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Chapter 44

Every night since I delivered my threat to my adoptive father, we experienced the same wide-reaching cloud of darkness. We investigated it as best we could while continuing to prepare for battle. We found the edge of the dark dome, which didn’t quite reach my pack’s territory but did cut through Shadowhide territory. We followed it around as far as we could and determined that the centre of the darkness must be somewhere in the middle of Nightwalker territory.

Whatever this spell was, it was big. The darkness appeared to be a by-product of the spell since it didn’t seem to do anything. We tried a couple of times to sneak a small group into the enemy territory, but none of them made it far enough in to find the witch. On the upside, our excursions did result in reducing the number of warriors they had.

I knew from Ko and the few others who had joined us, that the Nightwalker pack was well-trained. However, as I predicted, Alpha Knight had not given his allies any training to bring them up to his level. As a result, all the wolves I had spent months training were considerably better in a fight than those from the Nightwalker pack.

The darkened evenings were clearly starting to worry some people and I could see that many were dedicating more of their time to training. I have a good feeling about our battle tomorrow. Under the first full moon of winter I intend to rip my adoptive father’s throat out. Plus, with the help of these three packs I know I will destroy our enemies.

We had one final meeting to go over the battle plans. My heart was racing with excitement at the thought of all the people whose blood would soon coat my hands. Even more exhilarating were the thoughts of killing Alpha Knight. I envisioned so many ways to end his life, so many amazing possibilities to get revenge for every beating he ever gave me. I did my best to pay attention to my dad as he went over the plans for tomorrow, but I was so focused on my thoughts.

Once the briefing was finished, my dad asked me to stay behind. I watched as everyone except the other two Alphas left the meeting room. Goddess please tell me this isn’t going to be another lecture about why I should become an Alpha.

“So, the three of us have been discussing the future of this alliance.” My dad started, “You’ve shown yourself to be more than just a strong fighter, Christiana. All three of us have noticed your skills and we think you could be an incredibly strong leader.”

Oh please don’t tell me I’m going to get a lecture from all of them about how good I’d be as the future Alpha of my pack.

“You’ve proven your strength as an Alpha to me already, many of my pack are already eager to follow you.” Alpha Beardsley laughed awkwardly. Well, this was a change of tune, it wasn’t long ago that he was threatening me over his pack. Dad and Alpha Silva were nodding in agreement. What is going on here?

“We are all willing to pledge our loyalty to you Christiana. To join our three packs under your strong leadership. You were born to be an Alpha and you’re clearly far more powerful and intelligent than the three of us. If you accept, we will get to work joining the packs when the battle ends.” My dad continued.

“This is ridiculous,” I breathed. They can’t be serious.

“You forced an Alpha stronger than me into submission, I don’t think you can deny your power. I’m sure even the goddess above can sense your power. I believe She brought you to us for a reason and I will be the last to deny the goddess’ will. Regardless of any previous grievances, I cannot deny such clear signs. We would be honoured to follow you and face any future troubles by your side.” Alpha Silva chimed in.

“You’re smart, perceptive, strong. You've shown that you are a strong leader already. You’ve been training for this for months and I know you are ready for this. We will all be here to help you if you need it, but we are all ready to follow you. This is what you were born to do, your bloodline is strong, and I know it will continue that way once you meet your mate.” My dad added.

I was appreciating all this praise, but I don’t think I could lead three packs. One looked hard enough, but three! Goddess give me strength. “I guess I’ll think about.” I responded, “Now doesn’t seem like the best time to make huge decisions about leadership.” I tried to reason.

They are Alphas so they should think decisions like this through properly. I’ve never seen an Alpha so keen to give up their position, let alone three of them. How can they think this is a good idea? Surely, they know there’s a huge risk of forming such a large pack, and not to mention under the leadership of a woman. Gods that’s like asking to be attacked. Maybe they’ve been enjoying this war stuff more than me and want to keep the fighting going. That seems absurd, but so does asking me to be the Alpha of three packs.

“Of course, we will wait till after we defeat our enemies before we make the announcement to our packs. But many wolves already look up to you, they can feel your power, and many are already keen to follow you. Especially in my pack.” Alpha Beardsley answered seeming a little annoyed in his last remark.

“Alright fine.” I conceded. My dad’s face shone with joy, he opened his mouth to say something, but I spoke again before he could. “However, let’s leave the details and ceremonial arrangements for after the battle is over. We need to be focused on this.”

They all murmured in agreement and I left the room with my dad. We walked in a slightly uncomfortable silence through the Silverstreak pack house and out towards the camp, where most of our pack warriors were.

“You really will be an amazing Alpha, Sweetheart.” He said as we walked through the trees. The sincerity in his voice was reassuring.

“Thanks dad. I’m just not sure it’s really the safest option if we want to avoid future wars. But I trust your judgement. If you think it is what’s best for the pack, I’ll do it.” I replied.

“I do. Those two Alphas back there think you’re best for their packs too. Trust me Sweetheart, this is the right thing to do.” He told me. His words of encouragement were starting to make me think being Alpha wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

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Also we still don’t know what the dark spell is... I wonder if that’s going to be a problem?

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