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Chapter 4

I woke the next morning to the bright sunshine streaming through the window. I did fifty sit ups and press ups before showering and getting ready for my first day at school. I had a quick breakfast and put in my contacts before getting on my bike and heading to the school.

When I got there it was pretty busy and there was nowhere for me to park my bike. However I noticed the nearly empty bike shed, for pedal bikes, near the entrance. I drove my bike up onto the pavement and parked it between two of the metal bars, then got off. Everyone had turned their attention to me, staring at me in shock. Either no one had ever done that before or this was an all werewolf school. I sniffed the air. Yep, definitely all werewolves. Well they might still be shocked by my amazingly creative use of the bike shelter.

I walked inside the building and headed to the main office. A middle aged woman sat behind a desk and smiled at me brightly. Her happiness was mildly disturbing, I mean it was Monday morning. “Hi, you must be Ana.” She said cheerily. I nodded in reply. “Okay then, here is your schedule and locker number” she said handing me a piece of paper. Then rummaging around the mess on her desk, I looked at her confused for a moment. Am I supposed to leave now? “ah hah!” she exclaimed shoving a silver coloured key in front of my face. I cringed back slightly not liking the object so close to my face. “This is your locker key,” I cautiously took the key from her hand and smiled slightly, “Have a nice day!” she said still too happy for my liking.

I waved at her as I left the small office doing my best to be polite. I stuffed the key into the small pocket of my jeans, so I wouldn’t lose it, and then looked over my schedule. Oh great (note the sarcasm) apparently I’m doing PE, Maths, History, and Physics. All of a sudden, I hit something hard and fell backwards onto the floor. I looked up to see a guy laughing at me. I scowled at him and got up muttering profanities towards him. He continued to laugh his ass off, so, I sidestepped around him and continued walking down the corridor looking for my first class.

However the strange guy decided to follow me after he had sobered up. “You know some of what you said back there wasn’t very nice Newbie.” He said jokingly.

“It wasn’t meant to be nice, Richard” I replied disinterested.

“My name isn’t Richard” he responded sounding confused, his brows were scrunched together and he looked down right adorable. I almost laughed.

“Really? Are you sure? Because I thought Dick was just your nickname.” I retorted

He chuckled, “I like you Newbie,” he said grinning at me. Before sticking his hand out in front of me, “The names Brand, James Brand” he said doing a very poor British accent in what I can only assume was a failed attempt to impersonate James Bond.

“How fascinating,” I replied sarcastically “but, if you don’t mind I have a class to get to” I walked slightly faster, and he did the same.

“Where you headed, Newbie?” He pestered.

“PE” I replied hoping he would leave me alone if I didn't show any interest in talking to him.

“Cool! Me too, I’ll walk with you” he exclaimed cheerily. What is it with people in this school and being happy on a goddamn Monday morning? They were ruining my mood.

“I’d rather you didn’t.”

“Sorry but it’s the school rules: Awesome popular boys, aka me, have to show hot, new, badass chicks, who refuse to give their name, aka you, to all of their classes.” He stated sounding very proud of himself.

“Ugh! Don’t you have a mate to bother?” I groaned, getting tired of his insane happiness.

“Nope” he said, the ‘p’ making a popping sound. “Wait! How do you know about mates?!” he cried in shock.

“Same reason I’m doing PE in an all werewolf school” I replied calmly.

He leaned down to sniff me, which probably looked really weird to anyone who wasn’t a werewolf. “But you’re human...” He sounded confused again, it was kind of cute.

“Hybrid.” I corrected, my tone clipped to let him know he was starting to piss me off.

“Oooohhhhh…” he said dragging the sound out “Now it makes sense. Well, in that case, the name’s Beta James Brand” he said. Jackpot! First target acquired. Unfortunately it meant I would have to hang around this happy freak for a while longer but at least I don't have to put in much effort to find him.

“No its not,” I replied calmly, and he looked confused again, “You haven’t got a mate yet, and you are under the age of 18, so, you cannot rule for at least another year depending on the rules in your pack, so your name is the same as it was when I first met you, Richard.” I probably shouldn't have revealed that I knew he was under 18 since random strangers don't tend to know your birthday but he seemed too interested in me to notice the slip up.

“Wow! Hot, badass, sassy, and clever! I’m impressed” he said as he stopped walking and pointed to a dark blue door “Ladies changing room, through there” he said before walking through the door opposite.

He was a bit odd, and definitely immature, but hopefully that would be good news in father's eyes. I went into the ladies room and put on the PE kit provided for me, it was a little tight. Father probably intended for me to seduce the hormonal teenage werewolves to get the information I needed. But that isn’t really my style werewolves all had mates and I had no intention of interfering with the goddess' plan for us all. I also removed my mother’s locket from around my neck hiding it safely in my bag, not wanting to break it or get it dirty.

I exited the changing room which had been oddly empty for some reason and walked into the gym to see a group of about 25 boys in basketball shorts and loose t-shirts with the schools logo on them. James ran up to me, his hungry eyes roaming my body, and said “You should definitely just wear that for the rest of the year.”

“No.” I replied, “Definitely not.”

“Aww” he sounded genuinely sad and his lips were pouting slightly.

“Listen up!” the teacher yelled and everyone turned to look at him, “We have a new student, so, Ana? Would you like to introduce yourself?”

“Um… Hi, I’m Ana, I’m a hybrid between a werewolf and a human, so I can’t shift but, uh... Don’t go soft on me just because I’m a girl.” I replied. After my quick and awkward intro, the coach had us doing a few laps of the gym to warm up. Then we headed out onto the field to play a pretty aggressive game of Rugby.

Afterwards I was covered in mud and barely out of breath, unlike James who was breathing heavily. “Goddess, am I glad to have free period next” he panted, before practically dragging himself back to get changed. I chuckled to myself before going to take a quick shower in the shower room to get rid of all the sweat and dirt before I put my clothes back on. As I left the changing room I carefully place the locket around my neck and made sure to hide it under my shirt so no one could see it. James was waiting outside for me when I was finished.

“Are you stalking me?” I asked slightly annoyed but glad that this mission seemed to be going smoothly.

“No, I’m showing you around. School rules, remember?” He replied grinning eagerly.

As we both had free period next he showed me around the school a bit. Then we settled in the library. “Can I see your schedule?” he whispered excitedly. I sighed and got it out of my bag, handing it over. He might end up giving me some information on the future Alpha. James squealed like a girl, and he was met by a chorus of shushes. I gave him a look that said he was crazy and he responded with “You have all the same classes as me and Jack!” he whisper shouted excitedly, still squealing slightly.

“Who’s Jack?” I asked, reminding myself I was here for information not friends.

“Future Mr Alpha, who was too busy to give me a ride to school today in his new car” he pouted crossing his arms over his chest and slouching down in his chair. Hmm, this was going to be easier than I thought.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly and I learned a lot about James, although I doubt much of it would be important to father. As I neared my current living quarters I sensed something was wrong, just a feeling in my gut that something wasn’t quite right. Parking my bike outside the front of the house, I grabbed the silver knife I kept under the seat, and decided to go in through the back door. When I got there I saw that the back door was kicked in.

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Who could've broken into her house??

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