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Chapter 42

“Goddess I hate patrolling!” I whined to Henri as we stood at our post. He was one of the regular patrol men from the Silverstreak pack, he was in his mid-thirties at my guess and he was seemed quite laid back. We had set up camp just behind their southern border yesterday. As part of our exchange with Alpha Silva, all the warriors from my pack were supposed to help with the increased border patrols, unfortunately that included me.

He laughed. “I thought u were meant to be some scary, powerful chick yet here you are complaining about the easiest job we have.” He shook his head in disbelief.

“I am the scariest, most powerful chick, thank you.” I jokingly responded. “But I want some action, adrenaline, excitement. I hate standing around like this, I get so eager for something to happen I end up hearing things by the end of my shift.” I groaned.

“It happens, that’s why there’s two of us. But this is a great way to fine-tune your senses, you’ll get used to it.” He sounded so wise and I’m sure he was right about it helping improve your senses, but did it have to be so boring.

I sighed again leaning against a tree praying for something to happen so that I didn’t feel quite so useless standing here. I heard the quiet flap of wings and opened my eyes to stare directly into Luci’s. Rolling my eyes, I cursed myself for my thoughts. This isn’t what I meant when I said I wanted something to happen.

Henri hadn’t noticed him yet, which didn’t really surprise me, but I figure I should say something to avoid giving the poor guy a heart attack. “Here to distract us Luci?” I asked. Henri spun around staring at Luci in shock.

“Woah where did you come from?” Henri asked suddenly on edge.

“Prague.” Luci deadpanned “It’s lovely is time of year. but I figured I should check on my little wolf before you head off into battle.” He answered, confusing Henri even more. I laughed slightly at his expression.

“We can’t really talk now Luci; I’m doing border patrol. He’s more likely to stage an attack on this section of the border, we have to stay vigilant.” I say pretending as though this meant something to me and wasn’t just what my dad kept telling me.

“Ugh sounds like bullshit to me. How much longer have you got?” Luci asked, gracefully collapsing to sit on the ground.

“Another hour or so I reckon. I doubt you could survive sitting there quietly for so long.” I teased knowing full well that I was probably struggling more with it than he would.

He made the motion of zipping his lips and sat challenging me with his eyes. I Ignored him and tried to pay attention to our surroundings again. Henri was looking at us funny, but he didn’t seem bothered enough to ask any questions.

Luci didn’t even last 20 minutes sitting quietly. He began walking around us and jumping about. At least his movements were virtually silent, but he was still incredibly distracting. Henri seemed to be doing a pretty good job of ignoring Luci’s strange antics. But eventually Luci had couldn’t stop himself from talking.

“I’m not saying you were right but how on earth do you do this all day? It’s so boring I might just die. Can’t you get someone else to do this you’re the future Alpha surely they can’t want you to die of boredom.” He whined, jumping down from a tree he had climbed.

“Who told you that?” I asked incredulously. He always seems to know everything about my life.

“No one,” He answered too quickly for it to be the truth, “but if Jack hasn’t given in yet I’m sure your dad would’ve pointed out to him the benefits of your strong leadership.”

I tried to ignore him and focus on my post, but I failed. “Well you’re half right,” I sighed. “I wanted to discuss it with you later. I’m not sure if me being Alpha is the wisest decision.”

Henri grimaced. “Female Alphas never last long so good luck with that. You would probably be better off leaving it to your brother, at least on the face of things. I guess you could run things behind the scenes if you really wanted to be in charge of the whole pack.” He chimed in.

“What’s worse is it isn’t just my pack who want me as their Alpha. A few of the Shadowhide wolves confronted me the other day telling me that I was their rightful Alpha and wanting to know what I wanted them to do. But like you say female Alphas don’t last long. I don’t want to be putting anyone in danger. I also don’t want to bring too much attention to myself.” I explain.

“You are literally the most powerful Alpha in the world right now. Combine as many packs as you want, I’m sure you can handle it. if anyone wants to challenge you, because of your gender or anything else, we can have fun destroying them.” Luci was grinning so wide I thought his face might crack. “You shouldn’t worry about putting anyone in danger, once you take your rightful place as an Alpha you will feel even stronger. You will have your whole pack behind you and you clearly have others who want to follow you. I say let them be in your pack if they want to be.” He spoke nonchalantly, as though it were the most reasonable thing in the world.

I rolled my eyes at Luci. Deep down I knew he was right; I just didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. I had the power of being the first-born child of a strong Alpha as well as my Hellhound powers. Nevertheless, I was still a fearful that I would end up losing people I loved if I took what they were offering me.

I heard a twig snap to my left and both Henri and I quickly twisted to face the noise. We relaxed when we noticed it was only the next two patrol men coming to relieve us.

“Thank the gods, I don’t think I could stand anymore!” I cried out, moving to grab my jacket as quick as I could. Delightedly strolling towards the two men I called to Henri that I would see him later.

“There is something else your dad told me.” Luci hinted as we walked towards the camp.

“So, you admit my father told you about Jack offering me the Alpha position.” I interrupted.

He rolled his eyes ignoring my accusation. “He told me you wanted to issue a threat to the bastard before your attack in a few days.”

I nodded. I’m sure my excitement was written all over my face. Luci has always had a flare for the dramatic and I loved being involved. I think together we could certainly strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. I listened intently as he went on to describe how we should go about issuing our threat.

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