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Chapter 6

I parked my bike and we walked up to the door. To my surprise, it had been kicked down. James suddenly pushed me behind him, “Don’t worry, I’ll check it out, I think whoever did this is still inside, I can still smell them.” He then began to cautiously approach the door. Sniffing the air, I shoved past James hitting the back of his head as I passed. I do not need protecting, just because I’m female doesn’t mean I’m weak.

“Luci” I called out, fairly sure it was him after his entrance the other day. Hearing a light thud from the living room I knew I was right. I hope he fell off the sofa and broke his wing, “I told you not to break down my door! I just fixed the other one! Why can’t you just enter like a normal fucking angel? I swear to the sun god, do it again, I will beat your ass and make you fix the door.” I yelled heading to the kitchen.

“Ugh, it stinks of wet dog in here now” Luci yelled in reply as I grabbed a glass from a cupbord above my head.

I growled loudly “For the last time! I. Am. Not. A dog.” I gritted out, filling the glass with water.

“Wolf, whatever. But, yeesh, its worse than normal”

“Oh, shit” I just remembered James was here, well he was meant to be, but he wasn’t with me right now. I dropped the glass of water into the sink and rushed into the hallway to find him, I didn’t need him snooping around whilst I wasn’t paying attention. To my surprise, however, when I looked down the hall he was stood in the doorway. The look on his face almost made me laugh; he was frozen with his eyes as wide as saucers and his mouth hanging open, almost hitting the floor.

I laughed nervously, slightly embarrassed that he had just heard the exchange between Luci and I. Slowly I made my way towards James. “Do you, uh wanna come inside James?” I asked gesturing for him to enter my house.

“Is that your dad or something? I thought you were part human part werewolf, you never said anything about any angels.” James stated, he looked a little less shocked as he cautiously stepped inside.

I fingered my locket with my left hand “um… no, that’s Luci, he’s a friend… most of the time.” I said in reply to James’ question. “Just ignore him and let’s go do that project in my room.” I said gently pulling on James’ arm and dragging him to my room.

About fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door to my bedroom. “Piss off Luci I’m busy. We can talk later.” I growled out, still slightly mad at him for breaking my door.

“My senses may not be as good as yours but there’s definitely another dog in there with you, and by the sounds of it, its male. I swear if you’re having sex I’ll tell your father… no wait that’s not a threat, he’d probably be happy. Umm… I’ll tell…ugh, I don’t know who I’ll tell but I will tell them.”

“For your father’s sake Luci, we are doing homework!” I yelled at him through the door.

“oh, sure,” he stated sarcastically “I bet you’re revising the human body with your mouth.”

Rolling my eyes, I saw James’ cheeks turning pink. I got up and yanked the door open shoving a piece of paper, with our task written on it, in his face. “We are doing bloody homework and if you don’t shut your mouth, I’ll shut it for you.” I said as calmly as possible before turning around and slamming the door in his face.

Almost an hour later, my watch started beeping; reminding me I had to speak to father. I forced James out of the room to take a break and watch TV, or chat to Luci, if he was still around.

My conversation with father was quick I told him I had no new information but I would go hunting for rouges later, like he had wanted me to do since day one. He told me in return that he would rather have information and that my time to get it was running out, then he cut the link clearly angry with me.

I exited my room and entered the living room, only to see a sight that filled me with horror. James had his hand reaching into a bag of crisps held by Luci, who was smiling wickedly. “Stop!” I screamed diving towards them and smacking the snack out of James’ hand.

Luci pouted “But he’s never had this flavour before. I was merely allowing him to experience the pleasures of it” I wasn’t buying it. The evil glint in his eyes made me scowl.

“You and I both know that those would poison him.” As I said this James’ facial expression turned to one of hurt, as though Luci had just betrayed him.

Luci burst out laughing and James’ face contorted into an expression of horror. You see, Luci doesn’t laugh like a normal person, oh no no, Luci’s laugh is more akin to that of a homicidal maniacs. Hence the look of complete and utter terror on poor James’ adorable little face.

