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Chapter 9

Everyone seemed to be on high alert around me. James had led me to an empty bedroom and appeared to be guarding the door. He didn’t talk to me, just stood there silently. I could sense that there were two other wolves stood outside the door as well.

I began thinking about Jack. I had never thought of him much before. For some reason, I had just assumed he was dead. When my mum was still alive she would talk about dad and Jack, but always in the past tense. I knew that dad was alive because she would tell me sometimes that she could still feel their connection. But I had always assumed that my little brother was dead and that was why she didn’t bring him with us when she left this pack.

I’m such a terrible person for not trying to find him. For all I know the bitch dad married after mum could’ve hated him, and been horrible to him. Or dad could’ve hated him for looking a lot like mum, I mean he wasn’t exactly nice to Jack earlier when we were in the bathroom.

Suddenly a beeping noise echoed through the silence and I cursed under my breath. “James do you mind leaving me alone for a few minutes?” he just glared at me in response and I sighed trying to think of how to do this without him knowing. I turned away from him just as father opened our link.

Now’s really not a good time father” I said before he could get a word in, trying to sound as polite as possible.

You will talk to me when I say you will. You are not in charge here. Unless you want me to come over there and teach you some manners.” his voice boomed in my head and I flinched at the thought of him ‘teaching’ me anything.

My apologies, father. It’s just that I am in the pack house right now and in a room with someone who, I think, does not fully trust me.” Just as I finished saying this, I felt something pressing against my neck. I focused my attention back on reality to see James pressing me against the wall with his arm across my neck.

My link with father was still open meaning he could see everything I could right now. I heard him growling at me and telling me to just kill James. But I couldn’t do that. I raised an eyebrow at James, trying to look unfazed, even though he was slowly cutting off my air supply.

“Who are you talking to Ana?” James growled out in my face

What do I say?” I asked father, as he was witnessing this and if I did something he didn’t like, I dreaded what he might do.

Say your father is worried and you were just checking in with him” he begrudgingly replied.

I repeated father’s words to James. But he didn’t look like he believed me. Nonetheless he stepped away from me telling me to make it quick.

Father growled into my head and I flinched again. “Just don’t get yourself captured again” he stated angrily before cutting our link.

What felt like hours later, dad walked in. As he looked at James both of their eyes glazed over telling me that they were mind linking. I sat silently watching them. Once they were finished dad looked at me incredulously.

“Follow me” he said and walked out. I got up off the bed and jogged to catch up to him. We were surrounded by four other male wolves, who I’m guessing are guards, making sure I don’t run away or attack their Alpha. I tried to make myself as un-threatening as possible.

Once we reached a large set of double doors dad dismissed the guard dogs. He opened the doors and we entered a large study. The wall opposite the door was entirely glass. Just in front of it was a large desk, on the side of the desk nearest the huge window was a large chair, I’m guessing that’s where the Alpha sits, on the other side were two smaller chairs, presumably for people wanting to talk to the Alpha. I was not the Alpha, nor did I particularly want to talk to him, so I just stood in the middle of the room, whilst dad made his way around the desk to sit in his chair. I noticed there was a door on the wall on his left and I wondered where it led.

“So, Christiana, not that I don’t trust you but, I would like to ask you a few questions, if you don’t mind. Would you like to take a seat?” he gestured to the seats in front of his desk.

In other words he wants to believe that I am his daughter but he’ll interrogate me just to make sure. Sensing that this interrogation may take a while I tentatively sat down on one of the chairs opposite him then decided I should make myself comfortable by putting my feet on his desk if I was going to be here a while. He raised an eyebrow at my feet but said nothing.

“First of all, when’s your birthday?” He asked.

“26th November, the same as Jack’s presumably”

He nodded “What’s your full name? Because James says it’s Ana Black”

“Well you know its Christiana Killoran, I just don’t like using my actual name. It reminds me too much of mum.” I responded sadness dripping from my words.

“Where is your mother?” He questioned.

Oh come on? Is he really asking that? What kind of a dickhead forgets that their own mate is dead? “Dead.” I bit out.


“You know bloody when! I don’t see how that date isn’t engraved into your memory.” I exploded.

He flinched slightly, but continued “Is your wolf the same as Helena’s?” he sounded almost fearful of what my answer might be


“Okay,” he took a deep breath as though he was calming himself “Why did you lie to James about who you were mind linking earlier?”

“Who says I lied?” seriously that’s one of the few things I haven’t lied about.

“I am your father, but you weren’t mind linking me”

“You are my biological father. I was talking to the man who raised me for the past five-or-so years, that father”

“Did your mother meet another guy?” he was slightly angry now.

“No. She remained faithful, unlike you” I said with animosity.

“Well then why call this other man father?” He sounded confused, as if I should only consider him, who hated what I am, my father.

“Because I don’t want to call him Alpha.” I answered without thinking. Oh shit I didn’t mean to say that.

“Why are you here if you ‘father’ is an Alpha, why not stay with his pack?”

I contemplated my reply for a moment. Should I tell him the truth?

“Do you want the truth? Or the answer that will make you feel safe and happy?”

“The truth obviously” He growled slightly.

“My father sent me here to get information on the future leaders of this pack”

“Why does he want information?”

“So he knows if your pack will become a threat to ours… and so he knows how to kill you” He growled at me and I raised my hands in mock surrender, leaning back a little. “Hey! I didn’t know you were family at first, so don’t growl at me”

He gritted his teeth “Does this other Alpha know about your wolf?”

“No. Mum told me I shouldn’t tell anyone unless I trust them. Why do you think I’m wearing contacts and covering my scent?”

He looked pensive. “I hadn’t noticed really.” We sat in silence for a few moments before he spoke again. “So what are you going to do?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“Well are you going to continue passing over information or would you like to join this pack?”

Hmm? What should I do? I knew I couldn’t keep passing information, but it wasn’t as easy as just joining this pack.

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