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Chapter 7

After my conversation with Luci last night, I was a little nervous about going to the pack house with James later. With each class that passed my nervousness grew. What if Jack hates me? What if everyone recognises me? What if my dad knows what I am? Worse what if he doesn’t? What do I say if they ask about my alias? What do I do when I see Jack? What do I do when I see the bitch my dad married after my mother left? Will they fear me as they did my mother? Will they threaten me? What if they kill me?

The questions swirled in my mind and it felt like a tornado ripping through me. My grip on my locket was so tight that I could feel the small clasp almost piercing my skin. No matter how much strength I imagined it gave me it wasn’t enough. I was slowly losing my mind as question after question flashed into my mind before being sucked back into the jumbled mess with all the others.

There was a distant clicking noise and it slowly brought me out of my thoughts. I jumped slightly. James had his face directly in front of mine. So close that if I had moved forward a nano-metre we would’ve kissed. Not that I think about kissing him or anything. Anyway my point was, he was very close to me and it made me jump.

“Are you back down on earth, now?” he asked snapping his fingers in my face. I looked at him questioningly. “It’s time to go… you know, end of school and all that.” I looked up at the clock on the wall to see school ended about five minutes ago.

“Oh sorry, I was just daydreaming.” I replied.

“I know, I have that effect on people, but now we have established that I am incredibly attractive, can we go? I don’t want to remain here in hell for any longer than I have to.” Ha, hell? This boy is so stupid. Hell seemed way more fun than school, I thought everybody knew that.

I collected all my things shoving them into my bag and heading to my bike with James following behind. I ignored his meaningless chatter getting lost in my thoughts again as we walked.

“Can I drive this time?” He asked when we reached my bike. His question was so full of hope that I almost felt bad for saying no... But I wasn’t letting him ride my baby. I shook my head. He pouted and sighed showing me how to get to the pack house on his phone. The butterflies in my stomach were increasing to form a large swarm of nervousness. As a result my attention occasionally wavered; going from the road, to the many questions that had been building in my head since I spoke with Luci yesterday. My thoughts would return to the road in front of me every time I heard James screaming.

“Oh Goddess,” He sighed in relief once we got to the pack house and he scrambled off my bike. “I thought I would never see this place again,” he fell to the floor with his arms outstretched, and kissed it. He kissed the ground! “Oh dear Earth, do not fear I will never get on a vehicle with this crazy lady again. She deceived me the first time but, I vow to you Earth, I will not die on her crazy death trap!”

I rolled my eyes, my driving wasn’t that bad. I mean we are both alive. I raised an eyebrow at him. Quickly, he stood and brushed himself off, before silently heading into the house, his head slightly bowed as though he had been told off.

The interior of the house was stunning. There was a shiny cream tiled floor in the entrance/foyer, and a beautiful spiral staircase in the middle of the space. The walls were a light cream and there were many doors surrounding me. I followed James as he led me to the second floor. We entered his room which was warm and inviting, with mahogany furniture, and a comfy looking bed with dark blue sheets.

We began working on the science project, after going over what we’d already done, but we were soon interrupted by someone barging into the room saying “Hey James I heard you brought a… girl…back” the person trailed off towards the end and I turned to face him to see what was wrong. Maybe he just got stabbed or something that would be cool.

Our faces were mirror images of shock as our eyes locked, his green eyes were swimming with emotion and a hint of recognition. His square jaw was slack as his mouth hung open. His vibrant red hair was short but messy on top. I examined the rest of his face, he had a straight thin nose, plump pink lips, and high cheekbones. His features were soft and he looked like he was usually kind and happy and I really hoped he was. He was the perfect merge of my parents. Even though I had only seen photos of my biological arsehole of a dad I could tell how similar they looked.


A/N- Slightly shorter chapter but hope you’re still enjoying the story!

What's going to happen now that she's met her brother? Are any of her concerns secretly foreshadowing? Maybe :P

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