as long as possible making everyone run in human form and do stretches and other warm up exercises but eventually, I had to shift.

“Alright everyone, gather round!” I called out as I moved to the centre of the training field with Jack close behind me. “We are going to practice a few techniques in wolf form today. You need to become familiar with every wolf on this field. Since we are not all in the same pack I will be shifting back and forth to explain each move.” Many people thought fighting in wolf form just came naturally but it doesn’t. Just like in human from there is a right way and a wrong way to do things even as simple as slashing something with your claws.

“Jack if you could shift, we can demonstrate the first technique.” He did as he was told and a few seconds later his large black wolf stood before me. I rubbed his head before gesturing to a point on his neck, “This is where you want to be aiming your attacks for a kill shot. Obviously be careful today, we don’t want to be causing any serious damage, we are all on the same team. First, we will practice a few attacks from in front of your enemy. Watch closely,” I took a deep breath before shifting into my wolf.

I stood slightly taller than Jack and if it weren’t for the red markings down my back our wolves would be about as similar as our human forms. Jack nuzzled his head into my cheek, likely sensing my nervousness. Nearly everyone had taken a slight step away from us. Jack and I moved away from each other slightly and I demonstrated a few ways of attacking your opponent in wolf form. I did my best to act like I was a perfectly normal wolf and like the others weren’t staring at me.

I shifted back to my human form and turned to look at all of them. “Pair up with someone in a different pack or someone you don’t train with often. We will be switching partners a lot so that we can all become familiar with who our allies are.” None of them moved. They all just stood staring at me. I clapped my hands making a loud noise to shock them out of their frozen states. “Pair up!” I repeated louder.

Suddenly they were all off finding a partner and getting on with what I had told them to do. I walked around the group trying to commit the look of every wolf to my memory and trying to figure out the scents of our ally packs. The rest of the morning went on like this. With Jack and I demonstrating techniques and the others copying. It shocked them less and less each time I shifted, but I noticed some of the wolves from the Shadowhide pack were keeping their eyes on me as much as possible throughout the session. After a few hours I ordered them to run laps in wolf form before shifting and stretching out in human form.

As soon as they were back in human form, I heard people whispering about me. Mostly it was our allies asking if everyone in my pack knew about me, some even asking what kind of wolf I was or if Jack was the same as me since our wolves were so similar.

James came up behind me and slung his arm across my shoulders. “Wow I wasn’t expecting that! You’re so short and yet your wolf is huge!” he exclaimed.

A scowl instantly formed on my face at his words. “What do you mean I’m short? I’m five foot seven.” I demanded.

“Well you’re short to me.” He shrugged and patted the top of my head.

“Do that again and I’ll rip your throat out, just like we’ve been practising all day.” I threatened. He laughed and held up his hands in mock surrender.

“Ya know I think I see it now. The vicious blood thirsty wolf in all the stories about your kind!” He laughed walking off towards the dining room for lunch. I followed him into the house but went up to my room to shower and put in some contacts since I wouldn’t need to shift for the rest of the day.

As I left my room to grab lunch with everyone else, I bumped into Alpha Beardsley. Literally. I stumbled back slightly a little shocked by his presence. His hand clamped around my wrist as he stopped me from losing my balance.

“What do you want?” I asked dismissively regaining my footing. I didn’t appreciate his close proximity and he was giving me really bad vibes.

“I hear that you are set to be the next Alpha here, so I’m wondering what you intend to do with my pack now?” He asked in a dark tone.

“Well no not yet I haven’t agreed to anything, but what do you mean with your pack? Why should I care what you do? As long as you uphold the terms of our treaty you can do whatever you want. Your pack has nothing to do with me.” I answered ripping my hand from his grasp. He did nothing to hide the shock on his face as he stood there completely dumbfounded.

“But you forced me to submit to you… that makes you my Alpha. It makes you the Alpha of my pack... How can you say it has nothing to do with you?” The wheels in his head were turning looking as though he was trying to solve a complex puzzle.

“Well you can have it back then?” I suggested not really sure what I should do. “I don’t want to be the Alpha of your pack I don’t even know if I want to be the Alpha of this pack. I forced you into submission because you were going to kill me. We need to destroy our enemies not just win a few fights. We need my power more than we need your pack. I couldn’t just sit back and let you kill me. Keep your pack and keep your side of the agreement.” I told him and moved to head down the stairs. I realised though, that he came here to threaten me over his pack and decided to give him a threat of my own. Being an Alpha was clearly important to him. “You try anything funny though, and I’ll do more than just force you into submission.” I smiled sweetly and ran down to the dining room following the scent of lunch.

A/N- Narrowly avoided drama with another Alpha just there! Nothing to dramatic is happening with her wolf so maybe things are starting to work out?

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