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Chapter 47

I woke up in the hospital with several tubes in me and my left arm in a hefty cast. The last thing I remembered was the empty red eyes of that other hell hound staring back at me. “Christiana!” I heard someone call and looked over to see Jack, my dad and Katherine. I groaned in pain.

“How long have I been out?” I asked, my throat scratchy and dry.

Jack brought me a glass of water, “About two weeks.” He responded solemnly. I was stunned. Two weeks! Why wasn’t I healed? Suddenly, Jack’s and my dad’s eyes glazed over, they were mind-linking someone. As soon as they focused on me again, they seemed confused.

“Honey you’re in the hospital, we are right here okay.” my dad told me calmly.

Well now it was my turn to be confused. “I know dad, I can see that.”

“Then why did you just mind-lin-” he cut off mid-sentence as their mind-links were opened up again. I sat there and looked at them awkwardly, completely ignoring Katherine who fumbled around the room trying to seem busy.

“You aren’t in wolf form, sweetheart, and we are right here.” Dad tells me, once again stating the obvious.

“Yes dad. I can see that. Are you guys alright?” I asked, confused. Why were they telling me things I could clearly see for myself? Who were they even mind-linking?

“Then why are you mind-linking us?” Jack asked, seemingly just as confused as I was.

“I’m not, I still don’t think I can access my wolf abilities.” I replied feeling a pang of sadness and anxiety. It’s been two weeks and I haven’t healed; I can’t feel my wolf nor my pack. Just what did those detestable men do to me?

“Oh goddess!” Jack shouted suddenly, “You said during the battle they did a spell on you, and then, all of a sudden, there was a wolf beside you, right? The sky turned dark just before you found me. What if the wolf is you and the spell somehow separated your wolf from your human side? She looks exactly like your wolf, but her scent was off. Plus, she’s been knocked out until now as well. I don’t know of any wolf that ends up in a two-week coma with no discernible injuries.” I watched the gears turning in his head as he came up with his ridiculous theory. I understood what he was saying, but it just made no sense in reality.

“Oh, come on, that’s not even possible” I tell him, feeling the stress of not having access to my usual abilities building in me the more I thought about it.

“Well, let’s just see, she’s in the room next door. I’ll have her brought in.” My dad seemed open to this idea despite how ludicrous it sounded.

A few minutes later the hell hound padded in cautiously, I still couldn’t quite place where I knew her from. As soon as she saw Jack, she leapt on him trying a little bit of play fighting. Oh Gods, that was definitely my wolf, somehow separated from my body. This whole situation just seems wrong I should never be able to watch my own body like this. “Jack, I hate to say it, but I think you might be right. Get Luci.” I demanded. If anyone would know what to do, it would be his feathery ass. Goddess, I can’t believe I let them cast that stupid spell. I should’ve destroyed them long before this happened.

A few seconds later Luci appeared in the room and did a double take. “This is not how you’re supposed to reproduce, Chris.” he chastised me and the wolf. Damnit. The wolf growled at him, annoyed.

“Any chance you can fix whatever this is?” I asked him, hopefully, as I gestured between my wolf and me. There’s no way I could survive as an Alpha if I wasn’t even a wolf.

His face scrunched up in thought. “Well, there might be something I can do, but you might not be the same as you were before. It seems someone has found a way to split your soul, a way to separate your wolf side from your human side. I don’t suppose the bastard is still alive for me to ask him how?” Luci wondered.

Both me and the wolf me shook our heads at him. She growled happily. I’m sure she enjoys the memory of killing him. I only wish we could’ve done it together, as one being.

“Damn that spell might have come in useful.” Luci muttered, “Never mind. Okay, I’m going to need a sacrificial knife, a bowl, and a lot, a lot of coffee for this to work.” Dad instantly mind linked someone, probably telling them what supplies to bring. Luci held up his hands, “Whoa, whoa! I didn’t mean right now, though. I will need to do some more research to figure out if it’s even possible.”

“Wait what? How do you know what you need if you don’t even know if it’s possible?” I asked, feeling the stress build up in me once again.

“Well I’ve done soul merging, but I’ve never done one like this. I’ve not even seen something like this before. I need to merge the two halves of your soul since they have been split apart. However, I’ll be the first to say, I have only ever merged two separate souls into one, it’s a lot of fun, I’ll put in on our to do list next Halloween!” He exclaimed. Well that’s reassuring…

“Chris, you’re the last of your kind so I’m sure the gods will find some way to help me fix you we just need to try little one.” His tone was surprisingly soothing, and I felt myself nodding along, wanting to trust him to put me back together.

We spent months researching the spell that had been cast on me. In that time, I was declared Alpha of the three allied packs and came up with a system to help the now massive pack run smoothly. I went by Chris in all my correspondences as Alpha to disguise my gender and identity from others who may think it’s a sign of weakness in our pack. The entire pack was sworn to secrecy about who I was and what had happened to me during the battle. We had a few prisoners from our enemies’ packs and many of the children from those packs were integrated into my new one, including my adoptive baby brother. Once the two bastard Alphas had been killed the rest of the wolves soon gave up the fight as I was told. We thankfully had only a handful of losses on our side though many wolves were injured.

All my spare time was spent with Luci trying to figure out how to fix my split soul. We tracked down dark witches to interrogate or torture. We chased books across the continent looking for answers. Every day I cursed myself for not paying attention to the words of the spell. Eventually Luci found a spell that almost fixed me. My wolf and I were at least back in the same body though shifting was significantly more difficult and some of my old powers didn’t work in quite the same way, but at least I was able to lead my new pack like a true Alpha. It wasn’t perfect but this was my life now and all I could do was adjust.

A/N- Man this was hard to write. So sad to end this story here but it feels like a good place to end things for now.

If you guys are interested I might start writing a sequel possibly about her mate. But think I'm going to focus on getting myself a job first now that the lock-down is pretty much lifted over here it should be a bit easier!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments and write a review if you fancy! I love to hear your thoughts about things!! x

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