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Chapter 40

After we had all eaten dad called a meeting with the war council, as I liked to call it. Since Alpha Beardsley was still hanging around, he joined us to discuss strategy. With Shadowhide and Silverstreak as our allies our pack was almost completely protected from our enemies. If they were determined enough, they could go around both of these packs and attack from the east or west but it’s more likely that if they want to attack us again, they will try to go through our allies.

With that in mind, it would make sense to send our warriors through Silverstreak territory. They are clearly the weakest of our allies, plus they are closer to Blue Moon territory. Frankly, I care more about ripping my adoptive father to pieces than I do about his tenuous alliance. But I sat and listened to all the potential ways we could attack both enemy packs.

My dad and Alpha Beardsley weighed the pros and cons of each situation with plenty of input from everyone else in the room. If I ever do become Alpha, I would not be having meetings like this. It was exhausting listening to everyone else’s opinions on every tiny detail. I would rather be given all the information at the beginning and then just make the final decision on my own. They could disagree with my decision as much as they wanted as long as I didn’t have to listen to it.

Eventually it was decided that Alpha Beardsley and Alpha Silva should extend their border patrols to eliminate the gap of land between their territories, essentially forming a wall between us and the enemy. This meant that we could send more Blood Dynasty wolves to fight. It was also agreed that any rouges found in between the two packs should be captured and – after being questioned – should be offered a place in one of our packs, provided they are willing to help us in the fight. If they do not wish to join, they should be killed in order to avoid word of our alliances spreading too far.

We will divide our forces along the new southern border of our allies’ land to reinforce it. We want to make an impenetrable wall along the new southern border, so we need constant heavy patrols. While our wolves are there Silverstreak and Shadowhide will provide them with food and other essentials to help prepare them for battle.

Intense training will continue at both packs led by the top warriors of our pack, the ones who I trust the most to train others. We will also be sending a few of our medical staff to each of our allies’ packs to help with treating the wounded after any attacks, especially on the day of our main battle.

As for our main attack, in just under a week’s time, when all the preparations have been made, we will draw the enemy to the training grounds on Blue Moon territory. This will provide us with a large open space where we can ambush them. Any enemy wolf with black eyes – a sign that they have been using black magic – should be killed as quickly as possible. Any who aren’t doped up on black magic should be captured wherever possible, but it shouldn’t be a priority.

After the meeting was over and everything had been decided I followed my dad to his office. I stood in front of his desk as he took a seat. I’m not entirely sure if this is a good thing to ask but I would feel awful if I didn’t say something.

“There is one more thing. I’m wondering if I could take a scout group into Blue Moon territory to get my little brother, or maybe to get all the pups from the pack. I know we aren’t actually related but I’ve been there for him ever since he was born. We could take the pups somewhere safe so that we don’t risk their lives.” I half begged. As much as I wanted to destroy Blue Moon the children of the pack had nothing to do with this.

“What is the safety protocol in Blue Moon? Is there a safe room or anything like that?” Dad asked deep in thought.

“Yes, there is a safe room in the basement, but I don’t think they would try to use it. Alpha Knight is big on the whole fight or die thing.”

“Sweetheart, you realise that kidnapping a load of children including the future Alpha won’t go down well, right? It may jeopardise our plan of attack.” He reasoned.

“I know, I just feel like we need to do something.” I sighed.

“How about if we warn them of our attack to give them time to get to the safe room? We can send a few threats to both packs so that the vulnerable members are prepared. I’m sure if he feels adequately threatened even Alpha Knight will see sense and send his heir to their safe room. Then once the battle is over, we can send in an extraction team to get everyone out. Any adult members can be held until they decide to join us. Does that seem like a good enough plan?” His tone was kind and understanding. I appreciated that he was trying to find a solution for me, but it made me wonder once again what would’ve happened if I had grown up here instead.

I thought on his suggestion for a moment before agreeing. It was probably the best option we had. Now we just needed to come up with a good enough threat. I left my dad to contact Alpha Silva to inform him of our battle plans as I continued mulling over possible ways to threaten Alpha Knight without giving away our plans. To be honest I hadn’t thought of my little brother much since I had gotten here, yet despite knowing that we were never really related, I helped raise him and I was always there to protect him from his father. I couldn’t abandon him now, but I guess this is the best I can do for him and the other pups.

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