Love and Betrayal

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The story of Knittin a maid for Lord Terminus. He has lost the love of his life betrayed by his own brother. Knittin lost her family because of her loyalty to her lord. Can Terminus open his heart again to love? Is Knittin the key to unlocking her vampire lord's heart? What do the cards hold for these two? Follow them on their journey and see what lays ahead.

Fantasy / Romance
M.J. Avis
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Hello, my Name is Knittin Torchlight and I was a maid once for Lord Terminus, I am here to tell you the story of Love and Betrayal. The year was 1860. It was fall getting close to the winter solstice. I had already been working with the lord for a while now, more than 10 years. I came to work for him shortly after he found Lady Shelly the love of his life, but it didn’t end well. That will come to light as the story unfolds. Today is the day the lord is getting ready to head to the southern territory for business.

However, before I get too far ahead, let me tell you about the Lord; Terminus is a buff well-toned pure blood vampire with shoulder length black hair. He has broad shoulders that flowed into a little bit narrower waist. Lady Shelly was a lovely kind-hearted soul with fair skin, long curly chestnut hair and lovely green eyes. There are no real paintings of her any more so it gets harder to recall exactly what she looked like. I am the trusted maid pale skin, toned body and straight jet-black hair to my waist. I feel very ordinary nothing special about my looks or so I feel. Today we welcomed a new maid. Her name is Daisy Daniels. She is not built for physical labor, thin body frame caramel colored skin, blonde hair just past her shoulders. I will be showing her the ropes.

Lord Terminus likes to have pho soup in the mornings but we have been having issues with our chickens going missing. We have yet to figure out what or who have been taking the chickens. I have a small farm hidden in the forest just beyond the manor, so I brought my lord the eggs he needed for his breakfast. Once my Lord got his eggs he cooked and gave me some pho soup, it was wonderful after eating I got to work. I started my rounds of making sure all the servants have cleaned their quarters and made their beds. I then give the other maids their jobs, three to clean the ballroom, four to the great hall, three more to clean the dining room, I then lead Daisy upstairs to clean the guest rooms and the study. The kitchen staff know their duties and need little to no guidance from me.

Once that is done we move on to the library, I can tell she is a talker and a bit on the young and lazy side. She seems to like asking a lot of questions, I also notice her eyeing the lord. I feel a sense of danger is in store for Daisy. Once done in the library I send Daisy off with the gardener to tend to the garden. I head to the lords room to clean as I am the only maid allowed into his room. I change the blood stained sheets, it seems that he grabbed a street walker and drained her last night of her life making a bloody mess.

My heart goes out to my lord for the pain and heartbreak he must be feeling from losing his love. No one but me and one butler know about the killings of street walkers that the lord does every month. I have learned over the years not to question my lord, I did it once and I will never do it again I was so scared. Terminus has a temper he doesn’t like to be questioned when he gives an order you better listen. As scary as he can be he also is very sweet more so when you are loyal to him.

Once I finish his room I head to the kitchen to get him his lunch, I then take it to him in the study as I do every day. Once I serve him his lunch I go and pack his stuff for his trip, when he goes on trips is the only time things run a little differently. When he is all packed I work on cleaning the sheets from the night before and as it is a secret I have to use a special laundry area we had set up just for this reason. When I finish the sheets I head to the garden to gather fresh flowers for select locations in the manor.

Just to give you some background information on a vampire’s eye color and how it can mean different things to help tell what kind of mood they are in. White can be worry or concern, red anger or thirst, gold are your pure bloods which is the normal color when they are content. The half vampires have this dull grey color unless they have gone mad then they are a dull red for the lust and craving of blood. The Royal vampires are hard to come by and they have eye colors just like humans unless they are showing their dominance then they have a beautiful purple color. If you see a vampire with this dark pink color not a true pink and not a true red it means they are in love or full of lust. Dark green means they are disgusted or ill but a vampire being ill is rare. If the eyes are a dark blue they are bored.So this is where our story begins we are in Valeria, with the Lord giving his final orders before he leaves.

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