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Chapter 41

After another morning of intense training with our allies, in both forms I might add, I plopped down on the grass of the training field to catch my breath. As I sat with my eyes closed, I heard four sets of footsteps approaching me.

“Are you really telling me this girl is the new Alpha? You seem a bit young to take such a position?” A voice questioned from above. I didn’t bother opening my eyes.

“Goddess, how many people know about this…” I sighed, “No I’m not going to be an Alpha, I haven’t made my decision on the matter just yet.”

“How can you get someone like Ian to follow under you and then turn around and say you aren’t sure you want to be an Alpha?” Another voice asked, appalled. I opened my eyes, slightly confused by their words, and saw four Shadowhide warriors standing in front of me.

Of course, they’re talking about how I made Alpha Beardsley submit to me. Goddess, does anyone know how to let something go? I don’t want to be their Alpha. “I already told Alpha Beardsley he can remain Alpha of your pack I have no interest in your pack outside of what you can do for us in this battle. I certainly have no intention of leaving my pack again just to be the Alpha of another.” I tell them firmly.

“That’s not how that works! You took away his right to be our Alpha, so unless someone beats you into submission you have no choice. You have to be our Alpha.” One of them said, aggression rolling off him in waves.

“I said no.” I growled, jumping to my feet. I was still shorter than all four of them, but I felt a bit more intimidating standing up. “I didn’t beat anyone into submission, anyone else who was there can attest to that. If you refuse to accept that I don’t want to be your pack’s Alpha, then maybe you’ll listen to this. I command you to follow Alpha Beardsley’s orders, I command you to accept him as your Alpha, and I command you to leave me the fuck out of it.” As I spoke, I stepped closer to them until I was right up in their faces, I let my true power seep into my words. They all looked away and down – a sign of submission – before nodding quietly. I growled at them again and they scampered off towards the rest of their pack’s warriors.

Why did everyone want me to be an Alpha? It was meant to be mine and Jack’s decision, but now another pack is getting involved. I mean what do they expect me to do, be Alpha of both packs? That’s even more work than being the Alpha of this one as I am. Female Alphas don’t last long anyway; others consider them to be weak and often attack. If I became Alpha of two large packs I would be spreading myself thin, I would be drawing in more danger.

Seeing my brother approach me, I slumped back down on the ground. “What was that all about?” He asked sitting in front of me.

“They think I am their Alpha now because of what happened the other day.” I respond, dejected.

“Jeez, don’t sound so happy about it.” He nudged me gently, clearly trying to cheer me up. “Why is it such a bad thing? We could easily merge the packs into one, then we really would be the biggest pack in this area.” He laughed slightly.

“Not you as well. Why do you even want me to be the Alpha? I told you that it didn’t matter to me, I would’ve been happy to follow you.” I sighed covering my face with my hands.

“What’s the point? Everyone knows it’s your birth-right, everyone can feel how much power you have within. Pretending that I would ever be able to control you as your Alpha is futile. You were literally born for this, why are you so against it?” he questioned.

I sighed again, “Because all it will do is put the pack in danger, a female Alpha in charge of a pack as big as this will be seen as a weakness, no matter how strong I am it won’t stop others from trying to destroy us. Especially if more people found out about me.” I stressed, trying to make him see how stupid his idea was, I’ve already brought this pack enough trouble.

“Who has to know any of that stuff? No-one has ever met Alpha Chris Irilek my long-lost twin. He’s a great guy we’re almost identical, same red hair, same green eyes, same black wolf. He does look a bit more like our dad though.” He winked, causing me to laugh. I suppose he has a point; it’s not like I grew up here, with my family’s name or connections, and most people do call me Chris instead of Ana. But still the risks seem to outweigh the benefits and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s a lot of work being an Alpha of a pack this big.

“I don’t know it seems like too much to risk.” I pensively responded.

“I think the benefits are far greater, you are clearly strong enough to command someone like Alpha Beardsley, I think you underestimate yourself. Plus, it wouldn’t be until after this war is over anyway, a change of leadership at a time like this would be stupid. So, there is still plenty of time for you to prepare for it.” He reasoned. Jack made a lot of good points, as usual, but I was still feeling apprehensive. It was probably visible on my face because he added. “Besides, I bet your mate is a big powerful Alpha too, so eventually you are going to have to lead a pack. Might as well start now.”

I blushed, “You can’t know that! Mates are usually your opposite to keep a pack in balance.”

“Well obviously but you don’t see many powerful Alphas mated to Omegas, you tend to end up with someone who is on a similar power level because you need to be able to protect each other. The only person who could be on a similar level as you is going to be another Alpha. Though a saner one I reckon.” He laughed at his own attempt to mock me.

Was that really true though? I can’t say I know much about mates, but I guess from what I have seen, it makes sense. Jack and Ko seem fairly equal in terms of power, as do James and Solus – despite how shy she is you can tell she’s strong. Maybe it is true then, maybe my mate really would be an Alpha. If he is, then maybe the best way for me to avoid meeting him is to become a reclusive but fearsome Alpha myself. To drive away other Alphas so that they never cross onto our lands or get to meet me. Maybe that’s taking things a bit too far, but it certainly would be easier to control every situation if I was in charge. I could probably protect the pack better as well, be a guardian like my kind are meant to be. Maybe this really is my destiny. I should talk to Luci about all of this first; he will know what to do.

A/N- A little bit more pressure for her to become Alpha, what do you guys think she should do?

The clock is still counting down to the big fight and a few more surprises! Let me know what you guys think of this chapter! x

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