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Chapter 5

I entered cautiously keeping my back against the wall. I heard footsteps coming from my bedroom and approached the door silently. Whoever it was, they were heading for the door. I quickly pressed myself into the wall next to the door, my left hand gripping my locket, as though it would give me strength. The person stepped out and walked straight past me. Not being able to see who it was, I jumped on their back holding the silver blade to their throat. The person groaned as though in pain, even though I wasn’t putting any pressure on the blade. “I know you can’t see them, but I do have wings, and your fat ass is crushing them!” he groaned in his deep, yet heavenly, voice.

I jumped off his back, “Well, it’s your own damn fault for breaking in, when you could have just waited for me to get back, or even teleported inside. You seriously did not need to break down my fucking back door.” I retorted, annoyed now that I knew who it was. “Anyway I’m on a job. If you want my help with whatever you came here for you have to help me first”

“Who says I want help from you?” he replied snobbishly, crossing his thick muscular arms across his strong chest, “Maybe I just came to say hello to my favourite little doggy” his voice annoying and high pitched now, as he rubbed the top of my head.

“I’m not a dog, Luci!” I growled, “Besides I know you well enough to know when you want something from me. So tell me what you want. Or? If you really do want to ‘hang out’ I just rented Titanic, so we can snuggle on the sofa together and watch it.” My voice rising in pitch slightly towards the end and I sighed dreamily.

“Hmm, a movie sounds good, but not titanic! Anything but Titanic! Did you know that one of my brothers tried to save the titanic just so that movie wasn’t made? Anyway, you’re distracting me I came to check that you are alright because I bet the bastard didn’t tell you why you’re getting Intel?” His question sounded angry.

“Fine. You can pick a film, and you should know by now that I never question him.”

“That’s what I thought. I-” He was about to say something else, but my watch started beeping as my alarm went off.

“I’ll be five minutes, I have to report back, go pick a movie or make me some dinner,” I told him and headed to my room to grab the file.

So Ana, what do you have so far?Father’s voice boomed in my head as I felt the mind-link open between us.

I have gained some information on the future Alpha and Beta, father.” I stated formally.

Well? Go on then I haven’t got all day” his reply was loud and impatient.

The future Beta, James, is reasonably clever but not as physically fit as most other wolves in the pack, and he is also quite childish. He is currently unmated but is not waiting for his mate, or looking for her. I don’t have much on the future Alpha as of yet but I know he is unmated too and his name is Jack. In addition to this there are a large number of rogues in this area, and Jack seems to be busy dealing with them so I have yet to meet him. At this point aside from numbers the pack doesn’t appear to be a threat.” I described to him everything I knew so far hoping he would be pleased with my efforts.

Good, maybe you could practice killing some of those rogues, we wouldn’t want them to threaten us now, would we?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes I was ages away from my pack, these rouges would probably never venture anywhere near my pack. “No father” I sent him my mental reply and he cut off the link. When I left my room, I noticed Luci was gone, so I sat in the living room to do the homework I had been set. I was going to be here for a few weeks so I might as well do it to occupy myself.

Over the next few days I spent my time at school with James, trying to gather intel but he didn’t seem to know much that would help me. Jack had still not shown up to school. James told me he was very busy because his dad, the current Alpha, was trying to train him better and make him take on more responsibility in the pack. Apparently Jack wasn’t the first born child of the Alpha (The first born has the true power of an Alpha and was always the strongest). The Alpha’s first child and mate had died in an attack, though since it had happened before James was born he didn’t have much information on it. Since Jack wasn’t the strongest possible heir, the current Alpha had him on a vigorous physical training schedule as well as preparing him for the other duties an Alpha had so that when he did eventually became Alpha Jack would already know most of what he was supposed to do and would be reasonably strong so that he could at least help to defend his own pack. With that and the increased threat of rogues he apparently didn't have much time for school which frustrated me.

I tuned back into what the physics teacher was saying when she read out my name “Ana you can partner with James” she said, handing me a sheet with a load of writing on it. James shuffled his chair over to me. “Okay, so where do you want to do this project” he asked and I shrugged. Not paying attention is so confusing.

“Could we do it at your house because the Alpha is really busy with rouges and preparing for Jack to take over and I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about you being on our land” he stated, looking at the ground awkwardly and rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yeah sure” I smiled at him, “meet me by my bike after you go to your locker.” A project was a great way to get into the pack house I would just have to persuade James to talk to his Alpha soon.

“James do you have a car?” I asked when he reached me and my bike.

“Oh. Yeah, totally! Just not, uh, with me. Why?” I could tell he was lying about having a car but it didn’t bother me, he was probably just trying to show off.

“I was just wondering how we would get back to my place, but I guess you’ll have to ride with me. Here.” I said, as I forced the helmet into his hands.

“Ooh can I drive!” He squealed excitedly as he struggled to get the helmet over his head.

“No.” I deadpanned, “Just get on behind me.” He pouted before finally squishing the helmet over his ears and climbing on. He wrapped his arms around my waist “Oh, and just a warning, if your hands move anywhere I deem inappropriate, I will chop them off.” hearing him gulp behind me, I smirked as I started the engine, speeding off to my current home.

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