The Mystic Werewolf

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Aria's old pack the Blue Moon Pack was attacked when she was on a trip with her dad and brother when she was 7 years old, the pack wasn't big it only had 100 pack members and they all lost there lives which she blames herself for, her dad was Alpha of the pack. Her dad phoned his best friend and Alpha of the Mystic Shadow Pack to let him know what had happened to his pack, They searched for weeks for pack members and any survivor's but sadly they didn't find any survivor's only dead pack members. So Alpha Dylan said James and his 2 children could move in his pack and James can be a Lead pack warrior so James agreed. Aria used to keep to herself when she moved in Alpha Dylan's pack, then when she was 9 she became best friends with Harper and Skye, she also become friends with Alpha Dylan's son Deacon. When she was in 9th grade she started dating the Alpha's son Deacon and nearly 4 years later they are still dating. There in there last year of school, she turns 18, she goes to prom and also finds her mate. Why does she blame herself for what happened to her old pack, how does her last year of school and her future go carry on reading to find out.

Fantasy / Romance
Jade North
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Chapter 1

I woke up, got out of bed and made it, then I went into my bathroom and did my business, I had a quick shower then got dried, I walked back in my bedroom and over to my drawers and pulled out matching white lace bra and thongs, I put them on then walked over to my closet to pick my outfit for the day. I picked navy blue ripped jeans, a blue tank top, my black boots and black leather jacket, I quickly got dressed then I dried my midnight blue hair and left it down as it is naturally curly, I went to my dresser and put on some mascara and my new turquoise eye shadow that goes well with my sapphire blue eyes, that was it as I don't like to wear to much makeup. I picked up my bag and grabbed my phone, I was just about to walk out of my bedroom when I heard my dad shouting saying "Aria hurry up or you are gonna be late for school" so I said "I'm coming dad" then I went downstairs, I put my bag in the hallway then i went in the kitchen, my dad had just put my breakfast on the table which was my favourite blueberry pancakes with a cup of water. My brother Kaydon had eggs, bacon and pancakes. I looked at them then said "Good morning dad, Good morning Kaydon" they both said at the same time "Good morning blue" I started eating my breakfast then Kaydon said "Do you need a ride for school before I go to training with dad" so I said "No thanks Kaydon, Deacon is picking me up and Skye and Harper are dropping me back of as Deacon has a meeting with his dad after school" so he replied saying "Okay then we will see you later tonight" I nodded then I finished my breakfast and put my pots in the dishwasher then got my bag for school from the hallway, I heard a car horn so I popped my head back in kitchen door and said "bye" to dad and Kaydon and went out the front door.

I walked over to Deacon's black SUV ford explorer and got in, I put the seatbelt on then looked at Deacon and said "morning handsome" he gave me a kiss then said "good morning gorgeous" he started driving us to school, I looked at him and said "so for our birthday I've been thinking what we could do and I've thought of barbecue and karaoke night, what do you think, what do you want to do" he looked at me then said "barbecue and karaoke night sound perfect, now we just have to get our parents to agree to it" so I replied saying "yeah, I hope they do as it's only a month away" he nodded then turned back to the road. He grabbed my hand then kissed it, then he held it till we got to school.

When we got to school we got out of his car, I kissed him then he put his arm round my waist then we walked over to our friends Harper, Skye, Owen and Beau, we all said "morning guys" at the same time, then we burst out laughing, when we stopped laughing we walked in to school and did our morning classes, at lunch time we picked our lunch then sat at the table we normally sit at, then Harper said to me and Deacon "So have you both decided what you want to do for your birthday party" then Skye said "Well don't keep us hanging" so I said "we decided barbecue and karaoke night so now we just need to ask Deacon's parents and my dad to see if they agree" then Beau said "they will agree as it's your 18th and that's a big one" we all laughed then ate our lunch, after we finished our lunch we put or rubbish in the bin then we all went outside. We was outside for about five minutes then Taylor came over to us, she looked at us all then said to Deacon "come on Deacon are you not finished with her yet, you know I like you and I can make you happy in more ways than Aria can" he looked at her then said "yeah I know you like me but I don't like you and I'm perfectly happy with Aria so I'll never finish her, now please go away" she looked pissed off then she said "I know you like me Deacon so don't lie to me just because Aria is here" he chuckled then said "I really don't like you, I love Aria and everyone knows I do so now fuck off" she was about to say something else but Skye said "none of us like you so go away before I knock you into next week as your really getting on my nerves" she gave us all a dirty look then walked away, Deacon looked at me and said "you know I love you baby, your perfect for me and I don't need or don't want anyone else" so I said "yes I know babe, I love you too and I'll always just want you" he pulled me to him then kissed me putting his feelings into it, then Harper said "get a room you two" we all laughed then the bell went. The rest of the school day went by fine and the girls dropped me of home.

When I got in the house I went upstairs to my bedroom, i put my bag on my dresser then went in my closet and got changed, i put on some comfy grey sweatpants, a white vest top, my sweater jacket and my slipper socks. I went downstairs in the living room, got comfy on sofa and put Teen wolf on. Two episodes later I went to go make tea for when my dad and brother get in from work and training. I had my tea which was steak, steamed vegetables and roast potatoes with a glass of water then put my pots in dishwasher and wrote my dad a note saying I had gone to bed.

I went in my bedroom put my phone on charge on table at side of my bed, I walked to my bathroom then went to the toilet, I quickly got a shower, after I finished I turned the shower off and got out, then I got dried, I put my hair in two fishtail plaits then walked in my bedroom to my drawers, I pulled out a black Cami and shorts set, I put them on then I walked back in my bathroom and brushed my teeth then walked back in my bedroom and got into bed, I had a text from Deacon so i clicked on it.

Text from Deacon

"Hi beautiful I've spoke to my parents to see if they could meet with us and your dad tomorrow to discuss our birthday and they agreed to it straight after school"

"That's great babe I'll ask Kaydon to drop me off after school" I replied

"I can pick you up in morning and you can come with me after school seen as we are going to same place and Kaydon has to overlook the training seen as your dad will be at the meeting with us, if that's ok baby" he replied

"That's even better babe we get to spend more time with each other and I can walk home after meeting seen as you have training with Kaydon and my dad" I replied

"That's settled then, I'm off in shower then of to bed baby, I'll see you in morning" he replied

"Okay babe, I'll see you in morning, goodnight handsome I love you" I replied

"Goodnight gorgeous, sweet dreams I love you too" he replied

I took my phone off charge, put it back on table then went to sleep.

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