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Chapter 45

Finally, it was the day I had been waiting for. I was hungry for the blood of my enemies. This day was a long time coming and I was eager to begin the fight. I wanted to feel their blood covering me and warming me. I stood at the forefront of the pack. I would lead them into battle and be sure to kill as many of our enemies as I could. I would protect my pack. We were waiting in the trees near the training grounds of my old pack. Just waiting for the signal to attack.

Jack and I were linked suddenly. “There’s definitely something wrong with these wolves” one of the scouts’ voices echoed through my mind.

“It’s the magic” I responded. “Be careful and stick to the plan”

I knew that this would be new to all the wolves around me. They will have never experienced something like this, I only hoped I had prepared them well enough.

A few minutes later a small group of wolves broke through the trees into the clearing. It was the scouts. I crouched down lower preparing to jump into battle. Behind the scouts came a larger group of wolves. Their eyes were pits of darkness and black patterns spiralled across their faces. They looked almost feral with the way their spit was frothing in their mouths. This was it.

I motioned my hand forward to signal our attack and my group sprinted across the training grounds to meet the enemy. I snapped the neck of the first wolf I encountered. Startling the others. I was faster and stronger that any of the wolves here and I killed another of my ex-pack members before the rest of my squad caught up to me. This was only the first wave of our attack and already my wolf was itching to be let out to tear them to shreds.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t kill these ones too quickly. We needed them to send word of our attack to the rest of their pack. We needed to draw them all out here, so they wouldn’t have an advantage over us.

As I saw more enemy wolves break the tree line, I howled to alert the others. I ran towards them shifting mid stride. The enemy wolves faltered, their charge slowing slightly as they realised what was running towards them. I ripped through the group as more of my allied wolves joined the fray. Wolves from three packs united to tear these bastards apart. I felt pride bloom in my chest as I saw how well my allies fought to destroy the plague of darkness that wanted to destroy us.

Slashing and biting was all I focused on as I ripped my way through my old pack. I revelled in the warm feeling of their blood soaking my fur. I basked in the sounds of ripping flesh and pained howls.

The enemy wolves were starting to avoid me now. They could undoubtedly feel the power rolling off me, they could sense my thirst for blood. I shifted back into my human form eager to find my next kill. My eyes found my brother’s wolf in the middle of the field. He was doing well but I could see he and Ko were starting to be overwhelmed by wolves.

Sprinting towards them I knew I couldn’t let them be hurt in this. I half shifted letting my claws out as I ran towards them. I sliced through two wolves on my way, not really caring if I killed them but enjoying their blood in my hands. As I reached my brother, I dug my claws into the back of an enemy wolf. Picking up her squirming body, I let my claws heat up like fire to burn through her back. I threw her away from us hoping she died wherever she landed. I fought beside my brother and his mate for some time before I noticed the scent of the one I wanted most.

I locked eyes with the two Alphas across the field. A loud growl ripped from my throat as I stalked towards them. The ground beneath my feet scorched from the heat of my anger. I snapped the neck of a wolf who tried to pounce on me as I walked. Nothing was going to stop me from ending his life.

“My dear daughter it’s so good of you to join us.” My adoptive father said coldly. “Alpha Sargood has had so much to tell me about you.”

I looked at the other Alpha next to my adoptive father. I recognised him from somewhere. His scent was so familiar, but I couldn’t place it. The scent of his pack had been familiar too.

“I’m surprised that you don’t recognise me.” He spoke. “Perhaps you were too young that day” I had a nagging feeling that I had seen this man before, but I couldn’t place him. It was frustrating. However, when it came down to it, what did it matter if I knew him, soon I would hold his severed head in my hands.

“This is a battlefield. The time for talk is over.” I growled out. They would both die here today. I ran forward landing a solid punch to the new Alpha’s gut. His body curled over and I forced my knee up into his face. I turned to my adoptive father striking him with a kick to his side. I put all my force into my attack I wanted him to die a painful death.

A sickening laugh boomed from Alpha Sargood as he knelt on the ground beside me clutching his face. “Feisty, like the last of your kind that I killed. Strong too.” He stood taking a step towards me. What was he talking about?

“You are far more beautiful than the last hell hound I killed. Similar features though, a relative of yours perhaps?” He mused as his eyes raked over my body. It hit me. I knew why I recognised his scent, his face, his voice. He was one of the men to kill my mother all those years ago.

I was frozen in place. Shock filled me as memories of that day replayed in my mind. As I watched my mother die before me at the hands of the man before me. His pack were the reason she was dead. I had cowered in the bushes praying that they wouldn’t find me too. But if he knows me, he must have seen me that day. Did they let me live just to toy with me?

“Ana!” A far away voice called. Snapping back to reality I saw James running towards me in human form. He was tackled to the ground by another wolf and I watched him shift into his tan wolf to fend off the assailant. I was forced to tear my eyes away from their fight as someone forcibly pushed me to the ground and I felt the cold bite of metal clamp around my wrists. My attention was turned back towards the two Alphas.

“What is this?” I asked incredulously trying to hide my inner storm of emotions. “Are you too weak to fight me? Come on its two against one do you really think u need to restrain me to win this battle?” They were right to, of course, since I was far stronger than either of them. In fact, if these chains weren’t silver, I imagine I could beat them both despite the restraints. Unfortunately, the chains around my wrists were most definitely silver, I could feel it burning through my skin and draining my strength.

I tried to stand to show them that I was still strong, but my adoptive father hit the backs of my knees with a stick making them crumble beneath me. “Stay down, bitch.” he growled at me. I did. I still feared him somehow. I knew I was stronger, I knew I could kill him, but I couldn’t break free from the fear that had spent years building in me.

Alpha Sargood began pouring a circle of salt around me. “You know I’m not actually spawned from hell, right? A salt circle isn’t going to stop me from killing you.” I chuckled lightly as I just sat in the middle of his circle. I didn’t know what they intended to do but it was starting to look like a powerful exorcism. Though this might help me. I had seen a handful of exorcisms in the past and I might be able to escape these chains if I play along. As he completed the circle I dislocated my left thumb so that I would be able to slip my hand out of the cuffs. I laughed. “What you think you could actually cause me pain with a circle of salt?” This was working out pretty well for me. I quickly cast my eyes over to the battle. I noticed that the enemy wolves were keeping the battle far away from where we stood.

I stood up in the circle it should be fine to stand now since they think they’re safe from me. Gritting my teeth against the pain the silver was causing me, I began to wiggle my left hand out of the cuff. They began chanting in Latin, but I couldn’t pay attention to their pathetic spell. It wouldn’t do anything to me. I finally released my hand, but my body was suddenly filled with pain. I screamed and fell to the ground.

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