The Last Harmon: Shorelines

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(Book 2) It's been almost a year since Theresa Harmon defied all odds and claimed her place as Elder of the covens. Despite all the hardships, changes, and life-altering sacrifices she was forced to make, she has settled into her new life of leadership with ease. After isolating all of the covens inside the city of Phoenix and cutting them off from the outside world in an attempt to give the mortals their freedom back, Theresa is thrown into another battle for survival when she learns that a small group of rogue Slayers are recruiting a human army capable of storming her newly peaceful territory. With nowhere else to turn, Theresa reaches out to the Slayers she had long abandoned in a desperate bid to save her city from a world-wide vengeance. But opening the door to the past comes with unforeseen consequences and a harrowing set of truths that may just destroy everything Theresa holds dear. Theresa’s heart is once again on the line as she fights to control her feelings for the one man she can never have, and confront her choice to banish her Slayer side forever. But with the world about to fall apart from a hidden enemy that no one saw coming, can Theresa put her feelings aside to save her people from the most powerful beings she’s ever encountered? Or will it all be for nothing? This is The Last Harmon: Shorelines.

Fantasy / Action
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Hello to all the wonderful people that are reading this. If you're here then that means that you are blissfully wrapped up in Theresa's story and the fantasy world of The Last Harmon.

Thank you so much for reading the first book and for supporting me, it means a lot.

I hope to give you an amazing and thrilling adventure in this series and in return all I ask is that you PLEASE review The Last Harmon [book 1] and rate it. The more reviews it receives, the more likely it will show up in the suggestions for people to read. It only takes a few moments of your time, and you might not think it's a big deal, but it massively helps me.

This is the second book of the trilogy and it's a work in progress so bear with me. I'll try and update it as much as I possibly can and hopefully I'll have it finished before lockdown ends and I go back to the real world.

As you read Shorelines, please leave comments on the chapters and pass along your thoughts. I love reading them and they inspire me to keep going.

Thanks for reading, stay safe xoxo

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