Tuesday at Midnight

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“No way…”

“What’s wrong?”

“We missed one”

“What do you mean?”

“Five years ago. The five children we took in? We missed one”

“What on earth do you mean?! We took in all the abnormal children!”

“This one wasn’t abnormal then. She is now”

“That’s not possible”

“I told you we should’ve taken all six”

“This can’t be right”

“Well its plain as day to me”



“Send someone to bring her inside the walls”

“I’ll send Makoto”

“And make it fast. It’s almost sundown”

As the two figures moved out the door, the computer remained on in the dark room, with two pictures displayed on the screen.

The first was a group picture with five of the children circled. A shy looking boy with well tamed blue hair and soft brown eyes, a half asleep boy with shaggy reddish brown hair and similar coloured eyes, a tall girl with reddish purple hair in two plaits and golden yellow eyes, a grinning boy with black hair that faded to red at the tips and silver eyes and a girl with a uninterested look on her face with curly purple hair and two mismatched eyes. One ice blue, the other deep purple.

The second picture was blinking. It was a picture of two girls. One was the purple haired girl from the picture next to it. The other was a slightly taller girl with brown hair pulled into two low piggytails and curious greenish blue eyes.

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