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Chapter 8

“J-J-Jack?” I stuttered out still shocked that Luci had actually told me the truth. He nodded and studying my face with a look of confusion. What do I do now? I can’t disobey father, unless I want to die. But at the same time, I can’t betray my family; I can’t give over any more information about this pack. Maybe if I learn more about them, it will be easier to decide what to do.

“You look familiar, do I know you?” he asked still confused. For some reason, his question caused tears to fall from my eyes. If he recognises me, that means he must remember our mother, or he at least knows about her and what she looks like, maybe he has a picture of her like I do. I suddenly was filled with anger, if he knew about mum and me, why didn’t he try to find me? Why didn’t anyone try to find me when she died? Why was I left to fend for myself?

The next thing I knew, my fist was connecting with his face and he stumbled back slightly. Oops. He looked angry now. Almost as angry as I felt.

“Holy shit, Ana, are you stupid?” yelled James from behind me. His warm arms wrapped around me, restraining me. Purely due to reflex, my foot picked up off the ground and flew up behind me, kicking him between his legs.

“Oh goddess!” I cried looking at the scene before me. I just attacked the future leaders of this pack. What the hell am I doing? I quickly ran into James’ en-suite bathroom and locked the door. I pressed my back against it and slid down to sit on the floor. Placing my head in my hands, I attempted to control my breathing.

My efforts were in vain, though, as there was a sudden and loud banging on the door behind me, which caused my breathing to become erratic again. “Whoever you are open this door right now” Jack demanded, over the noise of the banging.

“No.” I replied defiantly, “Not until you stop being mad at me.” The fact that he was angry with me was terrifying. Only one person ever got mad at me and when he was this level of angry it usually resulted in me being beaten half to death. I couldn’t bear the thought of my own brother doing that to me.

Unfortunately, my response seemed to enrage him even more. “No. You will obey me! I am the Alpha here, you are only human.” He spat the word human as though it disgusted him.

I could feel the door starting to give way and quickly shuffled away from it. “You’re not Alpha. You’re not even meant to be an Alpha.” I quickly put my hand over my mouth before I said something even more stupid. Did I honestly want to die at the hands of my own little brother? Based on how I am acting right now I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought the answer was yes. I need to think of a way to calm him down. Oh god… I don’t know how to do that, I was never taught how to calm an angry wolf, only how to kill one.

A loud crashing noise brought my attention back to reality. Jack had broken the door down and was glaring at me his eyes full of anger. “How the hell do you know so much about me?” he asked clearly still angry, but also suspicious, and curious.

“Because you look almost exactly like her, because I know who you are, and because I know how this world works.” Was my slightly hysterical reply. I felt weak in this moment. What was happening to me? I had never reacted like this before. I was practically paralysed with fear and my cheeks were soaked with salty liquid, as I tried not to anger him to a point where he would attack me.

“Who do I look like?” he asked a little calmer now. My heart clenched, maybe he didn’t know what she looked like, maybe he didn’t even know who she was.

Before I was able to reply however, James ran into the room followed by a couple of men. The one directly behind James caught my attention. It was a man whose face I recognised instantly. He stopped when he saw me curled up on the floor. “H-Helena?” He asked, shocked. My heart twisted in pain at that name and I shook my head. Sadness filled his eyes “Christiana.” He said my name so firmly, almost like he was giving me the name. He opened his arms and crouched down to my level. I glanced at everyone else, noticing that they surrounded the corner I was pressed into.

I growled not wanting them to think I was weak. Yes they had me cornered, but I could still kill them all if I wanted to. The only problem was I didn’t want to. Keeping my back pressed into the corner I stood up and put up my hands like I would if I was going to fight someone. My dad stood up as well.

“You look a lot like her you know?” he said calmly. He reached his hand out to my face but I pushed it away. Looking away from him I felt a new wave of tears begin to cascade down my face.

I noticed Jack looking at our dad with confusion. I also noticed a slight bruise beginning to form under his right eye. “Sorry.” I didn’t really know who I was apologising to. Jack, or my dad. Whoever it was they should count themselves lucky, me apologising is rare.

“What-” Dad started but was interrupted.

Jack growled at me. “You should be. I could have you killed, you know.” He responded trying to sound intimidating. Dad growled at him slightly.

“No you can’t and you won’t. If you think you’re going to take the Alpha position you should at least learn when it is that you have power.” Arrogant arsehole, doesn’t even realise that he isn’t the Alpha yet. I thought I would try being nice to him since we are siblings and all, but no, he has decided to hate me for no good reason. Well, I did hit him earlier, but I hadn’t meant to do it, whereas he is being rude intentionally.

He lunged at me. Luckily before he could do anything to me dad stopped him, grabbing his shoulders and pushing him back slightly.

“You.” He growled at Jack “My office. Now.” Jack stalked out of the bathroom and looked just about as angry as when he had first kicked the door in. Dad turned his gaze to me. He looked slightly annoyed, but his eyes predominantly held sadness.

“James show her to one of the guest rooms.” He spoke to James whilst still facing me “I will come and find you in a little while, Christiana. Then you and I are going to have a little chat.” His voice was soft when it was directed towards me and I felt a surge of happiness that he might actually accept me. Though I got the impression that I wouldn’t like our ‘little chat’, I walked past him wiping my tears away and left the confined bathroom following James out of his room and down the corridor.

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