I hit Luci upside the head and turned heading for the kitchen. James got up quickly, racing after me. I told him to sit on one of the stools around the counter and began making pasta. “I hope you’re making some for me too” Luci stated as he suddenly appeared next to me. There was a squeal and a thud behind me, I turned from the pasta to see James on the floor with his hand over his racing heart.

I rolled my eyes “Stop terrorising him Luci. I need him alive else I can-” my eyes widened slightly as I realised I almost revealed my mission “Else I won’t have any friends at school”


Once we finished eating the pasta I made it was quite late, I offered to drive James home but he declined saying he needed to run. “If I can talk to Alpha we can work on the project at the Pack House tomorrow, after school.” He suggested as he was leaving, carefully stepping over the chunks of wood that used to be my front door. I agreed, the quicker I could get information about the future Alpha, the quicker I can relax. I watched as he shifted into his brown wolf and ran off.

I turned around and set my wrathful gaze on Luci. He held up his hands in mock surrender “C’mon you don’t want to fight me, I have information for you.” Is that really what he wanted his last words to be? “It will be helpful, I swear” his voice slightly desperate as he slowly took steps backwards.

“Fine. Tell me, but it better be good” I replied threateningly.

Luci smiled in relief before his face morphed to one of seriousness. “The bastard,” Luci’s name for my father. “Has devised a plan for you to infiltrate every pack in the surrounding states, taking down each Alpha from within the pack, and by take down, I mean kill. He will then offer ‘protection’ to the remaining pack members. Well the ones who don’t die, protecting their Alpha from you. Once he has all the wolves he wants he’s going to ‘capture’ you and publically execute you as a form of justice. I think he’s started to realise your true strength and what’s worse is that he found out about this pack and plans to start with them.”

“Everyone has known about the Blood dynasty pack for years, they’re nothing new, Luci. So what makes them so special?” I questioned.

“Have you not met them yet? I assumed you had I mean wasn’t that little future beta James who was here a few moments ago? I thought that if you’d met him you would know about the others.” he sounded astonished.

I shook my head, a look of confusion evident on my face.

“They’re your pack, Chris” he stated as though this was a fact known to everyone on earth.

“I don’t understand” I replied slowly trying to work out what he was trying to tell me.

“You were born here.” He said slowly, as though I were stupid. “Your brother’s name is Jack, remember. Your real dad’s last name is Irilek, remember. Your real dad is an Alpha, remember. The Alpha of this pack is currently Alpha Irilek. Figured it out yet?”

Pointing my finger at him threateningly I growled out “Luci, if you’re lying to me I’ll-”

“I’m not. I swear. How the hell do you not put any of this together on your own?! You’ll see when you meet Jack the resemblance he bears to the two people in your locket. You’ll see when you meet your actual father.”

“Suppose what you say is true-”I started but he cut me off, saying that he was telling the truth. I growled at the interruption and continued “If it was true then why isn’t Jack like me? Why was he left behind? Why didn’t mum take him with us?”

“Do you ever pay attention to me!?” he cried out, exasperated. I rolled my eyes at him “Of course you didn’t. I mean, why would you? It’s not like I told you this already! Ugh, okay, the hell hound gene is only passed down to the first born child, because the first born is the strongest.”

“How would the genes ‘know’ who was going to be first born if we are twins?” I asked. This sounded stupid.

“Do I look like a freaking scientist to you? I don’t know how they know who the first born is going to be. Helena’s body just knew, okay.” I gritted my teeth at his use of her name but continued my questioning.

“But then, surely that means I would be an Alpha...” The thought was almost insane to me.

Grinning widely he replied “Yes. Yes it would.”

A/N- OMG Ana is the rightful Alpha! Is this gonna cause drama later on?! Probably. Also how will she deal with the whole family situation? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Leave a like if you liked it x

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