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Chapter 46

I screamed in agony, it felt like I was being ripped apart. The world seemed dark around me. I knew now that this had something to do with the spell they had just cast, but my mind was too consumed by pain to focus on figuring out what was happening. I felt consumed by darkness. After what seemed like hours to me, I felt my body collapse to the ground. The softened dirt gave me some comfort, but I felt wrong. I felt empty inside. I felt weak.

I pushed myself up off the ground and looked up to see his smug grin. I shifted to attack the man who raised me to be a killer. Well I tried to shift, but I couldn’t I looked down at my body confused. I’ve never had difficulty shifting. I heard the boom of triumphant laughter coming from the two vile men before me, it filled me with anger.

I heard a whimper followed by an angry growl coming from my left and looked over to see a hell hound. It looked similar to my wolf form when I shifted, but maybe that’s just what we all looked like, I know my mum and my wolf forms looked similar but I assumed that was because she was my mother. Come to think of it I thought I was the last of my kind on Earth, that’s what Luci always said anyway.

Who was this wolf? Did they use me to summon another of my kind? If so, then to what end? I thought they wanted to destroy my kind not get more of us. Whoever she is she seemed pissed to be here. Maybe she would help me.

I opened the mind link to try talk to this other wolf, but I felt nothing. I tried mind linking Jack, but I couldn’t feel him either. I turned my eyes to the two Alphas and glared, “What the fuck did you do to me!” I shouted, the wolf growling at them as I spoke. They just continued to laugh at me. If they thought this spell of theirs would make me less of a threat then they were sorely mistaken.

I sprinted and lunged at my adoptive father, but I wasn’t as quick as I usually am. He caught me by the throat, flipping me onto my back, knocking the air from my lugs. Struggling to regain my breath I made eye contact with the wolf. Her blood red eyes looked shockingly familiar. I couldn’t place them, yet I felt like I had seen these eyes many times before. She leaned back on her hind legs, her stomach brushing the ground, and launched herself at the other Alpha. He cried out in pain distracting the man above me. I noticed the chain still attached to my right wrist though it no longer burned quite so much. We watched the wolf bite a chunk from Alpha Sargood’s leg, causing him to howl and shift. I knew I had to help her. Somehow, I knew that I knew her, that I needed to help her.

I launched myself up swinging the cuffs into the side of my adoptive father’s head. He stumbled away slightly, and I went for Alpha Sargood’s wolf. Jumping onto his back, I tried to get the chain around his neck to choke him, but he was so strong. He whipped his head around biting into my arm and throwing me off, just as the wolf attacked him. For the first time in a while, I felt true pain. The human kind of pain, I looked down to see my arm bleeding profusely, and lying at an odd angle by my side. I sat dumbfounded for a few moments waiting for it to heal, but it didn’t. I tried to move the clearly broken pieces of bone closer together, praying it would heal.

The pain was agonising, but nothing happened. The world around me seemed darker than before, was that it maybe? Was the dark magic they were practicing the last few days just a way to stop us from healing? Surely that would hurt them as well. I sat staring at the bloody mess that used to be my left arm and wondering what was wrong.

Once I snapped out of my thoughts, I noticed that the Alpha had thrown me some distance. I realised I was much closer to the main battle than I was to the three powerful wolves behind me. I turned my head looking for an allied wolf who could help me. The spell seems to have disabled all my shifter abilities, so I walked up to the first pair of wolves I saw.

The first pair of battling wolves happened to be Jack and an enemy. I couldn’t see Kogami anywhere nearby, but he could probably handle himself. Unfortunately, the enemy wolf seemed to have the upper hand and was on top of Jack, snapping at his neck. With my un-injured arm, I swung the chain of the handcuffs into the wolf, knocking it over and giving Jack the chance to bite into its throat.

He got up running towards me shifting into his human form. “What are you doing you just told me you were fighting the Alphas?” he asked, seeming alarmed.

I don’t remember doing that. “That can’t have been me, but there’s no time, come on there’s another hell hound fighting them. They’ve cast a spell on me, I have none of my abilities, and the other wolf looks tired, she’ll need your help defeating the bastards!” I yelled at him.

He looked at me confused but shifted and ran off to help the other wolf. I followed after him, I still had two legs and one arm, I could still help them fight, I just needed to ignore the pain. I’ve spent my whole life building up my tolerance I could ignore a broken arm for the time being. It must just be healing slowly, after all, it seemed broken in many places and I still had silver around my wrist. It must just be the silver affecting my abilities.

Once I reached the two Alphas again, I got a couple of hits in with the chain. I did my best to attack them from behind leaving my brother and the mystery hell hound to fight them face on. Ultimately, it was the mystery hell hound who killed them both. She collapsed on the ground soon after she killed my adoptive father, and I felt my own body falling as well. As I hit the ground, I was staring into her empty red eyes and my world faded to black again.

A/N- Ooh that chapter was intense! I wonder what the spell actually did to her? Who do you think the new mystery wolf is?

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think! We are sadly very close to the end now :( But I love reading your comments and hearing your thoughts! x

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