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Your Everyday Vampire

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You read stories about regular humans being hunted down and changed into a Vampire. It's really kind of epic in movies and shows filled with terror and gore. But what is it really like? To be a....Vampire...

Fantasy / Adventure
Trisskar Ar'ran
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Authors Memo

The Cover Image is not mine. It is just placeholder for now.

I am currently in search of fan artists interested in drawing up a more appropriate cover image and profiles images for the main characters. I've several of my own work but...im not as confident in my art skills!

"Your Everyday Vampire" is a special project of mine. It is my hope to get it published one day! Although I have no experience in the process so for now im putting it up here in hopes of gaining constructive feedback. I've always viewed this as a cross over literature and Manga styled story...but as mentioned, my art skills are not up to par to manage the manga art parts yet...One day perhaps!! For now. I wish to take this moment to thank you, the readers. For your time in reading this story! Enjoy!

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